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  • my opinion about show

    It is not fair that there are no real vegetarian , vegan, glutenfree or other cooking without challenges on this show.

    I work with food and face those chellenges every day. And I think that contestants should have to face that too. After all all vegetarians participating have to work with meat and fish. Why not other way around? If you are in this business you will face this challenge eventually. What with all allergies and food preferences out there...

    I wish also that Masterchef US would learn more from good things happening on UK and Australia shows. There are more of friendship, goodwill and team feeling on those shows. US have more of show and fighting which don't always bring out best in people. Pushing others down don't make anybody into better cook or better person. And using bad language do not add to anybodies charm.

    Junior competition is nicer because judges use more heart.
  • Annoying and Unlikeabke both judges and contestants...


    I've liked all the previous seasons one less than the other and perhaps due to their new judging format and their poor casting choices. It's been so hard to watch any of those episode.

    1. Sean - probably the only competent one left

    2. Dan - surprising Im not usually into frat boy turns cook but he's becoming more ediqute and likable as season goes.

    3. Tanodori - pretty solider chef love to see more talents

    4. David - what a douche!

    5. Brandi - stop attaching yourself w your home base and touch herself with fan base already

    6. Katie - definitely feeling the whole self pity beside the dishes.

    7. Zachery - the most incompetent kid with whole lot of drama. So annoying/painful to watch.


    First of all, it doesn't matter how talented they are whether hosts or guests, due to the formats. Nobody wants to listen to them and there seems to be less and less connections w one and another. They either need to go back to 3 or 2 stronger and more chemistry then an angry English perfectionist and ice desert queen of tv. You can't have two hard on hard judges wo any buffer. It's rough.

    I'm gonna have a hard time finishing the whole season. Come on guys! Do better shows.
  • Judges Are Annoying

    These judges are annoying and appear to intentionally trying to put contestants off. Throughout the whole series they have find to contestants and made comments that totally throws the contestant but to their courage on most occasions have gone with their gut and continued in with what they were doing.

    It's happening tonight in grand finale as well with Matt then he gets scored a 10 by all 3 judges.

    They should just butt out and let them cook what they had intended.
  • Annoying female judge.

    Female judge (sorry, she is not famous enough to remember her name) is so dang annoying. Her voice is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I have to mute my tv every time she speaks. A prerequisite to be on tv should be having a pleasant voice.

    Please get a new judge next year. How about iron chef Alex Guarnaschelli?

    2016. Very very annoyed with Christina. There is nothing I like about her. Still muting and then fast forwarding through her commentary. How the heck did someone like that get on a tv show of any kind?

    There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many other choices.
  • Gordon, you should be ashamed!

    I started out watching Master Chef Junior and really enjoyed the show. I then tried watching the regular show and was flabbergasted the first episode I viewed. Gordon Ramsay (who thinks he is "all that") not only blasted one of the contestants for the dish they prepared, but used the "F" word in berating them on the show. This turned out not to be a one- time occurrence. I will NEVER watch this show again. There is NO REASON whatsoever to treat contestants with such disrespect and vulgarity!!!
  • Money!

    Guys and Gals - its simple - as I see it. Claudia's cookbook will be more accessible to casual cooks and will sell better than a cookbook from Derrick. Derrick won - no question in my mind. As a chef myself (at home and professionally for a time) Derrick is a chef and Claudia is a cook. I've dismissed comments of bias in the past seasons but this one was so obvious. I don't think it's because Claudia is Latina or a woman, but simply her recipes will be simple and approachable to more home*cooks* than Derrick's. AND we all know the "judges" are getting a big share of the cookbook sales.
  • race card won

    Both cooks had great comments on how their food was cooked. Derrick CLEARLY should have won based on his stepping out of the box and his creative presentations which he was consistent with. I have no choice but to believe that all Claudia's Latina boasting paid off. She played it safe with sticking to what was familiar to her and won. This was NOT a fair and very unfairly it was time for a Latino to win. are a big disappointment for allowing this!!!!
  • Minority Female Always > White Male

    Masterchef: proving once again that if you're white and you're a guy you're just not going to get picked for a lifetime opportunity vs a minority female; no matter how much better you perform.

    Also, Christina Tosi .... just go home.
  • I'm done watching Gordon Ramsay

    Claudia is the MexicanChef NOT Masterchef . She's not even in the same league as Derrick. What a shame. They lost a viewer forever with this disgusting and shameful pick of Claudia over Derrick.
  • Derrick was screwed over

    Derrick: highly original and visionary throughout the entire season, great leadership skills, put recipes together that even other professional chefs were amazed by, most people (even great cooks) could not replicate his recipes, stood up well under pressure, did an extraordinary job in the finale creating highly original dishes I'd never seen done that way and put unusual flavors together that worked, took big risks that worked, especially in the finale, created dishes from a wide variety of cuisines. When the winner was to be announced, he actually looked like he wasn't sure who might win. Rested only on his skills as a chef to win.

