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  • Annoying female judge.

    Female judge (sorry, she is not famous enough to remember her name) is so dang annoying. Her voice is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I have to mute my tv every time she speaks. A prerequisite to be on tv should be having a pleasant voice.

    Please get a new judge next year. How about iron chef Alex Guarnaschelli?
  • Just my opinion

    I was disappointed in last night's show, "A Storm is Brewing". Tommy and Katrina should have gone head to head in an elimination round. Tommy should have stayed, and Katrina should have handed over her apron. Katrina was horrible throughout the team challenge, my jaw dropped over her so called "teamwork". I wouldn't allow anyone act like that in "my" kitchen. Her behavior was unacceptable; no one could cook or concentrate with her around.

    Tommy should be brought back for a head to head cook off with Katrina, but I doubt the "Show" would consider doing this. I will miss Tommy. Go Derek (then Nick).

  • Absolutely Disgusted

    I'm starting to feel so angry every time I watch an episode of this season, yet my slim faith in this show keeps me tuning in. Partially because I have watched it since the beginning. I am going to give my full, honest opinion of the remaining contestants. If you don't like harsh opinions and honest truth I suggest you stop reading in case I hit a nerve in you.

    1) Hethal - All she can make is fcking Indian food right? Yes, we get it Hethal. You are 'proud' to show your Indian heritage and that's all you are going to show us that you can make. She is only happy when she is hogging all of the attention and completely shuts down when she makes a mistake. This chick cannot take any form of criticism. It made me so sick when everyone fawned over her in the beginning and I had a bad idea about her from the start.

    2) Stephan - Grow the hell up. I don't know about the rest of the viewers, but I certainly don't want to see a gray haired man with stupid thick glasses running around flaming everyone for no reason and shouting AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! at every turn. Show some respect to your competitors. You don't have to like them, but show some slightest bit of maturity please.

    3) Katrina - I think that's what her name is. ***Spoiler alert*** Tommy went home. He was so easy going and fun. Katrina is a loud mouthed btch who yelled at him at every turn. Yes, Tommy might have been a little too easy going, but I can see he wanted to shoot his brains out twice every time Katrina started to run her fat mouth. If her mouth had a weight, it would weigh the same as her entire body. Like Hethal, stop. crying. PLEASE. If she is so insecure and her life is soooooo fcking sad, she shouldn't even be in this competition to begin with.

    4) Claudia - Self righteous ahole. Enough said. Given the opportunity to save myself from elimination, I would. It's called a competition, deary. We don't need any speeches of enlightenment on you from this show.

    5) Derek and Nick - Unfortunately since the others get so much attention on these shows, these two get rare moments to shine. I hope that one of these guys wins. If the show isn't fixed at all, please let one of them win. Derek is very talented but he rarely gets any private screen time for himself.
  • Wowzers this season

    So this season (6) a lot has Happened I am just happy that Shelly finally got the Boot; after being saved multiple times?! Tommy is one of my favorites this season, yes he is quirky and very very flamboyant but thats what they love about him. Last nite he finally snapped back and told his team to shut up. About time because he needs to assert himself if he is team captain and they shouldn't of been taunting him that badly. Derrick is getting under my skin because the thinks too much about presentation and not enough about taste and what should be combined in a dish. Yes he is talented but I don't see him in the top 4 spot. Olivia sadly went home las unite but i totally agree with the Gordons choice because she is talented but sometimes just misses the execution of the dish.

    The next episode looks very Intense because you see rivals pitted against each other. And Derrick loses his SHIT! All in all this season is great and I can't wait for Master chef hrs to return. I so wanted a show with mixed kids/adults that would of been fantastic. Maybe next year if they pick up the idea!
  • And we are OFF

    Or should I say that you are!

    Christina Tosi, your outburst was the last straw for me. I have been enduring the favoritism towards another of the shows contestants but your attack on Christopher is my limit.

    Fame must have come very easy to you or you have forgotten how it feels when the dish you're confident in receives nothing but insults. Tommy missed it, texture and his gnocchi was swimming in grease. Christopher had an issue with taste and that is exactly how Graham called. Tommy should have gone home.

