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  • three shows is enough

    chef ramseys third show is the same thing as the other two its basically him just yelling at people. i liked hells kitchen for a while but i never liked kitchen nightmares but this is basically hells kitchen except theres two more judges. i dont get why fox is w@k!Ng off to chef ramsey and seth macfarlane they each have three shows and the third isnt good two shows is enough ramsey should have hells kitchen and kitchen nighmares, seth macfarlane should have family guy and american dad. . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • The final four contestants draw lots to see which two contestants will battle head-to-head. In the semi-final round, each judge requests a special dish. In the final round, the chefs must prepare an appetizer, main dish and dessert.

    I consider myself one of America's biggest fans of Gordon Ramsey. I even like the British-based cooking show "The F Word". Gordon is brilliant because he's authentic, passionate and raw. However, this series, especially the final episode, seems forced, inauthentic, politically correct and half-baked.

    That said, there were a few nice moments, such as when the families arrive. This shtick is a Gordon Ramsey staple but it wasn't over-done.

    The first half of this series was fairly compelling, but once the show got down to about a half a dozen, it started to become over-produced. Rather than see participants interacting with each other in a competitive way we began to get set pieces and a lot of exposition by the judges about how great the cooks are.

    In the end, though, the ultimate reason this show doesn't work is two-fold. First of all, the judges don't seem to have chemistry, and when push comes to shove, Ramsey's stature overshadows the other two judges, one of whom is constantly sour and other constantly sweet.

    Second reason the show doesn't work is because Ramsey is boring when he puts on his earnest face. He just comes off as overwrought and humorless.
  • master chef finale

    The wrong person is in this finale-Josh!!! He does not deserve to be here, he was kicked out once. As much as I love and follow Gordon Ramsey and his shows, I think this was the worst thing he's ever done, brining back a contestant that was booted. I feel this season of Master Chef was fixed and if Josh wins-this will be my last season of this show!
  • I QUIT MasterChef

    Chrissy was discriminated against from the beginning. If Jesse had called her a "cow" one more time, I was willing to hunt her down and bitch slap her. I will not watch the finale... and I will never watch the show again. (BTW... I'm not alone in this... my reality TV circle agrees with

    Sorry guys... perhaps you should rename the show "Pretty, Mean People Cooking"
  • Table Manners Do Matter

    I have only watched Master Chef on 2-3 occasions but I need not watch any more see see how poorly we adults demonstrate "Incorrect Table Manners' to our children. In fact I am sure some adults would see this demonstralion of poor manners and think it was acceptable as well.

    I am refering to the Judges, who may be well qualified in their professions however, having seen Finger Licking-Fork Shovelling-Waving in air of Forks and Knives plus Elbows on the table, I am astounded and my mother would turn in her grave.

    How about, in addition to exhibiting great cooking skills, we preserve some traditional "Manners" for everyone to learn the correct way of doing things?
  • What are we cooking tonite

    Ah all I can say is I love the show an the hosts are amazing. Never will miss a show to work see it over and over.
  • Judges sell out integrity for second year in a row.

    Did not watch finals due to the fact that the show has sold out for political correctness for the second year in the row. I hope fox got what they wanted because your chefs judges have no integrity and they have become jokes.
  • Criminal waste!

    Just watched the first portion of the most recent Master Chef and I am appalled at the waste of food! You should be ashamed when there is so much poverty in the US and the world.
  • Money!

    Guys and Gals - its simple - as I see it. Claudia's cookbook will be more accessible to casual cooks and will sell better than a cookbook from Derrick. Derrick won - no question in my mind. As a chef myself (at home and professionally for a time) Derrick is a chef and Claudia is a cook. I've dismissed comments of bias in the past seasons but this one was so obvious. I don't think it's because Claudia is Latina or a woman, but simply her recipes will be simple and approachable to more home*cooks* than Derrick's. AND we all know the "judges" are getting a big share of the cookbook sales.
  • losing credibility

    All Judges, Would you ever serve a walmart USDA choice strip or rib eye in one of your restaurants? They are both horrible. All Good Steak houses serve only USDA Prime the finest cuts of beef! That is why I would pay $50.+ for a steak. Not only are you pushing Walmart, but kichenaid or cuisonart. You all have your credability on the line!!. I have eaten at London in NYC and every meat is Prime Chef Ramsey. If you want to push products try infomercials!!!!
  • No surprise

    I have been following Master Chef all the way from the beginning. It is a great show even if there is a lil too much drama sometimes. Although it is an awesome series one thing bothers me that Fox is not willing to acknowledge. Whenever someone wins the mystery box challenge will be appointed a captain in the team challenge. In the preview of the episode they show parts from the team challenge and also the elimination challenge afterwards which is very WRONG coz it gives away the surprise !!!! Lets say they show Leslie and Daniel in the elimination challenge preview so if they are both in the blue team it is obvious that the red team won.... hope this will change because it is very bad

  • race card won

    Both cooks had great comments on how their food was cooked. Derrick CLEARLY should have won based on his stepping out of the box and his creative presentations which he was consistent with. I have no choice but to believe that all Claudia's Latina boasting paid off. She played it safe with sticking to what was familiar to her and won. This was NOT a fair and very unfairly it was time for a Latino to win. are a big disappointment for allowing this!!!!
  • Gordon, you should be ashamed!

