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  • Masterchef disappointed

    I Love masterchef and I have seen ignorant people and that's fine but David has a horrible temper and cares about nothing but himself for Chef Ramsey to bring him back was a big disappointment. I won't watch the rest of this season because if the show is about giving someone with no respect for others and a horrible temper and chance to become masterchef and be rewarded for that I won't ever watch again. I will miss the show but they should have gotten rid of him after his temper in the beginning what does that show others also him winning for better pork was a joke hers was under cooked but if she would have left the other ingredients off her plate hers would have done as well. So that's crap. Bad choices for the a shame. Things like that can ruin a show. Poor judgement.
  • Wow Joe attitude a disappointment

    Wow! I was shocked at how Joe talked to the cooks. You'd think he would have handled it better. He didnt show any respect. A little too much attitude for me. There is no reason to make people feel bad about themselves. You think they didnt know they screwed up? why make it worse. He came off Petty.
  • Sad and Shameful

    Really lost a lot of respect for this show how can you let David into the finals with the way he acted tonight just not fair especially to the young lady that lost. Come on Ramsey you are so much better than this will not watch final I think its already been decided David will win a disgrace
  • Masterchef Not

    Are you EFFING kidding me! The so called home cook David has been babied, not once but twice, by chef Ramsey. Ramsey, how the hell can you justify putting up with his crap and give up blame others attitude, while another cook that has never given up is sent walking.

    Ramsey Outrageous and Shameful
  • REALLY?????Claudia?????

    The final episode of MasterChef was disheartening to say the least. Although we could not taste Derrick's food, the judges did not have one negative thing to say about it and it looked beautiful, leading us to believe he was clearly the winner. Yet Claudia wins? Stephen is offered a food partnership with Gordon Ramsey and Derrick gets a pat on the back good job. I am totally done with this show, what a shame for Derrick obviously the better and stronger competitor throughout the whole series! Congratulations Derrick you were clearly the real winner in my books!
  • Totally Disappointef

    How can you award such a person as David for his total unprofessionalism and unsportsmanship. You team has lost touch in awarding losers and kicking out Dan which attempted what he was dealt. The questioning of Dan was uncalled for. I didnt see you ask Dan what his plan was for his original dish. Total fan of show but you left a sour taste in my mouth tonight.
  • No longer a fan

    Will no longer watch masterchef after this disasterous season! Where is Joe? Decided to give new judge a shot, horrible replacement! Masterchef should be ashamed of how blatant they were in keeping Claudia in the running, when the judge told her to take out her cake in an elimination round the writing was on the wall. CLAUDIA to win masterchef no matter what has to be done to make it happen, so sad! Nick, Stephen and Derrick by far the better chefs!! Just sorry i wasted my time watching this farce and will definately not be supporting the show in the future or the cookbook.
  • Won't be watching this anymore because clearly this is not "Master Chef"

    Claudia messed up so many times and her food was never presented like Derek's. He should've won but I guess that because he doesn't have any kids he doesn't deserve it, cuz I know that's why they gave it to her. This show isn't about talent anymore. Not wasting my time anymore. Think Joe should come back because yeah he was an asshole but at least he judged everyone the same.
  • Dissapointed on so many levels

    The judges (especially christina) pick favorites and everyone else they will find the smallest excuse to go home. Christina picks on people she doesnt like. This show either needs to fix the judging or I will not be tuning in next season.
  • Brutal

    Will never watch this show again. Replication challenge ,,,not get lucky with cooking pork challenge. Tinorria's dishes were almost perfectly done and is twice the chef of the baby whiner David. Nice example you set for young people and aspiring chefs watching your show chef Ramsey. Favouritism at its finest. Good bye Masterchef I'm done with you and I know I'm not alone. Pathetic.
  • Chrissy is not a chef

    Nice show but... I am really put off by the judges calling Chrissy "close" in the final 4. We spend good money at many restaurants every year and we would be repulsed to eat at her restaurant, or any restaurant that hires her to cook, because she is so offensive to the idea of enjoyment. Plus, her chocolate molten cake looked disgusting!
  • Simple and entertaining

