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  • Fake Tears

    Fed up he stupid Lesbian females that hug each other all the time and put on the crocodile tears. It is only a cooking show not the end of the world. Some of the food you would not even serve to a dog it looks so horrible.
  • Impeach Christina!

    I really have tried to get used to Christina. She is irritating, has no personality and adds nothing at all interesting to the mix of judges. Unless they bring back Graham and Joe, this is my last season of watching MasterChef.

    Anyone have any ideas of how we can make the network listen to us?
  • Shocked and Appalled

    I could hardly believe it as I watched Gordon Ramsey running after David and kissing his rear end - begging him to come back. What about the "RULES" that got a promising young chef ejected over a three second error in timing?! How arbitrary can you get?! As Chef Ramsey so often says, DAMN!"
  • Has Gordon Ramsey lost his mind

    I have watched Master Chef every season since it has started and I have to say this will be my last season. I can not believe that with the attitude that David portrayed this season and Gordon Ramsey chasing after him begging him to return to the kitchen, and then letting Dan go at the end of the challenge. Then the next episode where David competes against Tenoria, and David leaves something off each plate for the challenge and not just one item but numerous, Tenoria had perfect plating of each dish, yes her pork tenderloin was rare, but the judging should have been for the overall dish, again David is safe and again David had an attitude the entire show. If this is the type of person Gordon Ramsey wants to promote as a Master Chef I am done this year with the show. It is sad that good cooks and good attitudes were sent home to save David each and every time.
  • Seriously?

    I've been watching Master Chef for years and it's one of my favorites. I love the creativity of the challenges and I love connecting to home cooks that have a true passion for bettering themselves, as well as their families. To watch David advance and see Dan sent home has left me shocked, upset, outraged, and disheartened. What the hell? David has been difficult to watch for pretty much the whole season now, but especially the last several episodes. The episode where he throws the champagne bottle and Christina tells him that his display of anger would get him thrown out of any kitchen and to not send him home then was already ridiculous, but hey, it's a second chance, so get your shit together. I can go with that. But to watch him cuss out another competitor, take his apron off, give up, and walk out of the kitchen only to be persuaded to come back and to be told by fucking Gordon Ramsey that he has respect for him and to not give up. Are you kidding me? At that point I knew that he would go to the top 4. To see Gordon yell at so many home cooks throughout the seasons and to have such a high regard for respect in the kitchen and then to watch him treat David in such a forgiving and helpful manner. I mean, did David offer him a few million from his poker winnings? Come on. What the fuck did this show get in order for David to advance? I am more than sad to say that I am no longer going to watch this show. I can't allow myself to support something that goes against everything I believe in. There's a difference in not liking the winner because they're just not your cup of tea and then there's David. Someone who was given multiple chances and still all he can do is whine, cry, and look like a serial killer. They give this douche a ton of chances. Nope. I've absolutely had it. You can't send that kind of message out. I have no respect for Gordon Ramsey anymore and he should be ashamed and embarrassed for supporting someone with absolutely no conviction and sending truly passionate and wonderful home cooks home. Good bye Master Chef.
  • Good TV that has become terrible

    After watching this episode, I am finally fed-up with Ramsey and his co-hosts. He runs after David who throws another tantrum and then keeps him on the show and sends Dan home. What message is he trying to send? David may be a good cook but he does not have the attitude of a winner. I decided to give this show another chance when they gave a prior award to Claudia who was not the best on that show either. At least she was a decent cook who acted like a grown-up.

    I will never watch this show again. This could be one of the premiere cooking shows on television, but they have made it a joke. To leave a childish, tantrum throwing poker player on the show after he has repeatedly shown his immaturity is absurd. I wonder who is running FOX. You continue to cancel good programming . Master Chef and Ramsey need to be shown the door. The man is a fool who may know how to cook, but has the sense and personality of a junkyard dog, not only on this show, but on all of his programs..

    Goodbye and good riddance. I have lost all respect for FOX and its programming.
  • I'm done & I hate it

    The special treatment David received last night after his total lack of respect for what a competition is all about, is simply WRONG! What kind of message does this send to his daughter? You can act like a big baby, cus out your fellow competitors, quit & walk out... and Gordon (of all people) will let you back in the competition?? This is not fair on any level, and I'm SO sad to say that I will never watch this show again. I hate it, because it's one of my favorite shows. I wish there was a way to comment directly to the producers & Fox.
  • Dissapointed on so many levels

    The judges (especially christina) pick favorites and everyone else they will find the smallest excuse to go home. Christina picks on people she doesnt like. This show either needs to fix the judging or I will not be tuning in next season.
  • that wasnt right on every level