    I started out watching Master Chef Junior and really enjoyed the show. I then tried watching the regular show and was flabbergasted the first episode I viewed. Gordon Ramsay (who thinks he is "all that") not only blasted one of the contestants for the dish they prepared, but used the "F" word in berating them on the show. This turned out not to be a one- time occurrence. I will NEVER watch this show again. There is NO REASON whatsoever to treat contestants with such disrespect and vulgarity!!!
  • sadways of judging

    It has been very sad at how the judges keep letting people go after one failure and then let others have multiple know its Ramsey running it especially letting the blond chick go more further then she should, the two black guys were doing so well and they got axed to keep morons that are truly not worthy of the or Lucca should be the clear that over grown slob Krissy should long kick the can, i guess they keep her to keep the ratings real sad. she should be working hard on a weight loss plan and Ramsey needs to be real with their blind judging style very unfair and disappointing manner on how people are released and kept. they need new fair judging was think about trying out,not a fair style of making people feel comfortable they are all just average cooks looking to rise as they once did or did they forget?
  • Can't watch after this season

    Used to love this show but Christina Tossi is duller than paint. After watching Gordon Ramsay(whom i adored and had so much admiration for) run after temper tantrum throwing David annnd chosing him over integrity and authenticity of the show the went out the window. After Andrea left, I wanted to scream but rules are rules. After David threw his bottle on the floor, i respected Christina for saying he wouldve been kicked out of her kitchen. Now after his childish tantrum, instead of being kicked out, he gets a wonderful pep talk annnd his crap food keeps him in?! His attitude is ridiculous. If it was him and not Shaun, he wouldve done exactly the same thing. If he ever gets his own restaurant, I will never step a foot in. I started out rooting for him because I love Poker and hes a great player but as a person and a single dad?? Definitely a loser, sore loser. Great example, David. If this is how the judging is going to be, I cant stand to watch. How disappointing. I loved this show. I rather watch Gordon Ramsay on Hells Kitchen. Theres no babies in that kitchen allowed.
  • a cow really

    i watch this show every week and wow is all i can say about the blond bimbo *** calling chrissy a COW really u skinny need to eat a big mac crack mean i agree its time she goes home but to just call her a cow on national tv what a head needs to go home to her daddy n mommy and cook for them......
  • Winner Decided from Episode 3

    It has been so far beyond obvious that they are going to hand Courtney the win. While she may be a decent cook, every time that she has stumbled, it has been brushed over and never touched. Drives me nuts that this adult entertainer/reformed is going to win because she is hot and has a from zero to hero ambition.
  • Safety over Passion/Creativity?

    I am a huge fan of all cooking shows and this was my first time watching MasterChef from beginning to end. I did not always agree with the judges decisions and there was clearly some favoritism but I'm not a chef and so for that reason I continued to watch even when the judges made me angry. And yes, David pissed me off with his attitude sometimes.... and I feel one or two others should have been asked to leave. HOWEVER, I FEEL DAVID SHOULD HAVE WON THE TITLE MASTER CHEF. Some of Shawn's dishes may have been tighter but David took more risks/ thinking outside the box with more dishes, where Shawn played it safe with most of his dishes. I saw Shawn as a great chef but without passion which, in my humble opinion, a master chef should have. David's dishes had passion and risks-more creativity. Also, I appreciate the fact that Chef Ramsey went after David. Being a passionate, creative chef himself, he didn't want David to allow his emotions ,(fear really) to stop him from continuing.... Keeping the young man who couldn't work as a team player to the point of passing out, also showed a more humane side of Ramsey. Right now I am mad David didn't win and say I won't watch again but.... I probably will become all in all a great show that I learn from.

  • RE: Where does all the food go?

    A little bird tells me that the crew and contestants tend to devour any left over food unless it's really bad. In which case it gets thrown out. Any large quantities that aren't used goes to homeless shelters. As for the format, it's moved more towards drama and conflict and less about skill. it's so different to the UK version. which is totally based on skill and technique, but I love both the US and UK versions.
  • Judges Are Annoying

    These judges are annoying and appear to intentionally trying to put contestants off. Throughout the whole series they have find to contestants and made comments that totally throws the contestant but to their courage on most occasions have gone with their gut and continued in with what they were doing.

    It's happening tonight in grand finale as well with Matt then he gets scored a 10 by all 3 judges.

