Season 2 Episode 15

Top 8 Compete Again

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The remaining chefs enter the MasterChef kitchen, and are greeted by the three judges. They stand in front of their designated stations, and in front of them is a wooden box that holds another array of mystery ingredients that they must cook with. They can either use all or some of the ingredients in their box. The cooks have 45 minutes to prepare and cook one incredible dish, and their ingredients are live jumbo shrimp, Alaskan king crab, live crawfish, Buffalo rib eye, Porterhouse steak, and short ribs. They must create a surf n turf dish.
This challenge is all about making quick and intelligent choices as far as cooking is concerned, mainly because instead of an hour, their time has been shortened to forty five minutes. The chefs are also allowed to use items from the pantry as well. The top 3: Adrien, short ribs and crab salad with black garlic, Suzy, prawn bisque and bison with pan gravy, and Jennifer, risotto with short ribs and crab. The judges taste, and like all three dishes. Jennifer wins the Mystery Box, and this is her third Mystery Box competition so far.
As the winner, she has the advantage in the next round. She follows the judges into the pantry, and they tell her that the theme of the Elimination round is childhood favorites. Joe shows her a picture of what he looked like as a child, and tells her his favorite dish is pizza. Graham also shows her a picture, and informs us his favorite dish is macaroni and cheese, and finally, Gordon shows off a picture of himself as a child, and tells us his favorite dish as a child was tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Jennifer picks tomato soup and grilled cheese. The judges want a more adult and gourmet version of their childhood favorite dish. The chefs have 45 minutes to prepare their dishes. They have five minutes in the pantry, and they're off to start preparing their dishes. Some contestants want to go big and bold in their flavorings, using more exotic ingredients like foie gras, and some are sticking to basic, simple ingredients.
During the cooking, the judges visit with some of the contestants to see what they're cooking, and/or what choices they are making. Suzy ends up cutting herself, with only fifteen minutes left, and has to start over again. Time has run out, and the judges call each of them up to present their food.
Suzy: grilled cheese with red pepper and tomato soup. She used goat cheese, gruyere, and smoked gouda. Adrien, creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese with foie gras and honey, Christian, lobster and tomato soup and grilled cheese with foie gras and prosciutto, Ben, roasted tomato soup and grilled cheese with bacon and onion, Tracy, tomato soup with pancetta and fontina grilled cheese, Jennifer, roasted tomato soup with lobster grilled cheese, Derrick, gorgonzola tomato soup with tomato and bacon grilled cheese, and Christine, heirloom tomato soup with goat and provolone cheese.
The top two dishes belong to Tracy and Suzy. The bottom three are Ben, Christine, and Derrick. There is a double elimination tonight as Christine and Derrick both leave the MasterChef kitchen.