Season 2 Episode 16

Top 6 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The chefs are brought to L.A.'s restaurant, Patina, where they will be taking over the kitchen. Since Tracy and Suzy had the best dishes in the previous elimination challenge, they are the team captains. On the Blue Team, Tracy picks Jennifer and Adrien. On the Red team Suzy picks Ben and Christian.

Their challenge is to prepare, plan, and execute two appetizers and two entrees from Patina's menu. They head into the kitchen to watch the executive and sous chefs demonstrate how to make the dishes, while the chefs are taking notes. After watching, Gordon sends them into their respective kitchens to start prepping for dinner service. The teams will be prepping a delicate hamachi, lilly risotto, scallops, and beef done two ways.

Gordon decides to oversee the service, and call out the orders. Each team is responsible for serving twenty five of the restaurant's regular customers. The teams both have rocky starts to their services, with all the chefs feeling overwhelmed with cooking in a kitchen, none of them have had the opportunity to do that before, and they are feeling the pressure to perform well. On the Red team, Suzy moves Ben from scallops to the hamachi station because Graham believes he won't be able to handle both the scallops and the beef temps if he stays where he is. The Blue team finally gets into a groove with working together and sends food out. The Red team has trouble sending out their appetizers.

After 2 hours into dinner service, diners are getting food from both kitchens. As an added twist, each team will be serving a VIP table, the owner of the restaurant as well as the executive chef will be judging and providing feedback along with the rest of the customers.

Based on feedback from the customers, the judges reveal that the winning team is the Red team. The Blue team must face the dreaded Pressure test. The challenge is to scale, fillet, and de-bone a salmon. Provide the judges with ten portions, and cook a stunning portion of salmon. Gordon demonstrates how to scale, fillet, and de-bone the fish for the chefs. They have forty five minutes to complete the task.

As each chef begins on their fish, they each run into difficulty with the sharpness of their knife, the difficulty of cutting through the fish, and making sure all the scales are removed. The judges are looking for consistently portioned filets with minimal waste, and how well they cook their salmon.

The chefs tell Jennifer that she is safe, and then they ask Tracy to step forward. Because of her passion, and ability, all the judges are offering her a year's worth of MasterChef enthusiast classes taught by the expert chefs from La Cordon Bleu. The judges tell her they have her back, and after she finishes her classes, she can work in any of their restaurants. Tracy leaves the MasterChef kitchen.