Masterpiece Theatre - Season 16

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  • Love Song (2)
    Love Song (2)
    Episode 30
    Fifty years ago, William and Phillipa met at Cambridge University. He was head strong in his beliefs. She was also strong-willed. The pair were known for butting heads, yet they found love with each other. Even after marriage, the couple tried to outshine each other. Can their love keep them together?moreless
  • Love Song (1)
    Love Song (1)
    Episode 29
    Love Song is a two-part drama based on a short novel written by Jeffrey Archer. The love story begins in picturesque and romantic Cambridge, England in 1931. Episode 1 focusses on two young people, Phillipa Hatchet (Constance Cummings) and William Hatchard (Maurice Denham) who are studying at the University. When Phillipa and William meet they take an instant dislike to each other and constantly compete to prove who has the highest intellect.moreless
  • The Death of the Heart
    The Death of the Heart is based on the work of Elizabeth Bowen. In the story, Portia, a sixteen year old orphan, is left in the care of her stepbrother and his wife. It's a forlorn existence spent wandering around Europe with her distant family members until she falls in love with Eddie.moreless
  • Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (5)
    In "Bon Voyage," a novelist (Judy Parfitt) heads out on a cruise ship bound for Hong Kong, never expecting that destiny is waiting for her onboard. Among the many passengers, she meets an alcoholic (Nigel Havers) with a long history of failed marriages. Despite her misgivings, the novelist and charmer strike up a romance.moreless
  • Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (4)
    Mrs. Capper (Patricia Hayes), a humble housekeeper, is celebrating her birthday. She just wants some time to herself to reminisce and celebrate privately, but it seems her plans are not to be. Friends, neighbors and acquaintances keep interrupting Mrs. Capper's day, as she slowly realizes that she appreciates the support.
  • Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (3)
    In "Me and the Girls," George (Tom Courtenay) is slowly succumbing to cancer and looking back on his life with tenderness, joy and regret. He recalls the great love of his life, Harry (Robert Glenister). George also fondly remembers his time working with a dance troupe, including his friendships with the female dancers.moreless
  • Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (2)
    In "Mr. and Mrs. Edgehill," Mr. Edgehill (Ian Holm) and his patient wife Dorrie (Judi Dench) are preparing to leave their remote Pacific island outpost behind and return to Great Britain. However, Mr. Edgehill receives word that he must stay longer. Together, the Edgehills try to uphold tradition as World War II looms on the horizon.moreless
  • Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (1)
    Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (1) is an episode from the 16th season of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which a British playwright tries to withstand a heated argument between an actress and the director who is producing his first play. Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories (1) originally aired in 1991.moreless
  • Silas Marner
    Silas Marner
    Episode 22
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (7)
    Lost Empires (7)
    Episode 21
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (6)
    Lost Empires (6)
    Episode 20
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (5)
    Lost Empires (5)
    Episode 19
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (4)
    Lost Empires (4)
    Episode 18
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (3)
    Lost Empires (3)
    Episode 17
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (2)
    Lost Empires (2)
    Episode 16
    Coming Soon
  • Lost Empires (1)
    Lost Empires (1)
    Episode 15
    Coming Soon
  • Goodbye Mr. Chips (3)
    Goodbye Mr Chips is a British drama based on the life of boarding school teacher Mr Chipping. The story begins during the late 1800's when Mr Chipping gains employment at Brookfield, an English boarding school. During episode 3 the students take advantage of their new and inexperienced teacher by misbehaving during class. Wanting to assert his authority Mr Chipping disciplines the boys in a way that makes him unpopular with students and teachers.moreless
  • Goodbye Mr. Chips (2)
    Goodbye, Mr. Chips (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is a TV drama adaptation of a novel by English writer James Hilton in 1934. It has both two film and two TV adaptations. The storyline depicts of an adorable and inspirational character, Mr. Chips a schoolmaster who devotes most of his life serving a Brookefield school. It stars Martin Clune as Mr. Chips, Victoria Hamilton as Katherine Bridges, wife of Mr. Chips, Conleth Hill as Max Staefel and John Wood as Wetherby among others. Goodbye, Mr. Chips is under the production of SMG Television Productions Limited for ITV and Carlton International on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).moreless
  • Goodbye Mr. Chips (1)
    Goodbye Mr Chips is a drama based on a novel of the same name written by English author James Hilton. The story focuses on the life, work and love of school teacher Mr. Chipping (Martin Clunes) who dedicates his life to teaching boys at a boarding school during the late 1800's. Episode 1 of the series shows the aged and ailing Mr Chips, as he is fondly known, welcoming old and new students and teachers at the beginning of a new term at Brookfield School.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (11)
    Paradise Postponed is the 11th episode in the 16th season of Masterpiece Theatre. The episode is based on a novel written by author John Mortimer. This episode follows Reverend Simeon Simcox leaving millions of dollars to a conservative cabinet minister, and Simeon's son Fred tries to find out why.
