Masterpiece Theatre

Season 37 Episode 7

Northanger Abbey

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2008 on PBS



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    • Henry: (after she tells him of her suspicions) Catherine, how could you? What sort of a fevered imagination must you have? … Perhaps, after all, it is possible to read too many novels.

    • Henry: I have always found that ignorance and prejudice hold no bar to forming the strongest of opinions.

    • Henry: If I'm to retain my father's favour, I must marry a fortune too.
      Catherine: And shall you?
      Henry: I always hoped I'd be lucky, that the girl I fell in love with would come with a fortune attached.
      Catherine: And… if she should not?
      Henry: Then that would be a very stern test of my character.

    • Henry Tilney: I often think there's more life and truth and feeling in a good novel than in a hundred dull sermons.

  • Notes

    • Although the story is primarily set in Bath, this production was filmed in Dublin, Ireland, using the Dublin Castle as the exterior of Northanger Abbey.

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