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Submission Guidelines

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    1. If you are making a correction, use Comments to specify what was fixed: Please be clear, "made it right," will make me cranky. Something along the lines of, "Corrected quote: removed and in first line, added missing third line," or "Trivia fixed to show actual goof," make the submission easier to process and more likely to be approved. If something needs to be deleted, mark it for deletion and put the explanation in the Comment box; if it's a duplicate say that, if the information is wrong please include a link to the site you used to find the error, so I can verify it. Also, don't be rude in the comments box, just because I missed what you were saying the first time, please just point out to me EXACTLY what you're changing/fixing/editing.

    2. Plagiarism: Copyrights are respected, as per's terms of service and submission guidelines (see below). Everything, except for quotes, must be rewritten in your own words. It's rough at first, but gets easier the more you do it. Quotes from articles (online or print) can be used, but only the quote, nothing that sets up the quote can be included. For example, "Sam adjusted his glasses and said, 'I don't have anything to say about that,'" would be submitted to the guide as, Sam: I don't have anything to say about that.

    3. Provide a source, make sure it's a reliable source.

    4.Grammar and punctuation: Proper nouns (names, titles) and the proper pronoun "I" are capitalized. Sentences require an ending, please use periods, exclamation points (sparingly), and question marks as appropriate. A single space goes after all punctuation. Although two spaces are typical after the end of a sentence, double spacing is eradicated by scripts here so if you use them, know they won't show. Homonyms can be confused, for example "you're" is "you are" and "your" is the possessive; "it's" is "it is" and "its" is again the possessive form. "They're" and "their," "we're" and "were" are also commonly mistaken.

    (Thepreceding was taken with permission from layle1's Top Chef Submission Guidelines)

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