Masterpiece Theatre - Season 14

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  • Strangers and Brothers (7)
    "Strangers and Brothers" is an episode from the show "Masterpiece Theatre" that originally aired on PBS in 1989. Set in the World War II era, the show is a story about an ambitious british lawyer Lewis Elliott (Shaughan Seymour) who runs into troubles in his career-climbing agenda and tumultuous love live.moreless
  • Strangers and Brothers (6)
    Lewis (Shaughan Seymour) finds himself struggling to stay stable as he deals with his wife (Sheila Ruskin), who has not been easy to live with lately. To make matters even more complicated, Lewis cannot turn to his best friend (Nigel Havers), since his friend is also experiencing dark and unpredictable moods.moreless
  • Strangers and Brothers (5)
    In Strangers and Brothers (5) from the show Masterpiece Theater, attorney Lewis Eliot (Shaughan Seymour) finds himself embroiled in a battle to select a new master at Cambridge College. Drama and politics begin to take a toll on Lewis as his professional life crosses into his personal life. His second wife Margaret (Cheri Lunghi) also feels the strain.moreless
  • Strangers and Brothers (4)
    In Strangers and Brothers (4) from the show Masterpiece Theater, Charles March (Martyn Jacobs), the heir to a wealthy Jewish banking family, finds himself embroiled in a political scandal. The secret could do irreparable damage to the March family. Charles' father Leonard March (Peter Sallis) enlists the help of his close friend Lewis Eliot (Shaughan Seymour).moreless
  • Strangers and Brothers (3)
    Strangers and Brothers (3) from the show masterpiece Theater deals with Lewis Eliot's (Shaughan Seymour) new job as an attorney at Cambridge College. After several years as a barrister, Lewis hopes that a job in academia will provide him with the fulfillment he's been searching for. He quickly befriends impulsive yet brilliant professor Roy Calvert (Nigel Havers).moreless
  • Strangers and Brothers (2)
    Strangers and Brothers 2 is the second part of a Masterpiece Theatre mini-series that aired in 1985. The series follows the life of young Lewis Scott, an English lawyer. This episode features actors Shaughan Seymour and Sheila Ruskin. Episode 2 reveals the further challenges of career and romance for Scott as the threat of the war looms ever closer.moreless
  • Strangers and Brothers (1)
    Strangers and Brothers (1) is from the show Masterpiece Theater. In the series opener, young and ambitious lawyer Lewis Eliot (Shaughan Seymour) tries to find fulfillment after digging his way out of an impoverished childhood. Lewis' love life is less than desireable as he deals with his selfish and mentally troubled wife Sheila (Sheila Eliot).moreless
  • All for Love (5)
    All for Love (5)
    Episode 26
    All For Love (5) from the show Masterpiece Theater is titled A Bit of Singing and Dancing, and it is the fifth episode of the series that aired on the PBS network in 1985. This story is written by Susan Hill and tells the tale of a librarian named Esme (June Ritchie) who is looking for a new way of life after the death of her overbearing mother brings her a hefty inheritance.moreless
  • All for Love (4)
    All for Love (4)
    Episode 25
    All For Love (4) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is a TV drama adaptation of a collection of short stories by notable Modern English novelists depicting the four different facets of love. The short stories dramatizes the loyalty of a young girl to an elderly as well as a Mother's desperate love for her non-existent child. The anthology includes "A Dedicated Man" by Elizabeth Taylor, "Mona" by Francis King, "L 'Elegance" by Rumer Godden and "A Bit Of Singing and Dancing" by Susan Hill. The show is under the production of Roy Roberts with the direction of Robert Knights and Jack Gold.moreless
  • All for Love (3)
    All for Love (3)
    Episode 24
    All For Love (3) from the show Masterpiece Theater is titled Mona, and it is the third episode in a five episode series that tells various stories of love from different perspectives. Mona is written by Francis King and stars Deborah Stokes as a 13 year old girl that develops a friendship with a dying man (Frank Finlay).moreless
  • All for Love (2)
    All for Love (2)
    Episode 23
    All for Love is an episode from the television series "Masterpiece Theatre." Based on the plays of Elizabeth Taylor, Rumer Godden, and Susan Hill, part two of All for Love focuses on the play "Mona" by Francis Hill. In the episode, an heiress meets an older man after her mother's death but remains torn between her feelings for him and her growing suspicions of his sudden appearance.moreless
  • All for Love (1)
    All for Love (1)
    Episode 22
