Season 2 Episode 12

Top 10 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The ten remaining chefs are summoned to a hotel to meet up with Gordon, Joe, and Graham. The group will be split up into two teams: Red and Blue. The two chefs who impressed the judges with their cooking from the previous episode are Tracy and Giuseppe, and they become the team captains. On the Blue team: Tracy (captain), Adrien, Christian, Jennifer, and Christine, and on the Red team: Giuseppe (captain), Alejandra, Ben, Suzy, and Derrick.
The guest judges are then introduced to the chefs: the judges' moms, Helen Ramsay, Lidia Bastianich, and Kate Bowles. The teams must prepare a three course meal that will appeal to every mother. They have one hour to plan and cook lunch. Each captain has just three minutes to spend with the mothers to ask them questions, and get to know what they like, and don't like. The mothers will decide the winner of each course, and the team that wins 2 out of 3 courses wins.
The teams split up, and begin to prepare their meals. Each team has their setbacks, but they try to figure out a way to work around their obstacles. The Blue team prepares a carrot ginger soup for their appetizer, a pan-seared turbot with carmelized fennel for their entree, and a poached pear for their dessert. The Red team prepares a mixed green salad with crispy polenta for appetizer, a spaghetti carbonara for their entree, and an apple pie for their dessert.
The Blue teams wins for their entree and their dessert course, and the Red team wins for their appetizer course. The Blue team wins the challenge, sending the Red team back to the MasterChef kitchen to take part in the Pressure test. For their pressure test, each chef must prepare an eggs benedict. Everyone is given the same ingredients, so that there is an even playing field. They have thirty minutes. Ben, Suzy, and Alejandra are safe, the bottom two are Giuseppe and Derrick. Giuseppe is the one sent home from MasterChef.
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