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FOX serves up a food competition series with Gordon Ramsay at the helm. Think American Idol in the kitchen.
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay


Joshua Marks

Joshua Marks

Contestant - Season 3

Felix Fang

Felix Fang

Contestant - Season 3

Adrien Nieto

Adrien Nieto

Contestant - Season 2

Tracy Kontos

Tracy Kontos

Contestant - Season 2

Derrick Prince

Derrick Prince

Contestant - Season 2

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  • Annoying female judge.

    Female judge (sorry, she is not famous enough to remember her name) is so dang annoying. Her voice is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I have to mute my tv every time she speaks. A prerequisite to be on tv should be having a pleasant voice.

    Please get a new judge next year. How about iron chef Alex Guarnaschelli?
  • Just my opinion

    I was disappointed in last night's show, "A Storm is Brewing". Tommy and Katrina should have gone head to head in an elimination round. Tommy should have stayed, and Katrina should have handed over her apron. Katrina was horrible throughout the team challenge, my jaw dropped over her so called "teamwork". I wouldn't allow anyone act like that in "my" kitchen. Her behavior was unacceptable; no one could cook or concentrate with her around.

    Tommy should be brought back for a head to head cook off with Katrina, but I doubt the "Show" would consider doing this. I will miss Tommy. Go Derek (then Nick).

  • Absolutely Disgusted

    I'm starting to feel so angry every time I watch an episode of this season, yet my slim faith in this show keeps me tuning in. Partially because I have watched it since the beginning. I am going to give my full, honest opinion of the remaining contestants. If you don't like harsh opinions and honest truth I suggest you stop reading in case I hit a nerve in you.

    1) Hethal - All she can make is fcking Indian food right? Yes, we get it Hethal. You are 'proud' to show your Indian heritage and that's all you are going to show us that you can make. She is only happy when she is hogging all of the attention and completely shuts down when she makes a mistake. This chick cannot take any form of criticism. It made me so sick when everyone fawned over her in the beginning and I had a bad idea about her from the start.

    2) Stephan - Grow the hell up. I don't know about the rest of the viewers, but I certainly don't want to see a gray haired man with stupid thick glasses running around flaming everyone for no reason and shouting AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! at every turn. Show some respect to your competitors. You don't have to like them, but show some slightest bit of maturity please.

    3) Katrina - I think that's what her name is. ***Spoiler alert*** Tommy went home. He was so easy going and fun. Katrina is a loud mouthed btch who yelled at him at every turn. Yes, Tommy might have been a little too easy going, but I can see he wanted to shoot his brains out twice every time Katrina started to run her fat mouth. If her mouth had a weight, it would weigh the same as her entire body. Like Hethal, stop. crying. PLEASE. If she is so insecure and her life is soooooo fcking sad, she shouldn't even be in this competition to begin with.

    4) Claudia - Self righteous ahole. Enough said. Given the opportunity to save myself from elimination, I would. It's called a competition, deary. We don't need any speeches of enlightenment on you from this show.

    5) Derek and Nick - Unfortunately since the others get so much attention on these shows, these two get rare moments to shine. I hope that one of these guys wins. If the show isn't fixed at all, please let one of them win. Derek is very talented but he rarely gets any private screen time for himself.moreless
  • Wowzers this season

    So this season (6) a lot has Happened I am just happy that Shelly finally got the Boot; after being saved multiple times?! Tommy is one of my favorites this season, yes he is quirky and very very flamboyant but thats what they love about him. Last nite he finally snapped back and told his team to shut up. About time because he needs to assert himself if he is team captain and they shouldn't of been taunting him that badly. Derrick is getting under my skin because the thinks too much about presentation and not enough about taste and what should be combined in a dish. Yes he is talented but I don't see him in the top 4 spot. Olivia sadly went home las unite but i totally agree with the Gordons choice because she is talented but sometimes just misses the execution of the dish.

    The next episode looks very Intense because you see rivals pitted against each other. And Derrick loses his SHIT! All in all this season is great and I can't wait for Master chef hrs to return. I so wanted a show with mixed kids/adults that would of been fantastic. Maybe next year if they pick up the idea!moreless
  • And we are OFF

    Or should I say that you are!

    Christina Tosi, your outburst was the last straw for me. I have been enduring the favoritism towards another of the shows contestants but your attack on Christopher is my limit.

    Fame must have come very easy to you or you have forgotten how it feels when the dish you're confident in receives nothing but insults. Tommy missed it, texture and his gnocchi was swimming in grease. Christopher had an issue with taste and that is exactly how Graham called. Tommy should have gone home.

    I will not stick around to see how you and Gordon make Shelly MC

    Your veil of deceit is transparent and you lack empathy. Goodbyemoreless

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