    They should just butt out and let them cook what they had intended.
  • Wowzers this season

    So this season (6) a lot has Happened I am just happy that Shelly finally got the Boot; after being saved multiple times?! Tommy is one of my favorites this season, yes he is quirky and very very flamboyant but thats what they love about him. Last nite he finally snapped back and told his team to shut up. About time because he needs to assert himself if he is team captain and they shouldn't of been taunting him that badly. Derrick is getting under my skin because the thinks too much about presentation and not enough about taste and what should be combined in a dish. Yes he is talented but I don't see him in the top 4 spot. Olivia sadly went home las unite but i totally agree with the Gordons choice because she is talented but sometimes just misses the execution of the dish.

    The next episode looks very Intense because you see rivals pitted against each other. And Derrick loses his SHIT! All in all this season is great and I can't wait for Master chef hrs to return. I so wanted a show with mixed kids/adults that would of been fantastic. Maybe next year if they pick up the idea!
  • hairy scary

    I love Master Chef cooking show. Especially the kids. But I'm shocked they don't ever wear hair nets. Do you ever pull hair out of the dishes?
  • Please answer this question for me:

    I love this show but what concerns me is this: Where does all that perfectly good food go with all the hungry people in our country? Please don't tell me you throw it out!
  • Luca all the way!

    Gosh I never been more nervous! I can't stand Natasha, so I am really hoping Luca pips her in the final!
  • Meals savior!

    Dear Masterchef,

    Thanks so much for saving my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

    seriously, whenever the meals get disgusting just watch Masterchef while eating and u can feel like eating the best dishes in the world. try it :))

    by the way, love you Ramsey
  • sideline announcer stating the obvious

    Settled down to watch MC on DVR tonight. I thought I was watching a golf tourney with the British accent sideline comments... It was so distracting I could do without it and almost shut the show off. My vision is not that bad that I can see who is jumping up and down, smiling, or lifting the mystery boxes lid or the letter M. Good grief people, leave it the way it was because it is definitely not an improvement to the show.
  • Best reality tv show ever!

    This show is fabulous! I think it's my favorite show on Direct TV and that's how many channels and different shows? I learn so much from the contestants, the chefs - love the presentations, their cooking methods. Have gotten to know each cook and certainly have my favorites. This is one show I hope will continue for a long time. Anyone know what happens once they go through this last bunch and select a Master Chef? When will the new 'series' begin? Soon I hope!
  • Impeach Christina!

    I really have tried to get used to Christina. She is irritating, has no personality and adds nothing at all interesting to the mix of judges. Unless they bring back Graham and Joe, this is my last season of watching MasterChef.

    Anyone have any ideas of how we can make the network listen to us?
  • Predictable judges favorites as usual

    Pretty clear to me from the start that Shaun will win. It's like they purposely chose a couple of "home" chefs (yeah right) who have obviously had professional experience or training because they stand so far apart from everyone AND they seem to know way too many fancy techniques that no home chef would ever know. Every year I can spot the winner within the first few episodes.

    Christine either tries too hard to be phony sweet or over the top yet equally phony, mean. Then there is Katie who is prob the biggest a** kisser in front of Ramsey and in her behind the scenes dialogue and the Brandi comes across arrogant and waaayy too excited. I have nothing against any of them though because you can tell they are all coached to act a certain way is all I am trying to point out.

    The kids version of Materchef is even worse in all of the above. Last year the winner - from day 1 - I cld tell that the baseball cap worn backwards was just another producer's gimmick to try to make the kids look cutesy. Every year on both shows they choose the same varies personalities whether real of coached idk. One of each: an aggressive or rude one, a cocky one, 1 shy, quite a few physically attractive (most good home cooks I know are a tad overweight and older than these yearly casts, which screams biased and discriminating). I am dinging myself watching the show less and less and usually only cz there is nothing else on.
  • Annoying and Unlikeabke both judges and contestants...


    I've liked all the previous seasons one less than the other and perhaps due to their new judging format and their poor casting choices. It's been so hard to watch any of those episode.

    1. Sean - probably the only competent one left

    2. Dan - surprising Im not usually into frat boy turns cook but he's becoming more ediqute and likable as season goes.

    3. Tanodori - pretty solider chef love to see more talents

    4. David - what a douche!

    5. Brandi - stop attaching yourself w your home base and touch herself with fan base already

    6. Katie - definitely feeling the whole self pity beside the dishes.

    7. Zachery - the most incompetent kid with whole lot of drama. So annoying/painful to watch.


    First of all, it doesn't matter how talented they are whether hosts or guests, due to the formats. Nobody wants to listen to them and there seems to be less and less connections w one and another. They either need to go back to 3 or 2 stronger and more chemistry then an angry English perfectionist and ice desert queen of tv. You can't have two hard on hard judges wo any buffer. It's rough.

    I'm gonna have a hard time finishing the whole season. Come on guys! Do better shows.
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