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  • Not a good show

    I find this show painful to watch. This show is based on the amazing Australian Masterchef. If you want to see amazing amateur cooks that is the show to watrch. It celebrates amazing cooks with a true passion for food. I really don't like the contrived drama that is so pronounced in this show. It's OK for Hell's Kitchen, but the insults and humiliation that they bestow upon these people is outrageous. These are not fantastic cooks, they are good cooks with huge egos who are willing to suffer the insults to be on TV. On a recent episode of the AU show, the pressure test was to replicate a chefs particular signature dish without tasting or seeing the dish, based only upon a food critics review of the dish. To see the dish Google Masterchef AU and look for food art week 10. The dish was Town Mouse and there are 44 separate elements in the dish.
  • No surprise

    I have been following Master Chef all the way from the beginning. It is a great show even if there is a lil too much drama sometimes. Although it is an awesome series one thing bothers me that Fox is not willing to acknowledge. Whenever someone wins the mystery box challenge will be appointed a captain in the team challenge. In the preview of the episode they show parts from the team challenge and also the elimination challenge afterwards which is very WRONG coz it gives away the surprise !!!! Lets say they show Leslie and Daniel in the elimination challenge preview so if they are both in the blue team it is obvious that the red team won.... hope this will change because it is very bad

  • Judges sell out integrity for second year in a row.

    Did not watch finals due to the fact that the show has sold out for political correctness for the second year in the row. I hope fox got what they wanted because your chefs judges have no integrity and they have become jokes.
  • judges favoritism has lost my support- need blind tasting

    I have watched every single season faithfully & now I am no longer watching. James was a WAY better cook, when it came to flavor & sauces & even technical ability all around better than both Natasha and Jesse (Natasha with raw fish, and conveniently does next to nothing in EVERY group challenge, she just plates pretty but doesn't cook as good as the others and Jesse who hardly has to ever cook because the judges favor her & when she cooked that last chicken dish with corn really! She should've gone home), too bad James doesn't have boobs & lipstick or he'd had made it through to the end!

    It is clear that the judges are only favoring Jesse & Natasha because they think the viewers want to watch them. Guess what? People watch cooking shows for the cooking! For talent, like James, Lucca & Jordan (whos gone now) had. Not for the bimbos, if we wanted to watch bimbos we'd watch other shows (2&1/2 men etc). NOW THEY NEED BLIND TASTING so the TRUE best cook can win!!!!!! I also think its unfair that Jesse came from cooking on cruise ships, how is that a HOME COOK? I feel the judges right away showed favoritism for Natasha & jesse, even when their food sucked, they hardly said anything. Chrissy may be rude & arrogant like they are, but at LEAST she can cook, she has proved it again & again in pressure tests. Her molten cake was cooked better than Jesses & I BET the flavor of all 3 of her desserts was better.

    I agree with cathysmith980&I agree entirely with mkdoyen and christineRG "Playing favorites with the so called pretty girls is beyond appalling. How pathetic for them and how disappointing for not only the audience, but those other contestants trying so hard. I will blast this all over every social media network out there to make sure nobody I know watches this show ever. Way to go Fox... lose good followers because of your unfair games. She has had to cook 25% fewer dishes than most everyone else.

    Chrissy James & Lucca should've been in top 3 this show is not a cooking show anymore, its a beauty contest! Chrissy has the pallet she has the flavor, and ya her personality sucks, but probably because she can feel how the other two girls are being favored & it makes her angry. Brea was a better cook than both Jesse & Natasha too, but the judges want to choose who will win!

    IM SO DISAPPOINTED! Either bring blind tasting to this show so it is FAIR or lose all your viewers you have been warned! (ps im skinny & pretty too, so im not hating on the girls for their looks, if they were better cooks thatd be fine if they won, but in all honesty it has been proven that they are good cooks, but NOT the best of the ones that they have surpassed in this show only due to favoritism). SO SAD SO DISAPPOINTED what a way to ruin one of my favorite shows

    YOU HAVE LOST THIS VIEWER until you bring blind tasting because judges obviously favor here based on appearances & what they believe will bring ratings.
  • Bad judge call

    Ya'll sent James home. Really after Natasha served raw fish to her table and Paula Deen told the Judges she did. I guess that part didn't count. James is a hell of a cook and he wasn't evil like some of the others. (Jesse) she needs to go home. I was really hoping he would win it.

