Season 2 Episode 8

Top 14 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The contestants are brought to the California coast, and they see picnic tables, and food trucks set up on a part of the beach. The judges ride in on motorcycles, and welcome them to their next challenge. They must cook for over 100 hungry bikers, their dish has already been chosen for them, a sausage sandwich, and they must make their own topping. The teams are split up into two teams, the Red and the Blue team.
Tracy and Esther are the team captains, because they produced the top 2 desserts in the previous challenge. Tracy, team captain of the Blue team chose Alejandra, Erryn, Christian, Suzy, Giuseppe, and Jennifer. Esther, team captain of the Red team chose Derrick, Adrien, Jennie, Ben, Christine, and Max. The Blue team decided on preparing a spicy Italian pork sausage with carmelized onions, and the Red team decided on a beer soaked pork sausage with drunken onion and pepper relish.
Both teams rush to start preparing their sausages. They must grind up their own meats, case the sausages, and then cook them all in preparation. The Red team's sausage casing keeps bursting, and it's crumbling when they place the sausages on the grill. They hurriedly case their sausages, but don't try the meats first, and Gordon visits them, tastes their sausage, and tells them that it needs seasoning.
The Red team cooked some of their sausage meat first to try it, and after the team agreed that it tasted good, they encased, and started grilling their sausages. The idea for their topping was to be peppers and carmelized onions, but Tracy decided to not put the peppers anymore. The bikers arrived, while the Red team was ready, the Blue team had to stall because none of their meat had been cooked yet.
As a last ditch effort, Ben decides on making sausage patties because their casing isn't holding up, so that final decision caused them to garner a lot of the votes. Bikers were complaining that the Blue team's topping was too sweet, so they decided on adding banana peppers to balance out the sweetness of the onions. With the addition of the banana peppers, the Blue team won the challenge.
The Red team had to partipcate in the Pressure test. The judges announce that only two people will compete in the Pressure test. Esther was told to pick the two weakest people on her team, and she chose Max and Christine. They were the two people who were casing the sausages, and Esther felt that was the problem with their group, were the people working on the casing. Gordon then tells her she has two choices. She can swap places with one of the contestants she chose, and she can compete in the Pressure test, or she could go up to the gallery, and wait with the remainder of the cooks.
Esther chose to wait upstairs, while Max and Christine competed in the Pressure test. Each contestant was provided with three fillet steaks. They needed to prepare one of them rare, one of them medium, and one of them well done. The person who came consistently close would stay. The judges found it to be a difficult decision on who to keep, and who to send home, finally decided on keeping Christine, and sending Max home. The