    I will not stick around to see how you and Gordon make Shelly MC

    Your veil of deceit is transparent and you lack empathy. Goodbye
  • Appealing to the lowest common denominator

    I've been watching MasterChef US on FOX since the first season. Having witnessed what FOX had done to Kitchen NIghtmares I came to expect the same heavy handed emotionalism and repetitive narrating which made that show such a chore to watch. Nevertheless, that first season of MasterChef was very entertaining. It was a breath of fresh air compared to other reality shows who seem to only focus and magnify conflict. Unfortunately MasterChef has been moving in the direction of every other American reality show. More and more the show focuses on the conflict between contestants. At times, when the show could be highlighting the dishes the cooks have prepared they instead spend quite a bit of time on a contestant who may be having difficulties or doesn't like someone else or someone doesn't like them. I sincerely could care less.

    MasterChef should be about celebrating how these amatuer cooks try their best to prepare a professional dish not blowing out of proportion every sob story, every conflict and every mistake. It saddens me that this is the direction FOX has been taking the show in the past few seasons. I can no longer watch the show live. I must always record it and skip not only over the commercials but all the other crap they have added which has nothing to do with being a MasterChef.

    If you are wondering what could be done to improve MasterChef US you need not look too far. Just check out a season of MasterChef Australia. I wish the producers at FOX would do the same.
  • hairy scary

    I love Master Chef cooking show. Especially the kids. But I'm shocked they don't ever wear hair nets. Do you ever pull hair out of the dishes?
  • sideline announcer stating the obvious

    Settled down to watch MC on DVR tonight. I thought I was watching a golf tourney with the British accent sideline comments... It was so distracting I could do without it and almost shut the show off. My vision is not that bad that I can see who is jumping up and down, smiling, or lifting the mystery boxes lid or the letter M. Good grief people, leave it the way it was because it is definitely not an improvement to the show.
  • big mistake

    Why is there so much favoritism to Shelley, the worst cook and makes soooo many mistakes. Is this Masterchef contest fixed? Sara should not have been eliminated when Shelley made such a horrible dish last night that Gordon couldn't even try it . This appears to be favoritism for someone with a big sob story instead of a cooking contest.

    Sara also said the truth, the best cook is DERRICK!!!
  • 8.0 because of music

    Please take off that music it's terrible I can't understand what anyone is saying. And I been watching this show from the start, now sometimes I just want to change channel because one the dam Music two the new chef we all love Joe bring him back please he might been scaring looking but he was I watch all your shows love hell's kitchen and I think you still look the same sexy as hell you are a great person and chef but please get rid of that music on master chef love you
  • Team Captain

    When another team member takes over as team leader. The old team leader needs to lose all team leader privilege. The person that stepped up to the plate to run the team gets all the privileges. New team leader get's to pick who goes into the pressure test. The previous team captain automatically goes into the pressure test.
  • What are we cooking tonite

    Ah all I can say is I love the show an the hosts are amazing. Never will miss a show to work see it over and over.
  • Change the channel

    In the past I have loved this show but I change the channel and watch ANYTHING else. The judges display despicable manners, horrible language but most of all take away potential growth of cooks perusing a career in the culinary field. If you want entertainment watch Masterchef Austrailia - those judges have class!
  • Grahm Elliot needs to Apologize !!!

    That poor excuse of a human being needs to apologize to the young lady for telling her that it looked liked shit was smeared on the plate she served on the show this evening. Who in the hell does he think he is. I make "mole" all the time and thats the way it looks. What gives him the right to criticize her like that on national TV when she is there trying her best. And yes!!! you do put chocolate or peanutbutter in mole or both if u wish. You Grahm Elliot have just insulted all ethnicities that use that dish in their cultural cuisine.

    You may be a great self proclaimed food expert, but as a human being, you have allot to learn.
  • Getting More Fake by the Minute

    Master Chef has got to be one of my all-time favorite shows. However, this season managed to tick me off and made it almost unbearable to watch the last episode of the season five.

