Season 2 Episode 14

Top 8 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The remaining chefs are brought to an L.A. neighborhood, where they come up to a cul-de-sac where the judges are waiting for them. Above the street they notice a sign, "MasterChef Block Party," and realize that they'll be cooking outside, and for a lot of hungry people. Gordon tells them that they will be split up into two teams, and each is in charge of preparing and cooking a slider and a side. The catch being that they can't use beef or potatoes.
On the Blue Team, the captain is Christian, followed by Adrien, Derrick, and Jennifer. The Red team consists of Christine as the captain, Suzy, Ben, and Tracy. Both Adrien and Jennifer do not want to be on Christian's team, mainly because of his dictator-like qualities, and arrogance, but they try to work as best they can with him.
The teams have two hours to cook and prepare their sliders and sides. The Blue team decides to serve up a grilled turkey slider with cheese, ketchup, mustard and a sweet pickle, and for their side, they'll be serving raw apple sticks with sweet caramel dipping sauce. They busily start prepping and cooking their food. The Red team decides on making a chicken nugget slider with cheese, creamy ranch sauce, and lettuce, and for their side, fried corn fritters. During a taste test, Joe and Graham both remark that their food tastes dry, but they are mainly relying on the sauces to escape the dryness of the food.
Gordon Ramsay is concerned that the unhealthy decision of frying food on the Red team isn't such a great idea. As the Red team tries to fry their chicken, they run into an obstacle, they realize that they won't have the time to fry up hundreds of burgers on their little equipment, so they change to grilling the chicken instead. On the Blue team, Christian doesn't trust Jennifer's caramel sauce, so he tries to stir it up, and change cooking techniques, which leads the sauce to become grainy and chunky. Christian believes that the kids won't notice the texture of the sauce, and that it doesn't appear to be that important.
Time runs out, and the kids start running towards them. The Red team soon realizes that they can't cook fast enough, and kids are waiting by their table chanting for burgers. The Blue team seems to have an assembly line system going, and things are running smoothly. After all the kids are served, Graham gathers them in front of a nearby house, and declares every one of them as junior MasterChefs. Graham and Joe begin to hand out boxed cooking kits, courtesy of Kids Live, and MasterChef, to all the kids, the kits include a burger making kit, a cupcake kit, and a pancake kit.
The judges have drawn two huge circles around each team's table, and the judges instruct the kids to stand inside the team's circle that they believe served the best food. After the kids decide which circle they would like to stand in, Gordon does a head count, and announces that the kids have chosen the Red team as the winning team. That means the Blue team must go back to the MasterChef kitchen, and participate in a Pressure test.
Before they begin, Gordon asks Christian who he believes are the two weakest performing chefs on his team, he chooses himself and Jennifer. Gordon announces that all four of them will be cooking a souffle. The theme of the Pressure test is cheese souffle. As the Red team goes upstairs to wait in the gallery, Gordon begins with the rules for the Pressure test. They have 90 minutes to make as many souffles as they want, but they can only present 1 of them to the judges. The chefs can also present their souffles during the challenge, they don't have to wait until the full 90 minutes are up.
During the challenge, Christian decides to present his first souffle right out of the oven without even tasting it. He prepared a cheese souffle focusing on cheddar and parmesan cheese. The judges taste, but don't say anything. Next up is Adrien, his souffle focused on gruyere and cheddar cheese. Jennifer follows, and her souffle focused on cheddar and parmesan cheeses. During the final minute of the challenge, Derrick brings up his souffle, and his focued on gruyere and parmasan cheeses.
After the judges taste all souffles, they huddle off to the side and deliberate. After only minutes of deliberation, they decide to send Jennifer up to the gallery to safety. They also send the rest of them up to safety as well, declaring that those were the best souffles they've tasted, and that nobody deserves to go home after that.
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