  • Paradise Postponed (10)
    Paradise Postponed is an episode of the popular PBS show Masterpiece Theater. Based off of a novel of the same name, the plot follows the family of Simon Simcox, a politically inclined reverend. When he dies, he leaves the money and estate to Leslie Titmuss, a minister with staggeringly different political views. Simcox's sons then investigate their father's strange bequeathing.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (9)
    When Charlotte (Zoe Wanamaker) learns that her husband Leslie (David Threlfall) is making parenting decisions that go against her personal beliefs, she will do anything in her power to stop him. Unfortunately, their already strained relationship may suffer beyond repair as Charlotte tries her best to be a good mother.
  • Paradise Postponed (8)
    Paradise Postponed (8) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is a 1986 television miniseries that aired on the PBS Network. Episode 8 was titled Enigma Variations and starred Michael Hordern, Annette Crosbie, and Peter Egan. This miniseries was produced by Euston Films and Thames Television, and Enigma Variations aired on November 3, 1996. Paradise Postponed is written by John Mortimer, based on his novel of the same title.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (7)
    Families diverge during the holiday season, with the Titmusses celebrating with the Fanners, and the entire Simcox clan gathered in celebration at the rectory. When Henry's success as a novelist comes to the attention of Agnes, the cheer and goodwill threatens to turn to hostilities by the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (6)
    With the former Socialist parliamentary seat now sitting vacant, Titmuss has ambitions as the nominee of the Conservative Party. If he is able to outmaneuver a rival for the seat, he may have a shot at the nomination, and be able to further his political ambition. That is, unless his wife, Charlotte, ruins his chances.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (5)
    Fred is suspicious that the death of a local poacher is anything but accidental. Too many questions are left unanswered, like why Dr. Salter feigns ignorance in being associated with the deceased. Fred will discover that Dr. Salter and the poacher are more alike then he first thought, and the doctor's fate could be the same as the poachers.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (4)
    Fred and Henry begin the process of reconciliation, as Henry weds Alice and has a baby with her. As Fred begins to reflect on his life, he begins to uncover mysteries about his past that need further investigation. Meanwhile, Leslie Titmuss plans for the future by creating an election victory for the infamous Labour Party.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (3)
    Fred's romance with Agnes comes to an abrupt end, even as his relationship with her father, Dr. Salter, starts to show improvement. Titmuss, however, finds his relationship with Charlene Fanner beginning to find momentum as they keep building on their mutual strengths. Both sets of parents, though, disapprove of the relationship.moreless
  • Paradise Postponed (2)
    Titmuss decides to pursue romance on his own terms, while Agnes, the daughter of the local physician, and the jazz-loving, drum-playing medical student Fred hit a rough patch in their relationship. Fred's brother, Henry, discovers that he and his brother share more in common than either of them had realized.
  • Paradise Postponed (1)
    Reverend Simeon Simcox had always encouraged young Leslie Titmuss to greater things. Now, with a job managing accounts inside the Simeon brewery, Titmuss's life appears to be headed upwards to greatness. The opposite appears true of Reverend Simcox's young sons, Fred and Henry, whose lives seem caught in a downward spiral.moreless