MasterChef - Season 1

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Season 8 : Episode 21

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Season 9 : Episode 1

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  • Auditions #1
    Auditions #1
    Episode 1
    In the series premiere, the selected home cooks prepare their signature dishes for the panel of judges. At the end of the challenge, one will be awarded the Masterchef apron, which guarantees them a spot in the next round of the competition.
  • Auditions #2
    Auditions #2
    Episode 2
    In the second round of auditions, only a few more cooks have their opportunity to present their dishes to the panel.
  • Top 14 Revealed
    Top 14 Revealed
    Episode 3
    The home cooks will have to prove that they have mastered basic kitchen skills such as cutting onions and cooking an egg perfectly, these tests of skill will also send fourteen of the thirty cooks home.
  • 14 Chefs Compete
    14 Chefs Compete
    Episode 4
    The chefs enter the MasterChef kitchen for the first time and take part in a Mystery Box challenge. The winner picks the main ingredient for the Invention test. The remaining 14 chefs prepare for their first team challenge: feeding hundreds of Marines at Camp Pendleton. The team that wins is safe from elimination, while the team that loses returns to the kitchen to compete in the first pressure test.moreless
  • 11 Chefs Compete
    11 Chefs Compete
    Episode 5
    In their first challenge of the day, the chefs are asked to make one cupcake, which turns out to be harder then any of them expect. Cat Cora visits the MasterChef kitchen, and puts the contestants' cooking skills to the test. Later on, they have to feed 100 truckers at a remote California truck stop. The losing team returns to the kitchen to face a pressure test, which consists of naming as many foods as they can from a table of farmer's market ingredients.moreless
  • 9 Chefs Compete
    9 Chefs Compete
    Episode 6
    The contestants take on a fishy Mystery Box challenge. Love is in the air when the theme of the Invention test is romance. The remaining chefs are split into teams and must cater a high-end wedding. The losing team goes back to the kitchen to face a pressure test, which includes creating home-made pasta and sauce. Two chefs are eliminated.moreless
  • 6 Chefs Compete
    6 Chefs Compete
    Episode 7
    The contestants undergo their last Mystery Box challenge for the season. For the invention test, the theme is dessert. During the field challenge, the chefs go fishing, and whatever they catch they'll use in their entrees to impress 3 tough food critics from the culinary world. The bottom two face off in a pressure test, and one chef will be eliminatedmoreless
  • Finale
    Episode 8
    The final four contestants compete for a quarter of a million dollars, a chance to publish their own MasterChef cookbook, and the title of America's first MasterChef.