    All For Love (1) from the show Masterpiece Theater is a 1989 is titled A Dedicated Man, based on the short story written by Elizabeth Taylor. This episode is the first in a series of 5 episodes, and each episode tells a different story about finding love. A Dedicated Man tells the story of a waitress (Joan Plowright) finding love while working at a local hotel.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (14)
    Jewel in the Crown (14). In the series finale, "The Division of the Spoils," the violence begins to erupt throughout India as independence from British rule nears. Guy Perron (Charles Dance) learns the truth about Lt. Col Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith) from Count Bronowski (Eric Porter)and decides to visit Hari (Art Malik) before departing for England.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (13)
    Jewel in the Crown (13). In "Pandora's Box," Guy Perron (Charles Dance) returns to India in 1947 to see India's independence from British rule with his own eyes. Sarah (Geraldine James), Nigel Rowan (Nicholas Le Prevost) and Count Bronowski (Eric Porter) greet him at the train station with the unexpected news of Merrick's (Tim Pigott-Smith) death.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (12)
    Jewel in the Crown (12). In "The Moghul Room," World War II ends with the Japanese surrender and Guy Perron(Charles Dance) assists with the British demobilization. He meets an old schoolmate, Nigel Rowan (Nicholas Le Prevost), who leads him to a previously unknown connection between Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith) and Hari Kamir (Art Malik).moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (11)
    Jewel in the Crown (11), in "Travelling Companions," Sarah (Geraldine James) and her father, Colonel John Layton (Frederick Treves) arrive home in Pankot, where Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith) along with Guy Perron (Charles Dance) delivers some disturbing news. Sarah also learns that her widowed sister Susan (Wendy Morgan) has agreed to marry Merrick.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (10)
    In his efforts to discover traitors operating in the German INA, Ronald Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith) decides that his best shot at success is to seek the help of Guy Perron (Charles Dance). Perron is a talented English intelligence officer, but even his help might not be enough to achieve Merrick's goals.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (9)
    Jewel in the Crown (9), in "The Towers of Silence," Susan Bingham (Wendy Morgan) suffers a nervous breakdown after the loss of her husband, Teddie (Nicholas Farrell), and the birth of their child. Aunt Fenny Grace (Rosemary Leach) comes to care for her, but has dark suspicions about Susan's sister, Sarah Layton (Geraldine James).moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (8)
    Jewel in the Crown (8), in "Day of the Scorpion" Sarah Layton (Geraldine James) arrives in Ranpur to meet with the political prisoner Mohammed Ali Kassim (Zia Mohyeddin), along with his son Ahmed (Derrick Branche) and Count Bronowski (Eric Porter). Barbie Batchelor (Peggy Ashcroft) finds herself at the center of a scandal in the British community.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (7)
    Jewel in the Crown (7). In "Daughters of the Regiment," Sarah Layton (Geraldine James) is in Calcutta, where her aunt encourages her to go out with Jimmy Clarke (Stuart Wilson) to a party. Back in Pankot, her sister Susan (Wendy Morgan) goes into sudden labor after the death of a family member.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (6)
    The Jewel in the Crown finds Sarah visiting Ronald Merrick in a hospital in Calcutta after Teddie Bingham's memorial service. Merrick bravely tried to save Bingham and became injured to the point of needing an arm amputation. Bingham had simply walked off into the jungle after not agreeing that his men would be fighting the Japanese and had walked into a trap.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (5)
    Jewel in the Crown (5). In "The Regimental Silver," the Manners case continues to cause upheaval and Lady Manners (Rachel Kempson) uses her influence to have police interview the accused, Hari (Art Malik), about the attack again. Hari's convincing story brings up uncomfortable questions about the conduct of Lt. Colonel Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith).moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (4)
    Jewel in the Crown (4). In "Incidents at a Wedding," Sarah's (Geraldine James) sister Susan (Wendy Morgan) marries Teddy Bingham (Nicholas Farrell) becomes complicated when Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith) steps in as best man. Merrick's arrest of Hari (Art Malik) and his friends in the Manners case results in a violent outburst during the wedding party and an insult to a local official.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (3)
