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  • sideline announcer stating the obvious

    Settled down to watch MC on DVR tonight. I thought I was watching a golf tourney with the British accent sideline comments... It was so distracting I could do without it and almost shut the show off. My vision is not that bad that I can see who is jumping up and down, smiling, or lifting the mystery boxes lid or the letter M. Good grief people, leave it the way it was because it is definitely not an improvement to the show.
  • Grahm Elliot needs to Apologize !!!

    That poor excuse of a human being needs to apologize to the young lady for telling her that it looked liked shit was smeared on the plate she served on the show this evening. Who in the hell does he think he is. I make "mole" all the time and thats the way it looks. What gives him the right to criticize her like that on national TV when she is there trying her best. And yes!!! you do put chocolate or peanutbutter in mole or both if u wish. You Grahm Elliot have just insulted all ethnicities that use that dish in their cultural cuisine.

    You may be a great self proclaimed food expert, but as a human being, you have allot to learn.
  • A Master Show

    One of he Best shows I've great to see home cooks with the talent to be Experts.
  • Chrissy is not a chef

    Nice show but... I am really put off by the judges calling Chrissy "close" in the final 4. We spend good money at many restaurants every year and we would be repulsed to eat at her restaurant, or any restaurant that hires her to cook, because she is so offensive to the idea of enjoyment. Plus, her chocolate molten cake looked disgusting!
  • You Are Fired!

    What I don't particularly like is Chrissy's behavior. She hated Brie for no other reason than Brie is a vegetarian. I hope she does not represent Italians. She has been nothing but a Bully the entire time she has been cooking. Every time she has be confronted, she proposes violence. Really? She cries because her child did not actually come to be with her, she cried when she looked and listened to his message, otherwise she was threatening and bullying other contestants. She may be the favorite of the judges, but in actuality she was also a bully to all others. She even has the guy, who is her own nationality afraid of her. I would not want her to cook anything for me, I would not want her to be my chef and I agree with you "Wash your mouth out" she was a horrible role model for her son and for those who fail to understand how she equates being authentically Italian with being a complete and utter violent bully. Glad she is not in the finals. She may be a fighter, she simply does not know the first thing about cooking well with others or interpersonal skills beyond the classroom, playground bully mentality and behavior.
  • I love this show because it is really good!

    I think this show is the best. I really enjoy watching every week. I never miss an episode. I think Gordon Is the sh**! I love Graham cuz I think he's a sweetheart. Joe is alittle scarey cuz you really never know what he's thinking. all in all , I love this program.
  • masterchef and home cooking :)

    as a trained sous chef myself i really enjoy this show for its innovative way of using ingredients that everyday ppl use and are made to look more appealing. not everyone has the money for a $50 dollar steak from a high class joint, so by actually using these things that the contestants see at walmart on a day to day basis i think it promotes that anyone can achieve cooking a good meal, not just high class restaurants. way to go masterchef (home cooks)!
  • Best reality tv show ever!

    This show is fabulous! I think it's my favorite show on Direct TV and that's how many channels and different shows? I learn so much from the contestants, the chefs - love the presentations, their cooking methods. Have gotten to know each cook and certainly have my favorites. This is one show I hope will continue for a long time. Anyone know what happens once they go through this last bunch and select a Master Chef? When will the new 'series' begin? Soon I hope!
  • Masterchef=best yet

    I find this show very entertaining. It has my attention from beginning to end. I don't find the contestants get prizes/awards near as nice as they did on Hell's Kitchen(which is basically the same minus 2 judges) but I love hearing the different opinions/reactions of the 3 different judges. In my opinion, out of Ramsey's 3 shows(Hell's Kitchen,Kitchen Nightmares & this) this is the best and most entertaining.
  • I QUIT MasterChef

    Chrissy was discriminated against from the beginning. If Jesse had called her a "cow" one more time, I was willing to hunt her down and bitch slap her. I will not watch the finale... and I will never watch the show again. (BTW... I'm not alone in this... my reality TV circle agrees with

    Sorry guys... perhaps you should rename the show "Pretty, Mean People Cooking"
  • I'm very confused

    In the first hour of the show, James won the mystery box challenge and was welcomed to the 'final four' by Chef Joe. Then, because there was no elimination, all five contestants remained and more challenges were done. Since James was earlier guaranteed to be in the 'final four', I don't think he should have gone home. In my opinion, it was unfair. Natasha should have gone home because her table was served raw fish.