    There are only three chefs, so there are not as many opinions. I really like the interior design of the stage. I also like how the contestants are showcased in rows with spaces between them. It is similar to cooking on a countertop so maybe the contestants' nerves can ease less. I find the food on here amazing! The chefs' critiques are simple and not too harsh as on other cooking shows.
  • Take out the trash

    I think it's time to get rid of crissy as she is nothing more than a loud mouthed useless piece of garbage that needs to be put out on the curb with the rest of the trash I'm getting tired of hearing her bad mouth everyone on the show and act like she is so tough she is a total waste of good air and she can't cook as good as she thinks she can please take out the trash
  • Bad people

    I think that Krissi is so self center. How you the team captain and save yourself and put everybody else under the gun. Its ok because her time is coming...... Next week lol?????
  • BRI, why is she gone

    I saw the show last night how you got rid of bri, and how crissy and her *** smile bullying her all the time, crissy should be gone by next rond or i will have comfermation that the show is fixed,
  • This is my final season for me, I can't stand it anymore.

    I used to be a long time fan (guilty pleasure and I got a free cookbook twice through Fox) and have been able to put up with the bullshit, but enough is enough. From having competitors that are nothing but drama that skate further into the competition (Cutter S5 and David Martinez S4) despite being mediocre (at least compared to everyone else), Season 5 Courtney winning despite her salted donuts and salted cherries, annoying voice and advertising her flashy expensive heels while playing the"I'm a stripper struggling to pay her rent" (The people at reddit looked her and found out she was full of shit). Many judges picking favorites and going out of their way(more like cheating) to help certain contestants even when it goes to far. For example last season Christina took Claudia's cake out when it was done before it could overcook, and Gordon telling Nathan the rice was done and didn't need cooking. Let's not even get started with Claudia beating Derrick at the finale despite Derrick having the better dishes.

    The constant reminder of their lives, personality, where they're from, etc gets so old everyone season mostly in the last 3 seasons including this one.

    This season having so many annoying contestants including Nathan with his Pee Wee Herman like voice and shtick (not sure how he stuck around for so long), Brandi reminding us of that she's from a small town in Kentucky, and Dan with annoying frat boy and Van Wilder personality.

    Terry who you could argue was the best chef was eliminated despite having the better dish than Tanorria earlier in the season. My final straw was that manchild David. His tantrums were too much, from not being saved earlier this season after losing the team challenge, to throwing a champagne bottle on the floor because he couldn't get it open in time, but this last example is one of the biggest bullshit favoritism that is shown repeatedly through this show.

    He throws a major hissy fit after getting a shitty basket made by Dan, takes off his apron and walks off, ONLY to be stopped and convinced by Gordon Ramsey to go back and cook (he cries too). Worst of all Dan was eliminated instead of David that episode. The following one he tries to throw another hissy fit when several portions of duck were undercooked, luckily we were spared since it wasn't the full amount going out. During elimination you see him getting frustrated and need talking to by Gordon AGAIN. While his meats were cooked better, he left several ingredients on his 3 plates back at the station because he didn't work on them from being frustrated. Any they chose to judge based on the plate instead of the WHOLE dish which meant that David is going to the final 3.

    The more I've watched this show, the more I know they want more drama and villains rather than cooking. At least two of these people who won MasterChef really shouldn't have won and I by that I mean Courtney and Claudia, but hey, gotta choose the person with either the better sob story , life story and/or the one with the more appealing cookbook right? I mean a Southern, Asian, Italian, and Mexican have more appeal than some average joe with fancy techniques and skills right?
  • I'm done & I hate it

    The special treatment David received last night after his total lack of respect for what a competition is all about, is simply WRONG! What kind of message does this send to his daughter? You can act like a big baby, cus out your fellow competitors, quit & walk out... and Gordon (of all people) will let you back in the competition?? This is not fair on any level, and I'm SO sad to say that I will never watch this show again. I hate it, because it's one of my favorite shows. I wish there was a way to comment directly to the producers & Fox.
  • What the heck were you thinking?