    Let's face it, there are many fake components to Master Chef- because honestly what reality show out there isn't fake, but Joe brought a whole new level of scripting, favoritism, or whatever you would like to call it to the show. The show has had a few- but minor- falters in the past that I could easily shrug the shoulder to and ignore but season 5, on the other hand, has managed to fall on it's face from the moment the transparency of Joe's actions became so visible Gordon Ramsay could not ignore it. No, I am not denying that Courtney is a good chef, but she let the pressure get to her in the third round. Her dishes did not outshine Elizabeth's in any sort of way. Both were running a neck to neck race for they both had an equal share of flaws in their dishes; however, Elizabeth nailed her dessert spot on and Courtney made the fatal- almost amateur- mistake of adding salt to her cherry sauce. Both Grahm and Gordan hated the dish and were very logical with why the components did not work, but Joe scrambled for excuses and defended Courtney's dishes like a loyal, subservient puppy. He desperately came up with illogical, far-fetched excuses as to why the dish makes sense and only came up with 'it's a new idea and I think I could accept it'. There was a look of such desperation in his eyes and it is as if he knew himself that the dish sucked and that his efforts would not be enough to place Courney in first place. As the camera panned out, one could catch the puzzled, shocked, and disappointed face of Ramsay, who knew that Joe was pulling excuses out of his ass. Even from the very start, Joe had such favoritism towards Courtney one couldn't help but wonder if something had happened behind the scenes for such a hard shelled judge like Joe to become so smitten with this ex-stripper or that she so often appealed to Joe's high and valued Italian nature. Either way, Joe showed much favoritism to Courtney it was apparent to Ramsay and Grahm, who showed absolute disapproval and disappointment in the final round.

    Reality shows all have a certain amount of scripting, but for it to go to the extreme of a judge so obsessed with one contestant that it is obvious to his fellow judges is too much. Usually they have good reasons as to why a contestant is chosen, but for season 5 it didn't have me sold. I'm smart enough to know that you have to have more than high heels, make-up, a cute voice and a smitten judge to be a true winner.

  • Rigged

    OK so two seasons ago a blind girl against all odds wins the show to win the hearts of America, last season a young Italian man who wasn't even good enough to make the previous season wins a spot on the show only to struggle and seemingly fail only to come from behind and win it all... this season a girl who was forced to strip to make money (because there were no other ways to make money) went from the lowest of lows (in her mind anyway) to rise above it all and prove to America that even a striper can cook... do the contestants get a script in advance or do the judges keep it to themselves... but they must get the script... Lesley on the eve of making the final two mixes up SALT and SUGAR... really, he couldn't tell the two containers apart.
  • Disappointed with MasterChef and Courtney winning

    Unfortunately, I am completely turned off forever by MasterChef because Courtney won. I have watched every MasterChef show and loved the show. I have never written a review like this but I just saw the final episode and Courtney is completely fake, not sure if it's her make up, high heels, voice but she was absolutely judged differently than the other contestants - Joe's critiques in particular bothered me. Her food seemed average in most challenges. The whole show seemed staged this season, like Courtney was the chosen winner from the beginning and it makes me sad. Fox and Masterchef has lost a fan. . if Elizabeth writes a cook book, I will buy it!

  • Joe was Smitten by a Fake

    I am never watching Master Chef again. Joe was SO beyond Smitten with Courtney that I feel the challenges were guided by her strengths. The 3 cake challenge was right up her alley and Courtney's fate was decided from the beginning. Can she cook? Sure, but she was not as consistent as many of the chefs and she was so fake with her smiles and things she said. She pretends to be from some other 1950's housewife mentality. She lives in Philly but NOT in the real world. This show is fake and I wont watch again
  • Winner Decided from Episode 3

    It has been so far beyond obvious that they are going to hand Courtney the win. While she may be a decent cook, every time that she has stumbled, it has been brushed over and never touched. Drives me nuts that this adult entertainer/reformed is going to win because she is hot and has a from zero to hero ambition.
  • Not judging fair