    Tenoria should never have been sent home. Her meals were complete not like David's. If she didn't have to make all the sauces she could have focused more on the pork. You let David get away with whatever he does. Not a class act for a masterchef. Before the challenge started you should have specified that the pork would be the only thing that was being judged, not the plating, sauces or detail in the dishes that were shown.
  • Brutal

    Will never watch this show again. Replication challenge ,,,not get lucky with cooking pork challenge. Tinorria's dishes were almost perfectly done and is twice the chef of the baby whiner David. Nice example you set for young people and aspiring chefs watching your show chef Ramsey. Favouritism at its finest. Good bye Masterchef I'm done with you and I know I'm not alone. Pathetic.
  • Sad and Shameful

    Really lost a lot of respect for this show how can you let David into the finals with the way he acted tonight just not fair especially to the young lady that lost. Come on Ramsey you are so much better than this will not watch final I think its already been decided David will win a disgrace
  • Masterchef Not

    Are you EFFING kidding me! The so called home cook David has been babied, not once but twice, by chef Ramsey. Ramsey, how the hell can you justify putting up with his crap and give up blame others attitude, while another cook that has never given up is sent walking.

    Ramsey Outrageous and Shameful
  • Predictable judges favorites as usual

    Pretty clear to me from the start that Shaun will win. It's like they purposely chose a couple of "home" chefs (yeah right) who have obviously had professional experience or training because they stand so far apart from everyone AND they seem to know way too many fancy techniques that no home chef would ever know. Every year I can spot the winner within the first few episodes.

    Christine either tries too hard to be phony sweet or over the top yet equally phony, mean. Then there is Katie who is prob the biggest a** kisser in front of Ramsey and in her behind the scenes dialogue and the Brandi comes across arrogant and waaayy too excited. I have nothing against any of them though because you can tell they are all coached to act a certain way is all I am trying to point out.

    The kids version of Materchef is even worse in all of the above. Last year the winner - from day 1 - I cld tell that the baseball cap worn backwards was just another producer's gimmick to try to make the kids look cutesy. Every year on both shows they choose the same varies personalities whether real of coached idk. One of each: an aggressive or rude one, a cocky one, 1 shy, quite a few physically attractive (most good home cooks I know are a tad overweight and older than these yearly casts, which screams biased and discriminating). I am dinging myself watching the show less and less and usually only cz there is nothing else on.
  • Annoying and Unlikeabke both judges and contestants...


    I've liked all the previous seasons one less than the other and perhaps due to their new judging format and their poor casting choices. It's been so hard to watch any of those episode.

    1. Sean - probably the only competent one left

    2. Dan - surprising Im not usually into frat boy turns cook but he's becoming more ediqute and likable as season goes.

    3. Tanodori - pretty solider chef love to see more talents

    4. David - what a douche!

    5. Brandi - stop attaching yourself w your home base and touch herself with fan base already

    6. Katie - definitely feeling the whole self pity beside the dishes.

    7. Zachery - the most incompetent kid with whole lot of drama. So annoying/painful to watch.


    First of all, it doesn't matter how talented they are whether hosts or guests, due to the formats. Nobody wants to listen to them and there seems to be less and less connections w one and another. They either need to go back to 3 or 2 stronger and more chemistry then an angry English perfectionist and ice desert queen of tv. You can't have two hard on hard judges wo any buffer. It's rough.

    I'm gonna have a hard time finishing the whole season. Come on guys! Do better shows.
  • I'm done watching Gordon Ramsay

    Claudia is the MexicanChef NOT Masterchef . She's not even in the same league as Derrick. What a shame. They lost a viewer forever with this disgusting and shameful pick of Claudia over Derrick.
  • Derrick was screwed over

    Derrick: highly original and visionary throughout the entire season, great leadership skills, put recipes together that even other professional chefs were amazed by, most people (even great cooks) could not replicate his recipes, stood up well under pressure, did an extraordinary job in the finale creating highly original dishes I'd never seen done that way and put unusual flavors together that worked, took big risks that worked, especially in the finale, created dishes from a wide variety of cuisines. When the winner was to be announced, he actually looked like he wasn't sure who might win. Rested only on his skills as a chef to win.

    Claudia: cooked Mexican food 98% of the time, unoriginal (any half decent cook can make good Mexican food), didn't handle pressure well most of the time, showed poor leadership skills, did "one trick pony" Mexican dishes and pretty much stayed in her safe zone, while previous season chefs told a girl from India that she had to stop being one dimensional and have a wider level of culinary skills than just Indian food and create dishes for other cuisines. Before the name of the winner was announced, stood with a big smile on her face without a hint of worry that she might not win. Played heavy on the "poor single mother" bit and yelled out "I'm the first LATINA Masterchef!"