    Where in the world did you all think that Claudia was a better chef than Derek, have you lost your minds? During the whole competition Derek proved he was a better chef and had the leadership. At the final night he out did Claudia every way possible. When Gordon called out Claudia's name as the winner I was floored. But then again I kinda expected it, I think you played on the fact she was Mexican and a woman, I think you wanted to show that a minority could win. What a joke, being from Oklahoma and Texas let me assure you that any little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant serves the same food she did, but then again you judges are not use to little hole in the walls, you are just use to fine dining and can't think outside your comfort zone. Shame on all of you, I loved this show, but I will not be watching it anymore after the way you all cheated Derek out of the win. Did it occur to the three of you that maybe, just maybe Derek too was trying to better his life, some people don't discuss their private lives on national television. Oh yes Claudia wanted to start a life for her daughter, her family and herself so let's all pile to America and do it, let's all leave Mexico come to America with an attitude of "I'm Mexican, and I want to take everything America has because I'm entitled to it". Like I said I will not be watching your show anymore. If Joe had been there maybe things would have been different.
  • It was a good run

    I am only glad that Luca made it to the top 2. I didn't mind Jessie, but I think she was just lucky to get by in the last several challenges because the others had some flaw that was worse than hers. As for Chrissy, I'm sorry to the supporters, and I get that this is about the individual than teamwork, but I would never want to work with or have anything associated with her. She's a bully and an arrogant 'cow'. You can't just blowup whenever you don't want to do something, that's why it's a teamwork, you deal with the people you have. She said so herself that she's never really worked or dealt with top 'restauranty' type stuff, but she comes off as if it's an excuse to half ass it. I definitely would not have even bothered watching if she made it to the top 3 or top 2. I don't mind some arrogance, but the in your face type confrontation was just to much. When she ran up to the balcony like that, security probably should've been there as she probably could've hurt someone.

    I will say that at least there's no gimick this year with a blind cook, that bothered me with season3 as 2 other cooks were eliminated before the top 2. The top 2 that year would've been at best top 4 only. They got that wrong big time. Season1, I will never buy that 7min chicken crap. The runner up was robbed.

    I stuck around 1 season extra, but I think I am done with it.
  • no place for bullies

    At first I thought Krissy was okay and that Natasha was probably one of those mean girls from high school. Turns out Krissy is a mean girl too. She lost me when she openly laughed at Bime when he made a mistake when making his lemon pie and then went home. Then last night when she said she used to beat up girls like Brie in high school she totally disgusted me. I hope she goes home real soon. What a horrible example she is setting for her son that she supposedly loves so much. If she loves him, she should set a better example for him.
  • Good riddance!

    So glad Chrissy is gone. There has never been a more rude or vulgar contestant on national TV. What a horrible example this woman gives her son. I feel so sorry for him. She also was one of the weaker cooks (not a chef). Her skills were very limited compared to many of the other contestants. Won't miss her at all. What did the judges see in her?
  • And we are OFF

    Or should I say that you are!

    Christina Tosi, your outburst was the last straw for me. I have been enduring the favoritism towards another of the shows contestants but your attack on Christopher is my limit.

    Fame must have come very easy to you or you have forgotten how it feels when the dish you're confident in receives nothing but insults. Tommy missed it, texture and his gnocchi was swimming in grease. Christopher had an issue with taste and that is exactly how Graham called. Tommy should have gone home.

    I will not stick around to see how you and Gordon make Shelly MC

    Your veil of deceit is transparent and you lack empathy. Goodbye
  • Getting More Fake by the Minute

    Master Chef has got to be one of my all-time favorite shows. However, this season managed to tick me off and made it almost unbearable to watch the last episode of the season five.

    Let's face it, there are many fake components to Master Chef- because honestly what reality show out there isn't fake, but Joe brought a whole new level of scripting, favoritism, or whatever you would like to call it to the show. The show has had a few- but minor- falters in the past that I could easily shrug the shoulder to and ignore but season 5, on the other hand, has managed to fall on it's face from the moment the transparency of Joe's actions became so visible Gordon Ramsay could not ignore it. No, I am not denying that Courtney is a good chef, but she let the pressure get to her in the third round. Her dishes did not outshine Elizabeth's in any sort of way. Both were running a neck to neck race for they both had an equal share of flaws in their dishes; however, Elizabeth nailed her dessert spot on and Courtney made the fatal- almost amateur- mistake of adding salt to her cherry sauce. Both Grahm and Gordan hated the dish and were very logical with why the components did not work, but Joe scrambled for excuses and defended Courtney's dishes like a loyal, subservient puppy. He desperately came up with illogical, far-fetched excuses as to why the dish makes sense and only came up with 'it's a new idea and I think I could accept it'. There was a look of such desperation in his eyes and it is as if he knew himself that the dish sucked and that his efforts would not be enough to place Courney in first place. As the camera panned out, one could catch the puzzled, shocked, and disappointed face of Ramsay, who knew that Joe was pulling excuses out of his ass. Even from the very start, Joe had such favoritism towards Courtney one couldn't help but wonder if something had happened behind the scenes for such a hard shelled judge like Joe to become so smitten with this ex-stripper or that she so often appealed to Joe's high and valued Italian nature. Either way, Joe showed much favoritism to Courtney it was apparent to Ramsay and Grahm, who showed absolute disapproval and disappointment in the final round.