    My daughters were watching last night's episode and were just as disappointed as I was. The BULLY needs to go. Wrong message being sent. You have lost 3 viewers.
  • Criminal waste!

    Just watched the first portion of the most recent Master Chef and I am appalled at the waste of food! You should be ashamed when there is so much poverty in the US and the world.
  • Disgusted with MasterChef

    I have been faithfully watching MasterChef since it first aired a few years ago. This season I'm absolutely appauled with all 3 of the judges. Watching them play favorites on Natasha and Jesse make me absolutely sick to my stomach. With each challenge they let them get off for free and let them slide with barely any comments. They treat other more plain girls like Bri for example like dirt! She received the worst prize for winning the mystery box challenge and with that they kicked her when they let her know even though Krissy hates her she had to be with her. What a great gift! They have let the contestants judge each other and make decisions on whether they should stay or go. I will never watch this show again. Each show has made me more and more disgusted with these men and the writers of this show. Playing favorites with the so called pretty girls is beyond appauling. How pathetic for them and how disappointing for not only the audience, but those other contestants trying so hard. I will blast this all over every social media network out there to make sure nobody I know watches this show ever. Way to go Fox... lose good followers because of your unfair games.
  • Engineered to eliminate Bri?

    Last night Bri won the mystery box. Her prize? Team captain and pick first. After she picked her dream team, Gordon Ramsey announces (after Krissi tells the worl she hates Bri) surpirse! captains switch teams. Ramsey fav Natasha actually wins by getting the stronger team.

    After Bri's replacement team loses, Ramsey (who calls Bri "Br-eye") then gives Natasha's team (first time ever) control over which losing team member doesn't have to cook the pressure test.

    How many more ways could they engineer giving Bri the boot? She was unique, quirky and cute (unlike so many mean-spirited vicious reamining cooks). Done. Un-dvr-ed.

    The show is now so much more about strategies and stupid reality games than who is actually the best home cook.
  • Lost this fan last night

    It looks to me like they've already decided Jesse is IT and they will stop at nothing to make sure of it. Yes, she can cook. But she hasn't done even one pressure test. And when she did land on a losing team, they structured it so she didn't have to do it. Then last night they pretty much handed it to her in a way they've never handed it to anyone. She has had to cook 25% fewer dishes than most everyone else.

    I've watched this show since it started and have planned my evening around it. No more. After the fish taco team non-challenge I shut it off. I will not watch this show again. If it's a competition then make it one. Jesse seems like a nice person and good cook, but the inequity turns my stomach and I won't support it with my viewership. They have lost a loyal viewer with their blatant favoritism.
  • The good mother

    Initially a fan of Krissy, single mother works, trying hard. Now, not so much. She speaks of her son, doing it all for him. But when she speaks it is never to say anything nice. Most of her words have to be bleeped out. Tonight was just over the top. Bullying is a problem in schools & she brags about beating up other girls in school and wants to do it to another contestant? She is proud of it. What a sad, sad person. Shame she still feels that anger & hitting will solve all of her problems. More talented cooks have gone. She skims by, does poorly (not her fault of course, the judges do not know what they are doing) Do they think this is good TV? Master Chef is off my viewing list until she goes. Mean time, I hope her son is not following in mama's foot steps & beating up other kids in school. Hope she is better in the work place. In the very slim possibility she were to win, title her cook book How to Beat & Intimidate Your Food Tasteless.
  • Joe needs to go