    Wrong person went home in this episode.
  • Meals savior!

    Dear Masterchef,

    Thanks so much for saving my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

    seriously, whenever the meals get disgusting just watch Masterchef while eating and u can feel like eating the best dishes in the world. try it :))

    by the way, love you Ramsey
  • attitude of GR improved!

    I've only watched one show but appreciate that GR is a little calmer and showing a little more humanity. Bullying and abuse are not only counter productive to the chef's productivity, but illegal.
  • hairy scary

    I love Master Chef cooking show. Especially the kids. But I'm shocked they don't ever wear hair nets. Do you ever pull hair out of the dishes?
  • 8.0 because of music

    Please take off that music it's terrible I can't understand what anyone is saying. And I been watching this show from the start, now sometimes I just want to change channel because one the dam Music two the new chef we all love Joe bring him back please he might been scaring looking but he was I watch all your shows love hell's kitchen and I think you still look the same sexy as hell you are a great person and chef but please get rid of that music on master chef love you
  • Team Captain

    When another team member takes over as team leader. The old team leader needs to lose all team leader privilege. The person that stepped up to the plate to run the team gets all the privileges. New team leader get's to pick who goes into the pressure test. The previous team captain automatically goes into the pressure test.
  • Please answer this question for me:

    I love this show but what concerns me is this: Where does all that perfectly good food go with all the hungry people in our country? Please don't tell me you throw it out!
  • Luca all the way!

    Gosh I never been more nervous! I can't stand Natasha, so I am really hoping Luca pips her in the final!

    In this world today we are standing up against bullying! We post messages daily on facebook against bullies. We have TV Commercials with celebrities speaking against this cruel behavior, yet, here we

    have Krissy, blowing off her filthy mouth and threatening everyone on the show. I cannot stomach her any longer, she needs to go! She is mean, cruel and just nasty. She reminds me of the bearded lady in the circus only the bearded lady is usually nice. I hope she is removed quickly. Joe has been the only one besides Bri that has put her in her place. Let's all take a stand and get rid of her NOW!
  • Simple and entertaining

    There are only three chefs, so there are not as many opinions. I really like the interior design of the stage. I also like how the contestants are showcased in rows with spaces between them. It is similar to cooking on a countertop so maybe the contestants' nerves can ease less. I find the food on here amazing! The chefs' critiques are simple and not too harsh as on other cooking shows.
  • Judges Are Annoying

    These judges are annoying and appear to intentionally trying to put contestants off. Throughout the whole series they have find to contestants and made comments that totally throws the contestant but to their courage on most occasions have gone with their gut and continued in with what they were doing.

    It's happening tonight in grand finale as well with Matt then he gets scored a 10 by all 3 judges.

    They should just butt out and let them cook what they had intended.
  • Wowzers this season

    So this season (6) a lot has Happened I am just happy that Shelly finally got the Boot; after being saved multiple times?! Tommy is one of my favorites this season, yes he is quirky and very very flamboyant but thats what they love about him. Last nite he finally snapped back and told his team to shut up. About time because he needs to assert himself if he is team captain and they shouldn't of been taunting him that badly. Derrick is getting under my skin because the thinks too much about presentation and not enough about taste and what should be combined in a dish. Yes he is talented but I don't see him in the top 4 spot. Olivia sadly went home las unite but i totally agree with the Gordons choice because she is talented but sometimes just misses the execution of the dish.

    The next episode looks very Intense because you see rivals pitted against each other. And Derrick loses his SHIT! All in all this season is great and I can't wait for Master chef hrs to return. I so wanted a show with mixed kids/adults that would of been fantastic. Maybe next year if they pick up the idea!
  • What are we cooking tonite

    Ah all I can say is I love the show an the hosts are amazing. Never will miss a show to work see it over and over.
  • RE: Where does all the food go?