    Reality shows all have a certain amount of scripting, but for it to go to the extreme of a judge so obsessed with one contestant that it is obvious to his fellow judges is too much. Usually they have good reasons as to why a contestant is chosen, but for season 5 it didn't have me sold. I'm smart enough to know that you have to have more than high heels, make-up, a cute voice and a smitten judge to be a true winner.

  • Pungeant Oder

    The show is starting to "smell" like other reality shows. Where you create hostility between contestants. Putting in situations where you COMPOUND extra stress and difficult personalities together.

    I liked the ore when you focused on skill, and build up people. Teach them where they were lacking. When the teams were falling apart, the hosts should have stepped in and showed them how it is done, not fan the flames. I find the hostility between the home cooks annoying...

  • Disappointed

    I don't typically rate shows but I just had to after this past weeks episode. I agree with the other reviews posted. I am so disappointed with how Chef Ramsey handled things with regards to David's temper tantrum. I lost a whole lot of respect for him and the show. Never did I think Chef Ramsey would bother going after David. David did not deserve to go on and then to pick on poor Dan after that display by David. Dan wasn't the best cook but did deserve to move on based on David's outburst. I don't think I will continue to watch the show.
  • Unfair Claudia/Nick - Chritina has to go!

    It was absolutely unnacceptable that Christina told Claudia when to take the cake out of the oven. Don't get me wrong I like both Claudia and Nick but this is a competition and if she over cooked her cake she would have been the one to go home. Christina has got to go. She is the absolute worst! Rude, arrogant and now a cheater! I thought Joe was pretty bad so when he left I thought - great let's give this new person a try. Well her time is up. She is awful. Gordon Ramsey replace her asap!
  • Disappointing

    It was very clear that Derrick's final courses were so much more advanced & technical than Claudia's. Throughout the season, him and Stephen were the top two contenders. Nick shined as well. I was shocked when Claudia won with her Mexican 'home cooked meals'. That is a meal anyone could cook at home. If I was served a tamale, fish filet, and flan / stewed pear like that at a fine dining restaurant, I would think I just ordered from the 'dollar' menu. Every year i buy the cookbook. Not this year. I know how to cook Mexican food. Disappointed.
  • Has Gordon Ramsey lost his mind

    I have watched Master Chef every season since it has started and I have to say this will be my last season. I can not believe that with the attitude that David portrayed this season and Gordon Ramsey chasing after him begging him to return to the kitchen, and then letting Dan go at the end of the challenge. Then the next episode where David competes against Tenoria, and David leaves something off each plate for the challenge and not just one item but numerous, Tenoria had perfect plating of each dish, yes her pork tenderloin was rare, but the judging should have been for the overall dish, again David is safe and again David had an attitude the entire show. If this is the type of person Gordon Ramsey wants to promote as a Master Chef I am done this year with the show. It is sad that good cooks and good attitudes were sent home to save David each and every time.
  • that wasnt right on every level

    Tenoria should never have been sent home. Her meals were complete not like David's. If she didn't have to make all the sauces she could have focused more on the pork. You let David get away with whatever he does. Not a class act for a masterchef. Before the challenge started you should have specified that the pork would be the only thing that was being judged, not the plating, sauces or detail in the dishes that were shown.
  • I'm done watching Gordon Ramsay

    Claudia is the MexicanChef NOT Masterchef . She's not even in the same league as Derrick. What a shame. They lost a viewer forever with this disgusting and shameful pick of Claudia over Derrick.
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