Season 1 Episode 5

11 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

11 chefs enter the MasterChef kitchen for their next challenge. Each chef goes to their designated station, and in front of them is a wooden box that contains mystery ingredients. The ingredients in the box are: milk, eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and vanilla. Gordon presents their first challenge of the day, to make the "most amazing cupcake."

Besides the basic ingredients, the chefs were able to choose from a variety of ingredients from a table laid out in front of them. Ingredients included everything from fresh fruits, candies, chocolate, to peanut butter. The judges will be tasting 3 cupcakes, and the contestants have 45 minutes to prepare. The judges walk around the different stations to get a feel for what flavors the chefs are pairing together. A lot of the contestants are struggling with the time limit on this challenge.

The top 3 cupcakes are Jake's chocolate lover's delight with raspberry coulis, Sharone's hazlenut and pistachio cupcake with hazelnut cream cheese icing, and Whitney's coconut cupcake with lemon glaze. The winner of the challenge is Sharone. Sharone follows the judges into the MasterChef pantry to choose the ingredient for the next challenge.

Sharone enters into the pantry, and there are three covered dishes on a table, in front of him. There's a twist to the next challenge. The judges introduce Cat Cora, and she presents her three dishes to Sharone. The first dish is a truffle halibut with sweet corn zabaglione and a fava bean salsa. The second dish is a fast beef tenderloin, and the third dish is Greek marinated lamb chops.

Sharone is in charge of choosing the one dish that everyone has to try and cook. He picks the truffle halibut. This next challenge is also an elimination challenge. Cat Cora meets with the other chefs, and demonstrates how she cooked the dish, focusing on her technique while cooking the dish. The person who can best replicate the dish using the same techniques, while making the better halibut dish will win the challenge.

Sharone and Cat Cora will be going head to head during this competition. They are sectioned off from the rest of the chefs, and the judges do not watch them prepare the halibut dish. They will face off against each other in a blind taste test, the judges picking the better dish. If Sharone's dish tastes better than Cat Cora's, then he will move directly into the final 4.

The chefs have 1 hour to cook. The winner of the challenge is Jake. The bottom three are Mike, Slim, and Faruq. The chef that goes home is Faruq. Sharone loses to Cat Cora, and he does not move into the final 4. The next phase of the challenge takes place in the Palmdale desert, about 100 miles outside of Los Angeles.

The challenge is to cook for 100 truck drivers. Since Jake won the previous challenge, he picked his teammates for this challenge. He chose Tony, Tracy, Whitney, and Lee, and they become the Blue team. The Red team consisted of Sharone, Slim, David, Sheetal, and Mike. They will be making hamburgers, but the teams can choose what kind of meat they put in it. Both teams decide on 100% all beef burger. Teams have 30 minutes before the truckers arrive to prepare their food. The teams are also in charge of grinding their own meat for the burgers.

The Blue team chose to make 100% beef burger with old-fashioned cole slaw. The Red team chose to make 100% beef burger with Blue Cheese and Chipotle BBQ sauce. The Red team struggles with organization, while the Blue team seems to flow smoothly with everyone having their own job to do. The Red team puts blue cheese inside the meat patties, and learn the hard way that the blue cheese is ruining their meat patties. This sets them back on time, but pick up when they remove the blue cheese from their burgers entirely.

The truckers grab a burger from each team, and the first team to get to 51 votes first wins. The winning team is the Red team, which means that the Blue team heads back to the MasterChef kitchen to take part in the pressure test. The judges present a table with 25 farmer's market ingredients, and each chef who names the most ingredients in a row, correctly, moves onto the next round. Jake guesses 11, Tony guesses 9, Lee guesses 10, Whitney guesses 10, and Tracy guesses 10. Because Tony guessed the least number correct, he goes home. The chefs are reduced to 9 contestants.