Masterpiece Theatre - Season 11

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  • Flickers (6)
    Flickers (6)
    Episode 38
    Flickers (6) from the show Masterpiece Theater. Arnie Cole's (Bob Hoskins) futile scheming lands him in hot water, when he finds himself yet again on the verge of bankruptcy. In a brazen ploy to raise quick cash, he and his wife Maud (Frances de la Tour) enlist the help of Letty (Sherrie Hewson) to throw a fund-raising party.moreless
  • Flickers (5)
    Flickers (5)
    Episode 37
    Flickers (5) from the show Masterpiece Theater. Arnie (Bob Hoskins) finds himself in dire need of funding for his latest movie project. In a seedy move to secure money, he uses his friend Llewellyn's (Fraser Cains) girlfriend Letty (Sherrie Hewson) as bait to soften the lecherous banker Mr. Crane (Ralph Nossek).moreless
  • Flickers (4)
    Flickers (4)
    Episode 36
    Flickers (4) from Masterpiece Theater. Arnie Cole (Bob Hoskins) continues to battle egotistical cast and crew members as he starts production on a lavish dramatic film. With the film going over budget and the funds quickly dwindling, he realizes that film production is much harder than he ever imagined. Arnie looks into new ways to secure funding.moreless
  • Flickers (3)
    Flickers (3)
    Episode 35
    In Flickers (3) from the show Masterpiece Theater, Arnie's (Bob Hoskins) livelihood is threatened as he attempts to rein in tyrannical director Max Legendre (Granville Saxton), whose feuds have disrupted the movie shoot. Arnie's company could go up in smoke unless he gets the cast and crew on the same page.moreless
  • Flickers (2)
    Flickers (2)
    Episode 34
    Description of the Episode: Flickers (2) from the show "Masterpiece Theater." Silent movie producer Arnie Cole (Bob Hoskins) marries middle class Maud (Frances de la Tour). Instead of spending the day with his new bride, he spends it behind the scenes trying to secure deals. Arnie's inexplicable absence leaves Maud fuming while she awaits his arrival.moreless
  • Flickers (1)
    Flickers (1)
    Episode 33
    Flickers (1) is a 1980 Masterpiece Theatre drama about the early days of cinema in Britain. Arnie Cole (Bob Hoskins) has ambition but no money so he agrees to marry pregnant Maud (Frances de la Tour) who has money but has been left by the father of her child. The unlikely couple agrees to a marriage of convenience to save her reputation and forge a successful film empire.moreless
  • Love in a Cold Climate: In Love and War
    With the coming of the second world war, the Radlett daughters have re-assembled in the family home, where there is a surprising arrival from overseas. The series ends in deaths - one of them unexpected.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Monsieur le Duc
    Linda Radlett, after abandoning first her husband and child, next her Communist lover, Christian, falls in love for the last time - with a French duke whom she meets while in tears and sitting on a suitcase in a Paris railway station.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Foreigners Are Fiends
    Lord Alconleigh's fondest memories of youth are of slaughtering Germans with an entrenching tool in the course of hand-to-hand warfare, and he has no greater fondness for foreigners of other nations. Thus it is that he lacks enthusiasm for welcoming the non-English into the heart of his own family.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Heir Apparent
    Lord Montdore's heir, Cedric Hampton, who is a distant cousin in Canada, is feared to be an obscure redneck. But truth can be stranger than fiction.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: The Merry Widower
    Lady Polly finally chooses her mate - and everyone is deeply shocked.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Rings and Things
    Engagements to be married come about for good and bad reasons - and some are more approved of than others.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Coming Out
    The Radlett girls (with cousin Fanny and friend Polly) begin to take their first steps into Society and in pursuit of Love. Of them all, only Lady Polly seems to have no interest in the latter.
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Child Hunt
    We meet the Radlett family engaged in one of its happiest pursuits - Lord Alconleigh hunts his daughters with bloodhounds.
  • I Remember Nelson (4)
    Episode four of "I Remember Nelson" tells the story of 21 year old William Blackie, who joined the Royal Navy in order to avoid debtor's prison. October 1805 finds him on Victory's lower deck manning a cannon. The epic Battle of Trafalgar is on the horizon and William and his fellow soldiers rely on their commander for wisdom.moreless