    I have NEVER missed an episode of Master Chef since you all started. BUT this season I am really disappointed in all 3 judges. Hear is the reason, I have NEVER seen all 3 chefs favor one contestant on the show, so why is it like that this year? I am referring to Corney,WHAT is this guys???? When other chef that made one mistake you sent home, BUT the night she made a BIG mistake on her dish you kept her. What was that all about. I am very upset over this season, but I know now who is going to win this year, but I will finish watching until season is completed. AS I said, I've never missed a episode and will not stop now, BUT you 3 chef's should not have showed so much favor toward this one contestant, that not fair, just like last wk, her and Elizabeth dishes did not come up to all the standards in fact their food was not worth eating per all of you, BUT you kept them both, only because you did not want to let Corney go-even after you all stood there and told Christen and guy from TX, that they presented the best dishes of their time on the show, they had to do the press test-this shows how you (all 3) are not judging correctly. Another point I want to make is she has stated she does not want to cook she wants to be a person that goes and test other people's food and write reviews. Also I know those shoes she wears every week cost about $200.00 or more and if she can buy those costly shoes she does not need the money. There are more than one person that needs to win for their families, and need the money and the cookbook deal. The rest of the contestants wants a food cooking career not Corney she wants to put down other people cooking, She stated that herself on TV. Well I have said my mind, BUT I want to also say Gordon and the other 2 judges are great, Also Gordon, your Hotel Hell, and Hell's Kitchen are never missed in my house, make some more shows like these. Thanks for reading this at least I hope you will read it.
  • RE: Where does all the food go?

    A little bird tells me that the crew and contestants tend to devour any left over food unless it's really bad. In which case it gets thrown out. Any large quantities that aren't used goes to homeless shelters. As for the format, it's moved more towards drama and conflict and less about skill. it's so different to the UK version. which is totally based on skill and technique, but I love both the US and UK versions.
  • Pungeant Oder

    The show is starting to "smell" like other reality shows. Where you create hostility between contestants. Putting in situations where you COMPOUND extra stress and difficult personalities together.

    I liked the ore when you focused on skill, and build up people. Teach them where they were lacking. When the teams were falling apart, the hosts should have stepped in and showed them how it is done, not fan the flames. I find the hostility between the home cooks annoying...

  • Not a good show

    I find this show painful to watch. This show is based on the amazing Australian Masterchef. If you want to see amazing amateur cooks that is the show to watrch. It celebrates amazing cooks with a true passion for food. I really don't like the contrived drama that is so pronounced in this show. It's OK for Hell's Kitchen, but the insults and humiliation that they bestow upon these people is outrageous. These are not fantastic cooks, they are good cooks with huge egos who are willing to suffer the insults to be on TV. On a recent episode of the AU show, the pressure test was to replicate a chefs particular signature dish without tasting or seeing the dish, based only upon a food critics review of the dish. To see the dish Google Masterchef AU and look for food art week 10. The dish was Town Mouse and there are 44 separate elements in the dish.
  • Please answer this question for me:

    I love this show but what concerns me is this: Where does all that perfectly good food go with all the hungry people in our country? Please don't tell me you throw it out!
  • A Master Show

    One of he Best shows I've great to see home cooks with the talent to be Experts.
  • No surprise

    I have been following Master Chef all the way from the beginning. It is a great show even if there is a lil too much drama sometimes. Although it is an awesome series one thing bothers me that Fox is not willing to acknowledge. Whenever someone wins the mystery box challenge will be appointed a captain in the team challenge. In the preview of the episode they show parts from the team challenge and also the elimination challenge afterwards which is very WRONG coz it gives away the surprise !!!! Lets say they show Leslie and Daniel in the elimination challenge preview so if they are both in the blue team it is obvious that the red team won.... hope this will change because it is very bad

  • Table Manners Do Matter

    I have only watched Master Chef on 2-3 occasions but I need not watch any more see see how poorly we adults demonstrate "Incorrect Table Manners' to our children. In fact I am sure some adults would see this demonstralion of poor manners and think it was acceptable as well.

    I am refering to the Judges, who may be well qualified in their professions however, having seen Finger Licking-Fork Shovelling-Waving in air of Forks and Knives plus Elbows on the table, I am astounded and my mother would turn in her grave.

    How about, in addition to exhibiting great cooking skills, we preserve some traditional "Manners" for everyone to learn the correct way of doing things?
  • Judges sell out integrity for second year in a row.

    Did not watch finals due to the fact that the show has sold out for political correctness for the second year in the row. I hope fox got what they wanted because your chefs judges have no integrity and they have become jokes.
  • Luca all the way!

    Gosh I never been more nervous! I can't stand Natasha, so I am really hoping Luca pips her in the final!
  • Good riddance!

    So glad Chrissy is gone. There has never been a more rude or vulgar contestant on national TV. What a horrible example this woman gives her son. I feel so sorry for him. She also was one of the weaker cooks (not a chef). Her skills were very limited compared to many of the other contestants. Won't miss her at all. What did the judges see in her?
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