Season 2 Episode 10

Top 12 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The contestants are taken to the rooftop of an elite Hollywood hotel, the London, in West Hollywood. Christian and Ben were the top two in the previous challenge, and have become the team captains in this challenge. Christian is the captain of the Red team, and Ben is the captain of the Blue team. The Red team consists of Adrien, Alejandra, Derrick, Giuseppe, and Erryn. The Blue team is Suzy, Tracy, Jennifer, Esther, and Christine.
They must conceptualize and prepare three types of hors d'oeuvres: vegetable, beef, and a dessert. They will be cooking in Gordon Ramsey's kitchen, they have ninety minutes to make 300 luxury hors d'oeuvres using the ingredients found in Ramsey's kitchen.
The teams split up and discuss their choices. Ben takes a more democratic style of leadership, whereas Christian tells people what they'll be making. After the menu is decided, Gordon and Graham call over the team captains to go over their menus. After listening to both teams, their menus sound very similar, both choosing to make gazpacho for their vegetable dish, and both wanting to make profiteroles for their dessert.
Esther, from the Blue team, attempts to make the dough for the profiteroles, however 2 of her attempts are messed up because the dough doesn't turn out right. As time ticks by, she confidently prepares a third batch which goes over well, but Gordon stops them after he tastes a profiterole, remarking that the mixture they're piping into the profiterole tastes oily, and not flavorful. Their dessert is scrapped, and so the Blue team tries to figure out what they can possibly prepare with only minutes remaining.
Giuseppe attempted to make profiteroles as well, but after screwing up his first batch, he quickly scraps the idea and begins making a fruit tart instead. Christine decides to make a petite beef wellington, at first glance, her appetizer looks huge, and ends up scaling it down to a more bite sized portion.
Adrien decides to make a duo of gazpachos and layer it in a shooter glass, which looks appetizing, and visually pleasing. Suzy tries to make her own gazpacho too. After deliberating of what dessert to make, Esther and her team rely on making a fruit salad with a little cream on top, a haphazardly thrown together dish.
The Blue team's dishes include a tomato mint gazpacho from Suzy, a mini beef wellington from Christine, and for dessert, fruit with whipped cream from Esther. The Red team's dishes include a gazpacho duo from Adrien, a beef tartare from Derrick, and a berry and mascarpone tart from Giuseppe.
The vegetable course, with an astounding 64% goes to the Red team for their gazpacho duo, the Beef course, with 100% of the vote goes to the Blue team for their mini beef wellington, and with a very narrow margin for the dessert, with 53%, the Red team wins with their fruit tart. That means the Blue team is headed back to the MasterChef kitchen to face a pressure test.
The Blue team must prepare a six layer cake that will be judged on perfect construction, presentation, and taste. The contestants have two hours to prepare their cakes. Ben creates a pumpkin carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and candied hazelnuts, Suzy makes a ganache and pecan cake with chantilly cream and raspberry, Tracy makes a chiffon cake with sweet basil and citrus infused icing, Jennifer makes a banana split cake with strawberries, chocolate, and crushed nuts, Esther makes a lemon raspberry cake, and Christine makes an apricot berry cake with Hazelnut liqueur. All the cakes look amazing, the bottom three are Esther, Suzy and Christine's cakes. The person leaving MasterChef is Esther.
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