Season 2 Episode 13

Top 9 Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 26, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The top 9 contestants enter the MasterChef kitchen, and are greeted by the judges: Gordon, Graham, and Joe. They each step in front of their stations, and there is another Mystery Box in front of them. They open their boxes to reveal their ingredients: scallops, arugala, bananas, avocado, eggs, cauliflower, brandy, peas, papaya, lime, cilantro, pancetta, corn on the cob, and croissant. They have one hour to prepare, cook, and present the best and most creative scallop dish. The judges will only be tasting the top three dishes.

The top three: Christian, who prepared a scallop succotash with lime and honey vinaigrette, Adrien, with a trio of scallops with corn, egg, and cauliflower puree, and Ben, seared scallops with roasted bananas and corn salsa. The winner of the Mystery Box challenge is Adrien.

He then follows the judges into the MasterChef pantry, and the theme of the elimination challenge is pork. Out comes a big pig, and the judges go over the different cuts of a pig that a chef can cook with. As part of Adrien's advantage, he gets to pick which cut of pork his peers must cook with, as well as picking whichever one he wants for himself. The 9 cuts of pork are: applewood smoked bacon, center-cut pork loin, double-cut pork chops, baby back ribs, ground pork, St. Louis ribs, pork butt, pork belly, and cheeks.

The judges ask him which cuts he believes to be the most challenging to work with, and they are the pork belly or the pork cheeks. Gordon advises him to give the most difficult cuts to his toughest competition. The three judges and Adrien come out of the pantry, as well as the big pig to introduce the Elimination challenge to the rest of the chefs.

Each cut has a name staked into the dish announcing who will be cooking which part of the pork. Each chef busily begins to make their pork dishes.

They have one hour to cook an amazing pork dish. All their dishes will be tasted in this round, the judges will pick a top 2, and those chefs will be the team captains in the next challenge. They will also pick a bottom three, and out of those three, at least one chef will be eliminated tonight. All dishes are tasted, but not all are shown on camera.

Derrick presents braised St. Louis ribs with sauteed greens and tomato tartare, Christine-dry rub baby back ribs with potato salad, brussels sprouts and leeks, Suzy-glazed pork belly, braised cabbage spaetzle, and gravy, Jennifer-ground pork patty with sauerkraut, Ben-roasted pork butt chili with green chile and red onion corn bread, Christian-braised pork cheeks over white bean puree with apple fennel slaw, Adrien-double pork chop with apricot apple beer sauce and sweet potatoes, and Alejandra-pork loin with apricot wine sauce.

The top two dishes belong to Christine and Christian. The bottom three are Suzy, Jennifer, and Alejandra. As bad as the other dishes were, Alejandra served raw pork, and this was her undoing, she is the one eliminated from MasterChef.
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