    I love cooking competitions and especially MasterChef UK: Professionals, so I was excited to watch our American version. It is so sad to see contestants speak so terribly, plot against, and sabotage each other; and the expletive words are not what I am referring to when I say speak terribly. Judge Joe Bastianish is horrific; rude, brash, and condescending. Is he even a real chef? I don't know who he is, but his arrogance is atrocious. I really do like Chef Ramsey and Graham. Please go and watch MC UK: professionals and see what a real cooking competition looks like. It is so sad that ratings go up when Americans are rude and disgusting to each other but Fox could set things up to not be this way. Today's competition had the red team ahead 22-0 and then suddenly the blue team received ALL the other votes. That was so frustrating to watch. Please don't insult my intelligence that this was not set up.
  • Thank God for Mothers

    Joe Who? Oh Yea, Lydia's son. Arrogance doesn't become him. You know what they say, "Pride goeth before a fall" Yea, Krissie is a little rough around the edges, but I would love to have her cook me a meal. What has Joe ever cooked? I love Graham, he's so darn cute, have watched him many a time on other shows and he is just SWEET. Joe gotta GO!!
  • The final four contestants draw lots to see which two contestants will battle head-to-head. In the semi-final round, each judge requests a special dish. In the final round, the chefs must prepare an appetizer, main dish and dessert.

    I consider myself one of America's biggest fans of Gordon Ramsey. I even like the British-based cooking show "The F Word". Gordon is brilliant because he's authentic, passionate and raw. However, this series, especially the final episode, seems forced, inauthentic, politically correct and half-baked.

    That said, there were a few nice moments, such as when the families arrive. This shtick is a Gordon Ramsey staple but it wasn't over-done.

    The first half of this series was fairly compelling, but once the show got down to about a half a dozen, it started to become over-produced. Rather than see participants interacting with each other in a competitive way we began to get set pieces and a lot of exposition by the judges about how great the cooks are.

    In the end, though, the ultimate reason this show doesn't work is two-fold. First of all, the judges don't seem to have chemistry, and when push comes to shove, Ramsey's stature overshadows the other two judges, one of whom is constantly sour and other constantly sweet.

    Second reason the show doesn't work is because Ramsey is boring when he puts on his earnest face. He just comes off as overwrought and humorless.
  • crissy sucks!!

    Why don't they just give the money to crissy and be done with it, when she is in the pressure test it's always something think I'll be watching any longer. Too much of the judges playing favorites.
  • Table Manners Do Matter

    I have only watched Master Chef on 2-3 occasions but I need not watch any more see see how poorly we adults demonstrate "Incorrect Table Manners' to our children. In fact I am sure some adults would see this demonstralion of poor manners and think it was acceptable as well.

    I am refering to the Judges, who may be well qualified in their professions however, having seen Finger Licking-Fork Shovelling-Waving in air of Forks and Knives plus Elbows on the table, I am astounded and my mother would turn in her grave.

    How about, in addition to exhibiting great cooking skills, we preserve some traditional "Manners" for everyone to learn the correct way of doing things?
  • Lemons, please

    Really tired of the arrogance. If you do a search in the internet for Marinara Sauce with lemon juice you will find many recipes - so, Bri you were not "wrong" for adding lemon juice to your sauce.

    This show is so mean spirited they just give chefs a bad reputation.
  • In the end its all about ratings...

    Christine is a great cook and this was proved but Josh is a great Chef. Is it called Master Cook or Master Chef? You know better Gorden Ransey.. Nuff said...
  • master chef finale

    The wrong person is in this finale-Josh!!! He does not deserve to be here, he was kicked out once. As much as I love and follow Gordon Ramsey and his shows, I think this was the worst thing he's ever done, brining back a contestant that was booted. I feel this season of Master Chef was fixed and if Josh wins-this will be my last season of this show!
  • losing credibility

    All Judges, Would you ever serve a walmart USDA choice strip or rib eye in one of your restaurants? They are both horrible. All Good Steak houses serve only USDA Prime the finest cuts of beef! That is why I would pay $50.+ for a steak. Not only are you pushing Walmart, but kichenaid or cuisonart. You all have your credability on the line!!. I have eaten at London in NYC and every meat is Prime Chef Ramsey. If you want to push products try infomercials!!!!
  • Pungeant Oder

    The show is starting to "smell" like other reality shows. Where you create hostility between contestants. Putting in situations where you COMPOUND extra stress and difficult personalities together.