  • I Remember Nelson (3)
    I remember Nelson is a historical drama series depicting the life of Royal Navy Officer Viscount Admiral Horacio Nelson. Set in the late 1700 and early 1800's the four-part series tells Nelson's story from the point of view of others, including his betrayed wife Lady Fanny Nelson (Anna Massey). During Episode 3 Nelson (Kenneth Colley) and Thomas Hardy (Tim Pigott-Smith) Captain of HMS Victory come together to discuss tactics to finally destroy Napoleon Bonaparte and the French naval fleet.moreless
  • I Remember Nelson (2)
    I Remember Nelson (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre depicts the life of Admiral Lord Nelson through the eyes of several of it key figures. In 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars, the Admiral is visited at his country estate by his flagship captain, Thomas Hardy. There, Hardy observes, with unconcealed surprise and distaste, Nelson's superficial social world and uncouth wife.moreless
  • I Remember Nelson (1)
    I Remember Nelson (1) is an episode from season 15 of the PBS TV series Masterpiece Theater in which the story of British Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson is told through the eyes of four people who knew him. The first is Nelson's wife who suspects him of having an affair. I remember Nelson (1) originally aired in 1986.moreless
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (7)
    The Flame Trees of Thika is the final episode in the seven part mini-series from Masterpiece Theatre. Tilly heads to Nairobi to see what she can do in the area. With Tilly and Robin away, Elsperth goes to live with a wealthy family, but doesn't like it. Tilly must return to England after receiving bad news.moreless
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (6)
    The Flame Trees of Thika is the sixth episode in the seven part mini-series from Masterpiece Theatre. Tilly leaves Elsperth and Robin at the farm and goes on a safari. Elsperth decides to take Njomo's advice and visits a medicine man. When news of World War I erupting reaches the farm, everyone is curious to see what will happen.moreless
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (5)
    The Flame Trees of Thika is the fifth episode in the seven part mini-series from Masterpiece Theatre. Hereward worries about his wife, Lettice. While in Africa, she ignores everyone and everything, except Ian Crawford. When Lettice suffers a personal loss, Hereward, Alec Wilson, Robin and Mr. Roos set off to make it right.moreless
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (4)
    The Flame Trees of Thika (4) is the fourth episode in the seven part mini-series from Masterpiece Theatre. Sammy's wife has just suffered a devastating loss, and Mrs. Nimmo wants her to seek medical attention at the local hospital, but she is overruled by Sammy and the family. When Sammy's son steals something dangerous, tragedy ensues and Sammy blames Njombo.moreless
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (3)
    Elsperth stays with Mrs. Nimmo while Robin and Tilly go to Nairobi. Mrs. Nimmo has a party and invites several guests including Alec Wilson, Lettice and Ian Crawford to the party. Even though the party gets slightly out of hand, everyone has a good time, and Elsperth is especially pleased.
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (2)
    The Flame Trees of Thika (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre sees the Grant family receiving new neighbors in the form of Hereward (Nicholas Jones) and Lettice Palmer (Sharon Maughan). Robin Grant (David Robb) and his family are sympathetic to the Palmers because they are as bewildered as the Grants were upon their arrival. Even as the Grants continue settling in, the Palmers begin to question whether they truly wish to stay in Kenya.moreless
  • The Flame Trees of Thika (1)
    The Flame Trees of Thika (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre finds the Grant family heading to Kenya to found a coffee plantation. The Grant family consisting of Robin (David Robb); his wife, Tilly (Hayley Mills); and their young daughter, Elspeth (Holly Aird) discover that plantation life in Kenya isn't what they thought it would be. Their land is poor, their access to labor scarce, and their day-to-day existence harsh even with local help.moreless
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: The Abdication
    The story of the King's affair with Wallis Simpson and his plan to marry her has broken in the American press, but the British newspapers are still suppressing it.

