Masterpiece Theatre - Season 17

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  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (7)
    With Cromwell dead and the absence of a successor, the end of the Commonwealth and Charles II's return the throne are imminent. Meanwhile, Sir Thomas Lacey takes part in a plot to take back his ancestral home, Arnescote Castle, but Sir Austin Fletcher is set to make it very difficult.
  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (6)
    By the Sword Divided is a British historical drama series set in the mid 17th century during the English Civil Wars. The story focuses on the impact the Civil Wars has upon the aristocratic Lacey family who live at Arnescote Castle. The Wars bring discord to the Lacey family who become divided because of their opposing support for the Royals and Parliamentary forces. Set in 1653, Series II, episode six of the series concentrates on Hugh Brandon who is known as Arnescote Castles' singing boy. During the story Hugh begins to recognize his romantic feelings for Anne Lacey Fletcher while also discovering the horrendous truth about his birth parents.moreless
  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (5)
    In this episode of By the Sword Divided, the witch hunt has gripped the people of Arnescote Castle. However, they are briefly distracted when King Charles II comes to town. He has been beaten back at the Battle of Worcester, forcing him to take refuge at the first place that will take him in.moreless
  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (4)
    In this episode of By the Sword Divided, entitled Witch Hunt, the year is 1650. The people of Arnescote Castle have been experiencing strange events that lead to widespread fear and anxiety. They call upon Henry Snelling, noted for his ability to chase down those who practice the black arts. As a result, John and Anne begin to distrust one another.moreless
  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (3)
    In 1649, England's new leader, Oliver Cromwell, must reunite the country. However, the job will not be easy. England has just lost a major battle against the Roundheads. Young Lacey chronicles her experience through the country's vast changes. Her family quickly becomes divided. Follow along as Lacey attempts to bring her family back together.moreless
  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (2)
    By the Sword Divided: Series II ( 2) is titled Cruel Necessity. The series had two seasons, and was featured in PBS's Masterpiece Theatre series. This episode aired January 13, 1985, and stars of the series include Jeremy Clyde, Peter Jeffrey, and Rob Edwards. The episode is written by John Hawkesworth and directed by Brian Farnham.moreless
  • By the Sword Divided: Series II (1)
    By the Sword Divided II is a seven-part program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. Two years after King Charles I lost Britain's Civil War, Oliver Cromwell takes his reign. This second half of the series follows the Lacey family after the war who are divided by their loyalties to the King and Parliament.moreless
  • David Copperfield (5)
    After his mother re-marries, David Copperfield's life changes forever. David's mother marries a strict business man. He has no time for David's shenanigans and sends him to a boarding school. While at boarding school David learns of his mother death. His stepfather sends him to work in a factory. David is forced to build his own life.moreless
  • David Copperfield (4)
    David Copperfield is a drama series based on a novel written by popular author Charles Dickens. The story follows the life of David Copperfield from his birth in England in 1820 to adulthood. Episode 4 shows David (Daniel Radcliffe) as a boy living with his mother, stepfather Edward Mardstone (Trevor Eve), aunt and servant Peggotty (Pauline Quirk). Mr Murstone is a harsh and brutal man who beats David and confines him to his room for seven days and nights. David finds solace in reading books and is hears from Peggotty that he is to go to boarding school in London.moreless
  • David Copperfield (3)
    David Copperfield is a historical drama based on a novel written by Charles Dickens. The story begins in Norfolk, England during the Victorian era and follows the life, loves and difficulties experienced by David Copperfield (Daniel Radcliffe). During Episode 3 David's life changes when his beloved mother and baby brother die and his ruthless stepfather, Mr Murdstone (Trevor Eve), insists that David leave boarding school and work in his factory in London. Whilst abiding by his stepfather's instructions David is very unhappy and he makes plans to change his circumstances.moreless
  • David Copperfield (2)