    I liked the ore when you focused on skill, and build up people. Teach them where they were lacking. When the teams were falling apart, the hosts should have stepped in and showed them how it is done, not fan the flames. I find the hostility between the home cooks annoying...

  • Redheaded Little Rich Girl..........

    The only difference between my sister and Jessie is that her hair is red instead of blond........

    Spoiled little rich Southern girl. (Warner Robins, Ga. )

    Jessie does not do the south proud and we will not say pridefully she is from Georgia...........
  • sadways of judging

    It has been very sad at how the judges keep letting people go after one failure and then let others have multiple know its Ramsey running it especially letting the blond chick go more further then she should, the two black guys were doing so well and they got axed to keep morons that are truly not worthy of the or Lucca should be the clear that over grown slob Krissy should long kick the can, i guess they keep her to keep the ratings real sad. she should be working hard on a weight loss plan and Ramsey needs to be real with their blind judging style very unfair and disappointing manner on how people are released and kept. they need new fair judging was think about trying out,not a fair style of making people feel comfortable they are all just average cooks looking to rise as they once did or did they forget?
  • a cow really

    i watch this show every week and wow is all i can say about the blond bimbo *** calling chrissy a COW really u skinny need to eat a big mac crack mean i agree its time she goes home but to just call her a cow on national tv what a head needs to go home to her daddy n mommy and cook for them......
  • three shows is enough

    chef ramseys third show is the same thing as the other two its basically him just yelling at people. i liked hells kitchen for a while but i never liked kitchen nightmares but this is basically hells kitchen except theres two more judges. i dont get why fox is w@k!Ng off to chef ramsey and seth macfarlane they each have three shows and the third isnt good two shows is enough ramsey should have hells kitchen and kitchen nighmares, seth macfarlane should have family guy and american dad. . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Bitter pills are hard to swallow

    There is a three-way wave of nastiness this season that is making me lose my appetite. First, Joe abuses his position to grandstand and make perfectly nice people feel small. All that showboating of throwing dishes in the trash and making ugly faces has no place in professional behavior. (Gordon plays along and walks a very thin line between critique and ridicule, but manages, just barely, to stay on the side of critique most episodes; perhaps I tolerate him better only because his praise, when won, is equally excessive, and we know he can Second, there are the extremely unattractive behavior and expressions of Natasha, a remarkably bitter and angry woman for one so young. And third, there is Krissy [apologies if misspelled], who sets a new low in the kitchen. If she were in the workplace and made as many physical threats and misrepresentations, she would be fired and walked out of the building; security would be notified and the cops called if she came on premises. For shame that the producers are egging on all three. What's the point of cooking great food if you've poisoned the atmosphere?
  • BRI, why is she gone

    I saw the show last night how you got rid of bri, and how crissy and her *** smile bullying her all the time, crissy should be gone by next rond or i will have comfermation that the show is fixed,
  • Wow Joe attitude a disappointment

    Wow! I was shocked at how Joe talked to the cooks. You'd think he would have handled it better. He didnt show any respect. A little too much attitude for me. There is no reason to make people feel bad about themselves. You think they didnt know they screwed up? why make it worse. He came off Petty.
  • Josh vs. Christine

    I am disappointed in the finale. I was sure Josh was going to win because overall tonight his dishes were better and he took a chance. Being a Master Chef you need and have to take chances. I thing Christine is a wonderful cook and has overcome enormous odds, however tonight she played it safe. I feel Josh should have been named the Master Chef; he showed grace in his lost and I am proud of him!! I have been a faithful viewer and feel that some (one in particular) judges were biased tonight. Especially with the comment, "It is clear who the Master Chef is." I'm not sure it was as clear to the viewers.......
  • Good riddance!

    So glad Chrissy is gone. There has never been a more rude or vulgar contestant on national TV. What a horrible example this woman gives her son. I feel so sorry for him. She also was one of the weaker cooks (not a chef). Her skills were very limited compared to many of the other contestants. Won't miss her at all. What did the judges see in her?
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