Masterpiece Playhouse - Season 1

NBC (ended 1950)


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  • Uncle Vanya
    Uncle Vanya
    Episode 7
    This is a production of Anton Chekhov's stage play about nineteenth century Russian life, in four acts: rich people, and their servants, men who make fools of themselves over women, people who accept their fate and others who don't.
  • Othello
    Episode 6
    The Moor Othello is driven by the ambitious and jealous Iago to believe that his wife Desdemona is guilty of adultery. Othello becomes mad with despair and jealousy and slays her, only to learn afterward that Iago's accusations are false and that she has never been unfaithful to him.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
    This is a production of Oscar Wilde's well-known stage comedy.

    Jack Worthing lives in the country, where he is the guardian of Miss Cecily Cardew. But when Jack is in London he goes by the name of Earnest and falls in love with Miss Gwendolyn Fairfax. Gwendolyn's cousin Algernon Moncrieff, also calling himself Earnest, visits the country and falls in love with Cecily. When they all meet, there are two men claiming to be Earnest and two girls in love with men called Earnest who aren't Earnest. Except that one of them really is Earnest.moreless

  • Six Characters in Search of an Author
    A stage manager is perplexed by the ongoings of his troupe. He tries to throw them out of the theater but becomes intrigued when they each start to describe their own story.
  • The Rivals
    The Rivals
    Episode 3
    Lydia Languish is obsessed with her romantic ideals of love when she is drawn into a relationship with Captain Absolute who pretends to be a poor soldier. Lydia elopes with the poor soldier not knowing that in truth he is a rich gentleman, the son of Sir Anthony Absolute.
  • Richard III
    Richard III
    Episode 2
    Based on the final days of Richard the III who was the Last King from the House of York. His reign lasted a mere 2 years ending with the War of the Roses. He fell in the Battle of Bosworth Field against the rebellion lead by Henry Tudor, 2nd Earl of Richmond (later King Henry VII).moreless
  • Hedda Gabler
    Hedda Gabler
    Episode 1
    This is a production of Henrik Ibsen's stage play and is set in nineteenth century Norway.

    Hedda Gabler turns down Lovberg, the man she loves, for Tesman, who has better prospects. But then she cheats Lovberg to get a job for Tesman, and a third man starts to blackmail her.

    For more, see Recap.moreless