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top 6 compete 08/14/12

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    Gee, another cheap editing trick on the service results - it looked like the blue team nailed it by the chef comments and yet...

    Not surprisingly, David got booted because he badly over or undercooked his 3 corporate tool Walfart filet mignon. So despite not knowing how to properly season, sear, or oven cook a filet mignon rare, medium rare or well-done, he is rewarded to work at one of two Graham Elliot restaurants in Chicago: Grahamwich or G.E.B. Grahamwich looks like a trendy & yuppie sandwich shop, but a true Chicagoan will tell you the best sandwich is an Italian Beef, which couldn't be further from a "roast beef with grainy mustard, baby arugula, shoestring potato, red onion on a pretzel roll" served with a side of pretentiousness.

    P.S.: If David chooses to work at G.E.B., don't order the steak because he won't know how to cook it! Wink

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