    This is what the differences was in this season. In the past, it was someone like Derrick who would have been chosen. This year, someone who was good in a certain style of cooking would not have won. In the past, three remaining chefs would have competed, then one was sent home. This year, one (Derrick) was chosen, then Steven had to compete again against Claudia to see which of them would compete with Derrick. Never done before. Of course, Steven was also screwed over, but at least Ramsay told him he would make his dream come true by financing his restaurant. Derrick got no such promise. What else was different this year? What's her name, of whom I've never heard. She told Claudia when to take out her cake in the season and helped her when she shouldn't have. She seems very biased toward women, a cheater, and she seems to have Gordon and Elliot by the groin.

    I have always watched Masterchef, as it has been one of my favorite shows. I will not tune in anymore. Why? Because this show has taken a sharp turn to political correctness. Like anything PC, it is now utterly predictable. It's bad enough that Claudia won, but for Derrick to not be offered an opportunity to be helped having his own restaurant is a double injustice. Oh, and I am a woman, so don't accuse me of misogyny.

    Nick should have won the Cake contest. His cake looked beautiful without anyone coming to his aid. Claudia's cake looked like a train wreck and Christina was assisting her. When Christina made the comment something was in Nicks cake, it became obvious the outcome was rigged. I don't want to watch cakes being baked and don't care for Christina. Where is Joe??? FOX should really investigate this.
  • REALLY?????Claudia?????

    The final episode of MasterChef was disheartening to say the least. Although we could not taste Derrick's food, the judges did not have one negative thing to say about it and it looked beautiful, leading us to believe he was clearly the winner. Yet Claudia wins? Stephen is offered a food partnership with Gordon Ramsey and Derrick gets a pat on the back good job. I am totally done with this show, what a shame for Derrick obviously the better and stronger competitor throughout the whole series! Congratulations Derrick you were clearly the real winner in my books!
  • What the heck were you thinking?

    Where in the world did you all think that Claudia was a better chef than Derek, have you lost your minds? During the whole competition Derek proved he was a better chef and had the leadership. At the final night he out did Claudia every way possible. When Gordon called out Claudia's name as the winner I was floored. But then again I kinda expected it, I think you played on the fact she was Mexican and a woman, I think you wanted to show that a minority could win. What a joke, being from Oklahoma and Texas let me assure you that any little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant serves the same food she did, but then again you judges are not use to little hole in the walls, you are just use to fine dining and can't think outside your comfort zone. Shame on all of you, I loved this show, but I will not be watching it anymore after the way you all cheated Derek out of the win. Did it occur to the three of you that maybe, just maybe Derek too was trying to better his life, some people don't discuss their private lives on national television. Oh yes Claudia wanted to start a life for her daughter, her family and herself so let's all pile to America and do it, let's all leave Mexico come to America with an attitude of "I'm Mexican, and I want to take everything America has because I'm entitled to it". Like I said I will not be watching your show anymore. If Joe had been there maybe things would have been different.
  • big mistake

    Why is there so much favoritism to Shelley, the worst cook and makes soooo many mistakes. Is this Masterchef contest fixed? Sara should not have been eliminated when Shelley made such a horrible dish last night that Gordon couldn't even try it . This appears to be favoritism for someone with a big sob story instead of a cooking contest.

    Sara also said the truth, the best cook is DERRICK!!!
  • Change the channel

    In the past I have loved this show but I change the channel and watch ANYTHING else. The judges display despicable manners, horrible language but most of all take away potential growth of cooks perusing a career in the culinary field. If you want entertainment watch Masterchef Austrailia - those judges have class!
  • Rigged

    OK so two seasons ago a blind girl against all odds wins the show to win the hearts of America, last season a young Italian man who wasn't even good enough to make the previous season wins a spot on the show only to struggle and seemingly fail only to come from behind and win it all... this season a girl who was forced to strip to make money (because there were no other ways to make money) went from the lowest of lows (in her mind anyway) to rise above it all and prove to America that even a striper can cook... do the contestants get a script in advance or do the judges keep it to themselves... but they must get the script... Lesley on the eve of making the final two mixes up SALT and SUGAR... really, he couldn't tell the two containers apart.
  • Disappointed with MasterChef and Courtney winning

    Unfortunately, I am completely turned off forever by MasterChef because Courtney won. I have watched every MasterChef show and loved the show. I have never written a review like this but I just saw the final episode and Courtney is completely fake, not sure if it's her make up, high heels, voice but she was absolutely judged differently than the other contestants - Joe's critiques in particular bothered me. Her food seemed average in most challenges. The whole show seemed staged this season, like Courtney was the chosen winner from the beginning and it makes me sad. Fox and Masterchef has lost a fan. . if Elizabeth writes a cook book, I will buy it!