    Talk of a 'morganatic' arrangement (under which Wallis would be the King's wife but not Queen) has come to nothing. Baldwin is determined to prevent any marriage, and Edward is equally determined to have his own way.

    The log-jam is broken by the King's abdication - he announces this on BBC radio after he has thrown in the towel, and with the new title of Duke of Windsor he leaves the country, flying to join Wallis in France. This is not what she wanted, and she is dismayed.moreless
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: Proposals
    The government, the court, and the chattering classes (not just at home, but also in the overseas Dominions) are all in turmoil, as rumours about the King's intentions fly about.

    Edward is convinced that he can marry Wallis and defy them all - and if he is forced out, his brother Bertie would follow him, but Bertie says he doesn't want the throne.

    Does Edward himself really want to be King?moreless
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: The Decision
    The King sees the forces arrayed on his side and those against him. He has loyal supporters (including Winston Churchill and Walter Monckton), but the bulk of the British establishment, including the bishops and Stanley Baldwin, the prime minister, are against a possible marriage to Wallis. The King has to decide what to do.moreless
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: The Divorce
    Wallis is still married to Ernest Simpson, her second husband - but he has not stood in the way of her affair with the new King. Now, both Ernest and Wallis want a divorce, and one is arranged.

    Already, those who fear a constitutional crisis see Wallis's divorce as a dangerous development.moreless
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: The New King
    King George V dies, and Edward inherits the throne as King Edward VIII. Already, he is thinking of marrying Wallis, but even she is doubtful. The press has the story, but they suppress it.
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: Venus at the Prow
    The Prince of Wales becomes besotted with Wallis Simpson and he discards his previous mistress, Lady Furness, in favour of Wallis. People begin to talk.
  • Edward and Mrs Simpson: The Little Prince
    Edward, Prince of Wales, goes on an African Safari, taking one of his married lovers with him. He meets Wallis Simpson, a married American, and falls for her.
  • A Town Like Alice (6)
    A Town Like Alice is a story of hardship, cruelty and romance. The story begins in Malaysia during World War 11 when a group of English women and children become prisoners of the invading Japanese forces. The guards make the prisoners march across Malaysia. During the journey, single English woman, Jean Paget (Helen Morse) meets Australian prisoner, Joe Harman (Bryan Brown) and the two begin a life long relationship. During Episode 6, Joe gives the hungry women chickens that he has stolen from the commandant. When the commandant realises that the chickens are missing he interrogate's Jean to name the thief.moreless
  • A Town Like Alice (5)
    A Town Like Alice is a serial drama that begins in Malaysia when a group of English women and children become prisoners of the invading Japanese troops during World War 11. The prisoners endure extreme conditions, including marching daily to find a camp. During the journey Jean Paget (Helen Morse) becomes friendly with risk taking Australian prisoner Sergeant Joe Harman (Bryan Brown). During Episode 5 Joe gives Jean medicine and soap that he has stolen from the guards and uses his hunting skills to kill a pig for the guards and hungry prisoners.moreless
  • A Town Like Alice (4)
    A Town Like Alice is a story of endurance and romance. The series follows a group of English women and children who are prisoners of invading Japanese troops in Malaysia during World War ll. The women and children, escorted by a Japanese soldier, spend months marching through the country looking for a place to settle. In Episode 4 the exhausted women and children are near to breaking point when they meet an Australian prisoner, Joe Harman (Bryan Brown). Joe decides to help the women and befriends Jean Pagen (Helen Morse) a young single woman who is caring for a motherless baby.moreless
  • A Town Like Alice (3)
    A Town Like Alice is a television adaptation of a novel by British author Nevil Shute. The story begins in Malaysia when a group of English women and children become prisoners of the invading Japanese Army during World War 11. The women and children must march through the country to find a camp that will take them. During Episode 3 the exhausted prisoners enjoy a rest and bath but become concerned when one woman dies and children show signs of Malaria.moreless
  • A Town Like Alice (2)
    A Town Like Alice is a story of romance between two prisoners of war. The story begins in Malaysia during World War ll when a small English community become prisoners of the invading Japanese army. Episode 2 of the series opens with the men in the community saying goodbye to their families and being forced into trucks by Japanese soldiers. The remaining women and children soon learn that the officer in charge of them is brutal and dismissive of their needs expecting them to march forty-seven miles to Kuala Lumpur.moreless
  • A Town Like Alice (1)
    A Town Like Alice (1) is an episode from season 11 of the PBS TV series Masterpiece Theater in which Joe Harmon and Jean Paget fall in love during World War II's Japanese occupation of Malaya. After the war, the couple move to Australia to start a new life together. A town Like Alice (1) is based on a novel by Nevil Shute and originally aired in 1985.moreless