    Jewel in the Crown (3), "Questions of Loyalty" is the third episode of the 1984 Masterpiece Theatre series about the waning days of British rule in India. Lady Ethel Manners (Rachel Kempson) takes over the care of Daphne's (Susan Wooldridge) child after the young woman dies in childbirth. Sarah Layton (Geraldine James) visits the older woman and becomes the focus of Merrick's (Tim Pigott-Smith) romantic interest.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (2)
    Jewel in the Crown 2, in this second episode of the 1984 Masterpiece Theatre series based on Paul Scott's "Raj Quartet" novels, Daphne (Susan Wooldridge) and Hari (Art Malik) meet in the Bibighar Gardens but their controversial romance leads to an attack. Lt. Col. Ronald Merrick (Tim Pigott-Smith) uses the incident to arrest Hari.moreless
  • The Jewel in the Crown (1)
    Jewel in the Crown (1). Based on the Raj Quartet novels of Paul Scott, this acclaimed British miniseries takes place in the waning years of British rule in India. The first episode, "Crossing the River," begins in 1942, as Daphne Manners (Susan Wooldridge) arrives in India and meets Hari Kumar(Art Malik), an Indian journalist who has schooled in Britain.moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (7)
    The post for the Dean of Barchester is still up for grabs although one reverend is more than eager to take the position. True love's course finally takes a great turn with some help from a fairy godmother who undertakes a genuinely selfish gesture. Barchester Chronicle's ending has a jovial mood as love conquers various labyrinths and ambitious pursuits meet a conclusion.moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (6)
    The episode opens with a festive mood as the Thornes throw their annual fete. However, the jovial Garden Party transforms into a sparring ground as the brewing issues in Barchester take the spot light. Ecclesiastical ambitions and romantic aspirations come to a head. During the Thorne's event, rumors of an available position for Barchester's dean spread, a marriage proposal meets a sharp and painful response and a lady receives an unexpected offer.moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (5)
    The Barchester Chronicles (5) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is the fifth episode in the seven episode series based on the novels titled The Warden and Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. It follows the life of Septimus Harding (Donald Pleasence), a reverend and hospital warden, whose life is turned upside down when he is accused of cheating pensioners out of their funds.moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (4)
    Reverend Harding (Donald Pleasence) hopes to become the new warden of the hospital. However, the sly Slope (Alan Rickman) has plans of his own, and goes behind Reverend Harding's back to offer the position to the overwhelmed Mr. Quiverful (Jonathan Adams). Slope also plays fast and loose with the hopes of wealthy Mrs. Bold (Barbara Flynn).moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (3)
    Reverend Harding has begun to settle in with his new flock and finds parish life relaxing. When Bishop Grantley passes, Grantley's son expects to be named successor. This ambition is spoiled by the arrival of the new Bishop, his wife, and their assistant, Reverend Slope. Slope begins to display his interest in Harding's widowed daughter, while Archdeacon Grantley figures out who truly calls the shots in the diocese.moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (2)
    Septimus's daughter Eleanor goes to John Bold and begs him to stop supporting the lawsuit. Moved by love, he agrees. He proposes marriage and Eleanor accepts. She returns to tell her father that public pressure will stop, but he has already decided to resign the office of Warden. In London, Sir Abraham Haphazard tells Septimus he probably would have won the suit. The Warden asks if he would have been morally right. "Morality?" the lawyer asks. "What has morality to do with the law?" The bishop finds Septimus another position, but he assures the pensioners he will still support them.moreless
  • The Barchester Chronicles (1)
    The Barchester Chronicles (1) is an episode from the 14th season of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which a surgeon named John Ward accuses Septimus Harding of embezzlement after falling in love with Harding's daughter Eleanor. Based on a novel by Anthony Trollope, The Barchester Chronicles (1) originally aired in 1988.moreless
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