  • Joe was Smitten by a Fake

    I am never watching Master Chef again. Joe was SO beyond Smitten with Courtney that I feel the challenges were guided by her strengths. The 3 cake challenge was right up her alley and Courtney's fate was decided from the beginning. Can she cook? Sure, but she was not as consistent as many of the chefs and she was so fake with her smiles and things she said. She pretends to be from some other 1950's housewife mentality. She lives in Philly but NOT in the real world. This show is fake and I wont watch again
  • Not a good show

    I find this show painful to watch. This show is based on the amazing Australian Masterchef. If you want to see amazing amateur cooks that is the show to watrch. It celebrates amazing cooks with a true passion for food. I really don't like the contrived drama that is so pronounced in this show. It's OK for Hell's Kitchen, but the insults and humiliation that they bestow upon these people is outrageous. These are not fantastic cooks, they are good cooks with huge egos who are willing to suffer the insults to be on TV. On a recent episode of the AU show, the pressure test was to replicate a chefs particular signature dish without tasting or seeing the dish, based only upon a food critics review of the dish. To see the dish Google Masterchef AU and look for food art week 10. The dish was Town Mouse and there are 44 separate elements in the dish.
  • No surprise

    I have been following Master Chef all the way from the beginning. It is a great show even if there is a lil too much drama sometimes. Although it is an awesome series one thing bothers me that Fox is not willing to acknowledge. Whenever someone wins the mystery box challenge will be appointed a captain in the team challenge. In the preview of the episode they show parts from the team challenge and also the elimination challenge afterwards which is very WRONG coz it gives away the surprise !!!! Lets say they show Leslie and Daniel in the elimination challenge preview so if they are both in the blue team it is obvious that the red team won.... hope this will change because it is very bad

  • Judges sell out integrity for second year in a row.

    Did not watch finals due to the fact that the show has sold out for political correctness for the second year in the row. I hope fox got what they wanted because your chefs judges have no integrity and they have become jokes.
  • judges favoritism has lost my support- need blind tasting

    I have watched every single season faithfully & now I am no longer watching. James was a WAY better cook, when it came to flavor & sauces & even technical ability all around better than both Natasha and Jesse (Natasha with raw fish, and conveniently does next to nothing in EVERY group challenge, she just plates pretty but doesn't cook as good as the others and Jesse who hardly has to ever cook because the judges favor her & when she cooked that last chicken dish with corn really! She should've gone home), too bad James doesn't have boobs & lipstick or he'd had made it through to the end!

    It is clear that the judges are only favoring Jesse & Natasha because they think the viewers want to watch them. Guess what? People watch cooking shows for the cooking! For talent, like James, Lucca & Jordan (whos gone now) had. Not for the bimbos, if we wanted to watch bimbos we'd watch other shows (2&1/2 men etc). NOW THEY NEED BLIND TASTING so the TRUE best cook can win!!!!!! I also think its unfair that Jesse came from cooking on cruise ships, how is that a HOME COOK? I feel the judges right away showed favoritism for Natasha & jesse, even when their food sucked, they hardly said anything. Chrissy may be rude & arrogant like they are, but at LEAST she can cook, she has proved it again & again in pressure tests. Her molten cake was cooked better than Jesses & I BET the flavor of all 3 of her desserts was better.

    I agree with cathysmith980&I agree entirely with mkdoyen and christineRG "Playing favorites with the so called pretty girls is beyond appalling. How pathetic for them and how disappointing for not only the audience, but those other contestants trying so hard. I will blast this all over every social media network out there to make sure nobody I know watches this show ever. Way to go Fox... lose good followers because of your unfair games. She has had to cook 25% fewer dishes than most everyone else.

    Chrissy James & Lucca should've been in top 3 this show is not a cooking show anymore, its a beauty contest! Chrissy has the pallet she has the flavor, and ya her personality sucks, but probably because she can feel how the other two girls are being favored & it makes her angry. Brea was a better cook than both Jesse & Natasha too, but the judges want to choose who will win!

    IM SO DISAPPOINTED! Either bring blind tasting to this show so it is FAIR or lose all your viewers you have been warned! (ps im skinny & pretty too, so im not hating on the girls for their looks, if they were better cooks thatd be fine if they won, but in all honesty it has been proven that they are good cooks, but NOT the best of the ones that they have surpassed in this show only due to favoritism). SO SAD SO DISAPPOINTED what a way to ruin one of my favorite shows

    YOU HAVE LOST THIS VIEWER until you bring blind tasting because judges obviously favor here based on appearances & what they believe will bring ratings.
  • Bad judge call

    Ya'll sent James home. Really after Natasha served raw fish to her table and Paula Deen told the Judges she did. I guess that part didn't count. James is a hell of a cook and he wasn't evil like some of the others. (Jesse) she needs to go home. I was really hoping he would win it.

    My daughters were watching last night's episode and were just as disappointed as I was. The BULLY needs to go. Wrong message being sent. You have lost 3 viewers.
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