    Claudia: cooked Mexican food 98% of the time, unoriginal (any half decent cook can make good Mexican food), didn't handle pressure well most of the time, showed poor leadership skills, did "one trick pony" Mexican dishes and pretty much stayed in her safe zone, while previous season chefs told a girl from India that she had to stop being one dimensional and have a wider level of culinary skills than just Indian food and create dishes for other cuisines. Before the name of the winner was announced, stood with a big smile on her face without a hint of worry that she might not win. Played heavy on the "poor single mother" bit and yelled out "I'm the first LATINA Masterchef!"

    This is what the differences was in this season. In the past, it was someone like Derrick who would have been chosen. This year, someone who was good in a certain style of cooking would not have won. In the past, three remaining chefs would have competed, then one was sent home. This year, one (Derrick) was chosen, then Steven had to compete again against Claudia to see which of them would compete with Derrick. Never done before. Of course, Steven was also screwed over, but at least Ramsay told him he would make his dream come true by financing his restaurant. Derrick got no such promise. What else was different this year? What's her name, of whom I've never heard. She told Claudia when to take out her cake in the season and helped her when she shouldn't have. She seems very biased toward women, a cheater, and she seems to have Gordon and Elliot by the groin.

    I have always watched Masterchef, as it has been one of my favorite shows. I will not tune in anymore. Why? Because this show has taken a sharp turn to political correctness. Like anything PC, it is now utterly predictable. It's bad enough that Claudia won, but for Derrick to not be offered an opportunity to be helped having his own restaurant is a double injustice. Oh, and I am a woman, so don't accuse me of misogyny.

    Nick should have won the Cake contest. His cake looked beautiful without anyone coming to his aid. Claudia's cake looked like a train wreck and Christina was assisting her. When Christina made the comment something was in Nicks cake, it became obvious the outcome was rigged. I don't want to watch cakes being baked and don't care for Christina. Where is Joe??? FOX should really investigate this.
  • REALLY?????Claudia?????

    The final episode of MasterChef was disheartening to say the least. Although we could not taste Derrick's food, the judges did not have one negative thing to say about it and it looked beautiful, leading us to believe he was clearly the winner. Yet Claudia wins? Stephen is offered a food partnership with Gordon Ramsey and Derrick gets a pat on the back good job. I am totally done with this show, what a shame for Derrick obviously the better and stronger competitor throughout the whole series! Congratulations Derrick you were clearly the real winner in my books!
  • Disappointing

    It was very clear that Derrick's final courses were so much more advanced & technical than Claudia's. Throughout the season, him and Stephen were the top two contenders. Nick shined as well. I was shocked when Claudia won with her Mexican 'home cooked meals'. That is a meal anyone could cook at home. If I was served a tamale, fish filet, and flan / stewed pear like that at a fine dining restaurant, I would think I just ordered from the 'dollar' menu. Every year i buy the cookbook. Not this year. I know how to cook Mexican food. Disappointed.
  • No longer a fan

    Will no longer watch masterchef after this disasterous season! Where is Joe? Decided to give new judge a shot, horrible replacement! Masterchef should be ashamed of how blatant they were in keeping Claudia in the running, when the judge told her to take out her cake in an elimination round the writing was on the wall. CLAUDIA to win masterchef no matter what has to be done to make it happen, so sad! Nick, Stephen and Derrick by far the better chefs!! Just sorry i wasted my time watching this farce and will definately not be supporting the show in the future or the cookbook.
  • What the heck were you thinking?

    Where in the world did you all think that Claudia was a better chef than Derek, have you lost your minds? During the whole competition Derek proved he was a better chef and had the leadership. At the final night he out did Claudia every way possible. When Gordon called out Claudia's name as the winner I was floored. But then again I kinda expected it, I think you played on the fact she was Mexican and a woman, I think you wanted to show that a minority could win. What a joke, being from Oklahoma and Texas let me assure you that any little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant serves the same food she did, but then again you judges are not use to little hole in the walls, you are just use to fine dining and can't think outside your comfort zone. Shame on all of you, I loved this show, but I will not be watching it anymore after the way you all cheated Derek out of the win. Did it occur to the three of you that maybe, just maybe Derek too was trying to better his life, some people don't discuss their private lives on national television. Oh yes Claudia wanted to start a life for her daughter, her family and herself so let's all pile to America and do it, let's all leave Mexico come to America with an attitude of "I'm Mexican, and I want to take everything America has because I'm entitled to it". Like I said I will not be watching your show anymore. If Joe had been there maybe things would have been different.
  • Won't be watching this anymore because clearly this is not "Master Chef"