    "David Copperfield is a drama set in England during the early 1800's. The story follows the life, work and loves of David Copperfield from his birth through to adulthood. Born to widowed mother Clara (Emilia Fox), young David's (Daniel Radcliffe) circumstances drastically change when she marries Edward Murdstone (Trevor Eve). During episode 2 David enters Salem House boarding school where he meets harsh headmaster Mr Creakle (Ian McKellen) and becomes friends with fellow pupil James Steelforth (Harry Lloyd)."moreless
  • David Copperfield (1)
    David Copperfield is a British drama based on a novel by Charles Dickens. The story follows the life of David Copperfield, born in Great Yarmouth, England during the early 1800's. Episode 1 of the series focuses on David's birth and his early childhood living with his widowed mother Clara (Emilia Fox) and servant, Peggotty (Pauline Quirk). David's (Daniel Radcliffe) happy life however is soon to change when his mother marries Mr Edward Murdstone (Trevor Eve).moreless
  • The Day After the Fair (2)
    Episode 2 concludes the lively Masterpiece Theatre production of The Day After the Fair. With Edith, the bored wife, sho has continued writing letters in the place of Anna, the young house maid. Edith finds herself falling in love with the young barrister and unknowing of the masquerade he finds himself falling in love with the author of the letters.moreless
  • The Day After the Fair (1)
    The Day After the Fair (1) is an episode from season 17 of the TV series Masterpiece Theater in which the wealthy Edith writes love letters on behalf of her illiterate maid, Anna. After reading his responses, Edith falls in love with Anna's boyfriend who is unaware that she is the one writing to him.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (7)
    Fortunes of War (7)
    Episode 21
    In the final episode of Fortunes of War, Harriet gives up on Guy. He will never be able to release himself from his work enough to invest himself in their marriage. She makes plans to leave him and return to England. News later comes to Cairo that her ship has been torpedoes, but there remains a question of whether or not she was on it.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (6)
    Fortunes of War (6)
    Episode 20
    In the sixth episode of Fortunes of War, Guy continues to pursue his intellectual and political ambitions. Now he feels that his best hope is to manage the Institute of Cairo and continue to inform the world of the danger of the Nazis. However, Harriet has been so overwhelmed that she doesn't have the strength to go on.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (5)
    Fortunes of War (5)
    Episode 19
    In the fifth episode of Fortunes of War, the Germans prepare to invade Germany. However, they have underestimated the influence of the Americans who are entering the war. Harriet for a moment entertains the possibility of a relationship with an officer, but when it turns out that Guy is safe, the two make plans to escape to Africa.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (4)
    Fortunes of War (4)
    Episode 18
    In this episode of Fortunes of War, the Germans invade Romania. The Prince betrays Guy to them in order to save his own life, and he faces a death sentence. The Jewish refuge and Harriet flee, and Harriet ends up by herself in Greece waiting for her husband, whom she realizes she may never see again.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (3)
    Fortunes of War (3)
    Episode 17
    In this episode of Fortunes of War, tensions between the Pringles begin to rise. Guy continues to build connections with the local government, so much so that the Prince moves into their home and lives with them. They also take in a resident who is hiding from the Iron Guard. Romania teeters as France surrenders to Germany.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (2)
    Fortunes of War (2)
    Episode 16
    In the second episode of Fortunes of War, Guy has settled into life in Romania. He has become a popular teacher, and his students favor him among all their instructors. He has also developed a good rapport with the local government and intellectual community. However, tensions rise when the Romanian Prime Minister is killed.moreless
  • Fortunes of War (1)
    Fortunes of War (1)
    Episode 15
    As Fortunes of War begins, the year is 1939, and Europe is thrown into turmoil by the outbreak of a second world war. Families find themselves in unexpected chaos. One couple who have just married decide it is best to seeks solace elsewhere. Guy and Harriet pack up and begin a move towards Romania.moreless
  • Sorrell & Son (5)
    Sorrell & Son (5)
    Episode 14
    Captain Sorrell has just returned from war. But he finds that not everything is like how he left it. Upon his return, Captain Sorrell finds his family plagued by poverty. Even worse, his once loving wife has deserted the family. Captain Sorrell must find a way to provide for his son. But, jobs are hard to come by. The father and son must confide in each other if they are going to make it.moreless
