Season 2 Episode 9

Top 13 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The contestants compete in another Mystery Box challenge. Their ingredients: Japanese eggplant, mushrooms, string beans, Asian pear, basmati rice, yogurt, curry powder, Moroccan spice, smoked paprika, lettuce, green and red tomatoes, and avocado. The chefs look for their main protein, but come to realize that their challenge is to cook a vegetarian entree. They have one hour to prepare, and the judges will pick the top three dishes that they would like to try.

The top three: Jennifer, she prepared a vegetable terrine with eggplant wrap, and tomato sauce, Adrien, he prepared a green gazpacho with spanish rice and fried egg, and Alejandra, who prepped a vegetable korma with rice and asian pear. The winner is Jennifer.

As the winner, she followed the three judges into the MasterChef pantry. There, she was introduced to last year's MasterChef winner, Whitney Miller. Jennifer was shown three dishes from Whitney's new cookbook. The first dish, cranberry chipotle barbeque chicken with potato salad and grilled asparagus, the second, shrimp and grit adouille sausage, and a roasted red pepper sauce, and herb salad, and the third dish, crispy catfish with purple slaw, and sweet potato fries. Whichever one she chooses, everyone has to cook, including herself.

Jennifer chose the third dish, the crispy catfish for their elimination challenge. The contestants get one hour to replicate Whitney's dish, as close to it as they can possibly get. Jennifer's other advantage: she's given a basket of all the ingredients needed to prepare Whitney's catfish dish.

The other contestants get to taste, and smell Whitney's dish, they must attempt to identify all 29 ingredients in Whitney's catfish dish. The contestants get five minutes in the pantry, and they try to make the same dish. The judges will be tasting everybody's dishes, however not all dishes are shown on camera. The slaw is what people are tripping up on, the ingredients are purple cabbage, apples, carrots, jalapenos, pecans, and brussel sprouts.

The judges begin to taste and criticize the plates, Adrien doesn't plate his dish correctly, the texture of Jennie's slaw looks pre-chewed, both Alejandra's and Derrick's dishes aren't up to par as well. The top 2 dishes belong to Ben and Christian, making them the team captains for the next challenge. The bottom three are Adrien, Alejandra, and Jennie, and Jennie is the one that is eliminated from MasterChef.
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