    Claudia messed up so many times and her food was never presented like Derek's. He should've won but I guess that because he doesn't have any kids he doesn't deserve it, cuz I know that's why they gave it to her. This show isn't about talent anymore. Not wasting my time anymore. Think Joe should come back because yeah he was an asshole but at least he judged everyone the same.
  • It would be a fairer competition without team cooking during the top4 round

    Competition as teams may not be practical for the top4-5 round because individual lose opportunity to showcase their best dishes. I' m not sure the intention for team competition was to test the teamwork or leadership but it may work better for early rounds, not the later round towards semi-final. It was obvious Derrick was risk losing his place in the kitchen for many times until the top 5 round, yet he passed to the top3 by team competition while Nick and Claudia who seem to be the best cook had to enter into a pressure test. I actually like Derrick too but the result would have been much different and believed to be fairer competition without the this team cooking during the top4 round.
  • Not planning on watching the finale this season

    the same reasons I'm reading here. Too much baking this season and this was the last straw with getting rid of Nick by TELLING Claudia to take the cakes out of the oven! Sorry, I like Claudia too, but she would have had overdone cakes AND they would have looked worse than they already did - unfrosted, a total mess and yet she was sent on to the final three. So blatantly wrong. That was the most disgusting display of out and out cheating by a judge that I have ever seen. Too bad. I've always liked the show. Not interested in seeing how it plays out.
  • Pastrychef or Masterchef?

    Unfair and unacceptable Christina Tosi advised Claudia to take the cake out. But she was crouched in front of the oven so Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot probably did not see her telling Claudia. After tasting the cake for both she gave voluminous comments for Claudia's cake and raised her eyebrows for Nick without a word and went to the judges said there was something in Nick's cake .... When the judges were confering she insisted about Claudia's cake was tasty. Nick's presentation was beautiful and Claudia's was so bad. I don't have anything against the contestants but Christina Tosi is biased, rude and arrogant. At least Joe Bastianich was fair and I don't think he was partial to anyone contestant. I agree with the comments of other viewers about Christina Tosi. But I think she is going to be judge for Masterchef Junior. Feel sorry for the Kids.

    Gordon Ramsay should call Nick back and give him another chance. I wonder whether the producers see any of the fans views.
  • Unfair Claudia/Nick - Chritina has to go!

    It was absolutely unnacceptable that Christina told Claudia when to take the cake out of the oven. Don't get me wrong I like both Claudia and Nick but this is a competition and if she over cooked her cake she would have been the one to go home. Christina has got to go. She is the absolute worst! Rude, arrogant and now a cheater! I thought Joe was pretty bad so when he left I thought - great let's give this new person a try. Well her time is up. She is awful. Gordon Ramsey replace her asap!
  • Masterchef (Christina Tosi is terrible)

    This show is going down in flames if they insist on keeping Christina Tosi. I was willing to give her a chance at the beginning of season 6. However, after watching most of the season it very clear why she was kicked off the other show she was on. She shows bias towards women and contement towards men throughout the season. She will be the reason the show will fail if they keep her. Please her a pink slip and send her back to her "little" Milk Bar....
  • Nick/Claudia

    So did anyone else see that the pastry chef told Claudia when to take her cakes out of the oven. I didn't want to see either one of them go home but you can't cheat and win. No one knows how long she would have left those cakes in if (the pastry judge) didn't say (while opening Claudia's oven) "It's starting to stretch it's time to take them out" I am not a baker but I know heat and time can either make you or break you. Did anyone go back to tell Nick how to make a new batch? Please tweet if you like because I'm not on it but want everyone to see how unfair this was for Nick.
  • The last season

    This will be my last season to the judge Christina is booted out.. I do not like what she brings to the show (which is nothing) The show is Master Chef, not Master Pastry Chef. Too much emphasis is placed in desserts this season After never missing a season, I fear this is my last. There are a lot of similar reviews regarding her and it's shame that the execs will never see them.
  • Just my opinion

    I was disappointed in last night's show, "A Storm is Brewing". Tommy and Katrina should have gone head to head in an elimination round. Tommy should have stayed, and Katrina should have handed over her apron. Katrina was horrible throughout the team challenge, my jaw dropped over her so called "teamwork". I wouldn't allow anyone act like that in "my" kitchen. Her behavior was unacceptable; no one could cook or concentrate with her around.

    Tommy should be brought back for a head to head cook off with Katrina, but I doubt the "Show" would consider doing this. I will miss Tommy. Go Derek (then Nick).

  • Absolutely Disgusted

    I'm starting to feel so angry every time I watch an episode of this season, yet my slim faith in this show keeps me tuning in. Partially because I have watched it since the beginning. I am going to give my full, honest opinion of the remaining contestants. If you don't like harsh opinions and honest truth I suggest you stop reading in case I hit a nerve in you.