    A little bird tells me that the crew and contestants tend to devour any left over food unless it's really bad. In which case it gets thrown out. Any large quantities that aren't used goes to homeless shelters. As for the format, it's moved more towards drama and conflict and less about skill. it's so different to the UK version. which is totally based on skill and technique, but I love both the US and UK versions.
  • It was a good run

    I am only glad that Luca made it to the top 2. I didn't mind Jessie, but I think she was just lucky to get by in the last several challenges because the others had some flaw that was worse than hers. As for Chrissy, I'm sorry to the supporters, and I get that this is about the individual than teamwork, but I would never want to work with or have anything associated with her. She's a bully and an arrogant 'cow'. You can't just blowup whenever you don't want to do something, that's why it's a teamwork, you deal with the people you have. She said so herself that she's never really worked or dealt with top 'restauranty' type stuff, but she comes off as if it's an excuse to half ass it. I definitely would not have even bothered watching if she made it to the top 3 or top 2. I don't mind some arrogance, but the in your face type confrontation was just to much. When she ran up to the balcony like that, security probably should've been there as she probably could've hurt someone.

    I will say that at least there's no gimick this year with a blind cook, that bothered me with season3 as 2 other cooks were eliminated before the top 2. The top 2 that year would've been at best top 4 only. They got that wrong big time. Season1, I will never buy that 7min chicken crap. The runner up was robbed.

    I stuck around 1 season extra, but I think I am done with it.
  • Wash your mouth out

    Chrissy needs to GO. what a way to act on TV and for your son to see the mother Cursing and making Threats. Who are you???? That's what we need, violence on a cooking show. Chrissy you should be ashame of the way you acted as a parent.
  • This Is Not Hells Kitchen

    I hate that Gordon is treating these home cooks like chef wannabes. They are home cooks and won't be doing weddings and serving hundreds of surfers. Very disappointed. I havent missed an episode in all seasons but think if things don't change this may be my last. First two years even three were what it's suppose to be.
  • no place for bullies

    At first I thought Krissy was okay and that Natasha was probably one of those mean girls from high school. Turns out Krissy is a mean girl too. She lost me when she openly laughed at Bime when he made a mistake when making his lemon pie and then went home. Then last night when she said she used to beat up girls like Brie in high school she totally disgusted me. I hope she goes home real soon. What a horrible example she is setting for her son that she supposedly loves so much. If she loves him, she should set a better example for him.
  • Safety over Passion/Creativity?

    I am a huge fan of all cooking shows and this was my first time watching MasterChef from beginning to end. I did not always agree with the judges decisions and there was clearly some favoritism but I'm not a chef and so for that reason I continued to watch even when the judges made me angry. And yes, David pissed me off with his attitude sometimes.... and I feel one or two others should have been asked to leave. HOWEVER, I FEEL DAVID SHOULD HAVE WON THE TITLE MASTER CHEF. Some of Shawn's dishes may have been tighter but David took more risks/ thinking outside the box with more dishes, where Shawn played it safe with most of his dishes. I saw Shawn as a great chef but without passion which, in my humble opinion, a master chef should have. David's dishes had passion and risks-more creativity. Also, I appreciate the fact that Chef Ramsey went after David. Being a passionate, creative chef himself, he didn't want David to allow his emotions ,(fear really) to stop him from continuing.... Keeping the young man who couldn't work as a team player to the point of passing out, also showed a more humane side of Ramsey. Right now I am mad David didn't win and say I won't watch again but.... I probably will become all in all a great show that I learn from.

  • I miss James in the final!

    He was good, it is too bad that they kicked him out.. I guess, that TV was keeping Chrissy because of argueing and conflicts - why do they think, that people want to see this bully types? No, thx.. We love good cooks who can behave. Chrissy was terrible person, I am soo glad that she is gone.. Dont understand why would you like her? - not so good cook, bad person, not responsible, just complaining and bullying.. Big "go fuck yourself, Chrissy" from Europe :) Go masterchef!
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