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AIRED ON 4/23/2015

Season 11 : Episode 13

Show Summary

FOX serves up a food competition series with Gordon Ramsay at the helm. Think American Idol in the kitchen.

    Fox Sets Summer Premieres for So You Think You Can Dance, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, and More

    There will be cooking! And dancing! And trivia! And... well, that's about it.


    Yum! Fox Renews MasterChef Junior for Season 4

    Tiny people will serve up more tiny dishes, and a cookie master will join the judging panel.

  • Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay


    Joshua Marks

    Joshua Marks

    Contestant - Season 3

    Felix Fang

    Felix Fang

    Contestant - Season 3

    Adrien Nieto

    Adrien Nieto

    Contestant - Season 2

    Tracy Kontos

    Tracy Kontos

    Contestant - Season 2

    Derrick Prince

    Derrick Prince

    Contestant - Season 2

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    • Money!

      Guys and Gals - its simple - as I see it. Claudia's cookbook will be more accessible to casual cooks and will sell better than a cookbook from Derrick. Derrick won - no question in my mind. As a chef myself (at home and professionally for a time) Derrick is a chef and Claudia is a cook. I've dismissed comments of bias in the past seasons but this one was so obvious. I don't think it's because Claudia is Latina or a woman, but simply her recipes will be simple and approachable to more home*cooks* than Derrick's. AND we all know the "judges" are getting a big share of the cookbook sales.moreless
    • race card won

      Both cooks had great comments on how their food was cooked. Derrick CLEARLY should have won based on his stepping out of the box and his creative presentations which he was consistent with. I have no choice but to believe that all Claudia's Latina boasting paid off. She played it safe with sticking to what was familiar to her and won. This was NOT a fair and very unfairly it was time for a Latino to win. are a big disappointment for allowing this!!!!moreless
    • Minority Female Always > White Male

      Masterchef: proving once again that if you're white and you're a guy you're just not going to get picked for a lifetime opportunity vs a minority female; no matter how much better you perform.

      Also, Christina Tosi .... just go home.
    • I'm done watching Gordon Ramsay

      Claudia is the MexicanChef NOT Masterchef . She's not even in the same league as Derrick. What a shame. They lost a viewer forever with this disgusting and shameful pick of Claudia over Derrick.
    • Derrick was screwed over

      Derrick: highly original and visionary throughout the entire season, great leadership skills, put recipes together that even other professional chefs were amazed by, most people (even great cooks) could not replicate his recipes, stood up well under pressure, did an extraordinary job in the finale creating highly original dishes I'd never seen done that way and put unusual flavors together that worked, took big risks that worked, especially in the finale, created dishes from a wide variety of cuisines. When the winner was to be announced, he actually looked like he wasn't sure who might win. Rested only on his skills as a chef to win.

      Claudia: cooked Mexican food 98% of the time, unoriginal (any half decent cook can make good Mexican food), didn't handle pressure well most of the time, showed poor leadership skills, did "one trick pony" Mexican dishes and pretty much stayed in her safe zone, while previous season chefs told a girl from India that she had to stop being one dimensional and have a wider level of culinary skills than just Indian food and create dishes for other cuisines. Before the name of the winner was announced, stood with a big smile on her face without a hint of worry that she might not win. Played heavy on the "poor single mother" bit and yelled out "I'm the first LATINA Masterchef!"

      This is what the differences was in this season. In the past, it was someone like Derrick who would have been chosen. This year, someone who was good in a certain style of cooking would not have won. In the past, three remaining chefs would have competed, then one was sent home. This year, one (Derrick) was chosen, then Steven had to compete again against Claudia to see which of them would compete with Derrick. Never done before. Of course, Steven was also screwed over, but at least Ramsay told him he would make his dream come true by financing his restaurant. Derrick got no such promise. What else was different this year? What's her name, of whom I've never heard. She told Claudia when to take out her cake in the season and helped her when she shouldn't have. She seems very biased toward women, a cheater, and she seems to have Gordon and Elliot by the groin.

      I have always watched Masterchef, as it has been one of my favorite shows. I will not tune in anymore. Why? Because this show has taken a sharp turn to political correctness. Like anything PC, it is now utterly predictable. It's bad enough that Claudia won, but for Derrick to not be offered an opportunity to be helped having his own restaurant is a double injustice. Oh, and I am a woman, so don't accuse me of misogyny.moreless

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