    1) Hethal - All she can make is fcking Indian food right? Yes, we get it Hethal. You are 'proud' to show your Indian heritage and that's all you are going to show us that you can make. She is only happy when she is hogging all of the attention and completely shuts down when she makes a mistake. This chick cannot take any form of criticism. It made me so sick when everyone fawned over her in the beginning and I had a bad idea about her from the start.

    2) Stephan - Grow the hell up. I don't know about the rest of the viewers, but I certainly don't want to see a gray haired man with stupid thick glasses running around flaming everyone for no reason and shouting AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! at every turn. Show some respect to your competitors. You don't have to like them, but show some slightest bit of maturity please.

    3) Katrina - I think that's what her name is. ***Spoiler alert*** Tommy went home. He was so easy going and fun. Katrina is a loud mouthed btch who yelled at him at every turn. Yes, Tommy might have been a little too easy going, but I can see he wanted to shoot his brains out twice every time Katrina started to run her fat mouth. If her mouth had a weight, it would weigh the same as her entire body. Like Hethal, stop. crying. PLEASE. If she is so insecure and her life is soooooo fcking sad, she shouldn't even be in this competition to begin with.

    4) Claudia - Self righteous ahole. Enough said. Given the opportunity to save myself from elimination, I would. It's called a competition, deary. We don't need any speeches of enlightenment on you from this show.

    5) Derek and Nick - Unfortunately since the others get so much attention on these shows, these two get rare moments to shine. I hope that one of these guys wins. If the show isn't fixed at all, please let one of them win. Derek is very talented but he rarely gets any private screen time for himself.
  • Wowzers this season

    So this season (6) a lot has Happened I am just happy that Shelly finally got the Boot; after being saved multiple times?! Tommy is one of my favorites this season, yes he is quirky and very very flamboyant but thats what they love about him. Last nite he finally snapped back and told his team to shut up. About time because he needs to assert himself if he is team captain and they shouldn't of been taunting him that badly. Derrick is getting under my skin because the thinks too much about presentation and not enough about taste and what should be combined in a dish. Yes he is talented but I don't see him in the top 4 spot. Olivia sadly went home las unite but i totally agree with the Gordons choice because she is talented but sometimes just misses the execution of the dish.

    The next episode looks very Intense because you see rivals pitted against each other. And Derrick loses his SHIT! All in all this season is great and I can't wait for Master chef hrs to return. I so wanted a show with mixed kids/adults that would of been fantastic. Maybe next year if they pick up the idea!
  • And we are OFF

    Or should I say that you are!

    Christina Tosi, your outburst was the last straw for me. I have been enduring the favoritism towards another of the shows contestants but your attack on Christopher is my limit.

    Fame must have come very easy to you or you have forgotten how it feels when the dish you're confident in receives nothing but insults. Tommy missed it, texture and his gnocchi was swimming in grease. Christopher had an issue with taste and that is exactly how Graham called. Tommy should have gone home.

    I will not stick around to see how you and Gordon make Shelly MC

    Your veil of deceit is transparent and you lack empathy. Goodbye
  • Appealing to the lowest common denominator

    I've been watching MasterChef US on FOX since the first season. Having witnessed what FOX had done to Kitchen NIghtmares I came to expect the same heavy handed emotionalism and repetitive narrating which made that show such a chore to watch. Nevertheless, that first season of MasterChef was very entertaining. It was a breath of fresh air compared to other reality shows who seem to only focus and magnify conflict. Unfortunately MasterChef has been moving in the direction of every other American reality show. More and more the show focuses on the conflict between contestants. At times, when the show could be highlighting the dishes the cooks have prepared they instead spend quite a bit of time on a contestant who may be having difficulties or doesn't like someone else or someone doesn't like them. I sincerely could care less.

    MasterChef should be about celebrating how these amatuer cooks try their best to prepare a professional dish not blowing out of proportion every sob story, every conflict and every mistake. It saddens me that this is the direction FOX has been taking the show in the past few seasons. I can no longer watch the show live. I must always record it and skip not only over the commercials but all the other crap they have added which has nothing to do with being a MasterChef.

    If you are wondering what could be done to improve MasterChef US you need not look too far. Just check out a season of MasterChef Australia. I wish the producers at FOX would do the same.
  • hairy scary

    I love Master Chef cooking show. Especially the kids. But I'm shocked they don't ever wear hair nets. Do you ever pull hair out of the dishes?
  • sideline announcer stating the obvious

    Settled down to watch MC on DVR tonight. I thought I was watching a golf tourney with the British accent sideline comments... It was so distracting I could do without it and almost shut the show off. My vision is not that bad that I can see who is jumping up and down, smiling, or lifting the mystery boxes lid or the letter M. Good grief people, leave it the way it was because it is definitely not an improvement to the show.
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