  • Sorrell & Son (4)
    Sorrell & Son (4)
    Episode 13
    Sorrell and Son is drama series adapted from a novel written by Warwick Deeping. The story focusses on the special relationship between Captain Steven Sorrell (Richard Pasco) and his son Kit. The story begins when Captain Sorrel returns from fighting in World War ll. As he settles into civilian life his life changes when his wife leaves him and he has no option than to take menial work to support Kit. During episode 4 Kit is studying medicine at university where he begins a relationship with Mary Jewett and to his surprise his mother reappears in his life.moreless
  • Sorrell & Son (3)
    Sorrell & Son (3)
    Episode 12
    Sorrell & Son (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is the third chapter of a five-part mini-series based on the novel by Warwick Deeping. The story focuses on single father and former army captain Stephen Sorrell (Richard Pasco), who devotes his life to raising his son Kit (Peter Chelsom). In this episode, Kit takes a trip to visit his mother (Gwen Watford) for the first time.moreless
  • Sorrell & Son (2)
    Sorrell & Son (2)
    Episode 11
    After his wife deserts him, Peter must raise his son alone. Desperate for work, Peter becomes a hotel porter. This is the lowest of British jobs. Peter and his son try to hide his employment from society. However, the truth comes out when the boy heads to boarding school. Follow along as Peter tries to better his life.moreless
  • Sorrell & Son (1)
    Sorrell & Son (1)
    Episode 10
    Sorrell & Son (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is the opening episode of a five-part miniseries based on the classic novel by Warwick Deeping. Stephen Sorrell (Richard Pasco) is struggling to raise his son Kit (Paul Critchley). After Stephen's wife leaves him for another man, he gets a job as a porter at a cheap, run-down motel.moreless
  • Northanger Abbey
    Northanger Abbey
    Episode 9
    Northanger Abbey tells the story of Catherine Morland who is a teenage girls with the types of fantasies that come with her age. She wants to fall in love, ride a horse, and be rescued by a prince. She buries her nose in books pursuing these kinds of stories, until an aristocrat invites her to Northanger Abbey, and her fantasies start to come to life.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (8)
    The Bretts: Series I (8). In "Get Me To The Church on Time," romance is in the air at the Bretts. Martha's (Belinda Lang) beau, Gerard (James Laurenson), wants her to move to New York with him but she fears losing her acting career. Meanwhile, her brother Edwin (David Yelland) falls for her friend, Diana Lucas (Christine Kavanagh).moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (7)
    The Bretts: Series I. In "Revenge Is Sweet," Edwin Brett (David Yelland), the eldest son, publicly insults a critic after an unfavorable theater review of their latest production, just as the newspapers continue their unsavory gossip about the Brett family. Lydia (Barbara Murray) returns from Broadway to Charles' (Norman Rodway) jealousy.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (6)
    The Bretts: Series I. In "Broadway, Here I Come," financial pressures push Lydia (Barbara Murray) to contemplate a return to the American stage. When songwriter Gerard Lee (James Laurenson) visits the Bretts, George (Norman Rodway) becomes jealous of his attention on Lydia, but it is their daughter, Martha (Belinda Lang), who has captured Gerard's attention.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (5)
    The Bretts: Series I. In "Moving Pictures," Charles (Norman Rodway), Lydia (Barbara Murray) and their actress daughter, Martha (Belinda Lang), begin rehearsals on a new play. Although Charles has taken a strong stand against appearing in movies, he agrees to a screen test for Lazlo (John Castle), but soon regrets his decision.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (4)
    The Bretts: Series I. In "Full House," Charles' (Norman Rodway) parents, George (Frank Middlemass) and Maeve (Helena McCarthy), move into the Bretts' home, at the same time as their playwright son, Thomas (George Winter), moves out. Meanwhile, their daughter Martha (Belinda Lang) begins an affair with the theater manager, Piers (Clive Francis).moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (3)
    Thomas (George Winter) is enjoying the success of his play. Everyone is eager to work with Thomas now, including his father, Charles (Norman Rodway), and Brewster (Bert Parnaby). However, when Thomas makes an unexpected discovery, he has a hard time focusing on his newfound success and all the responsibilities that go with it.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (2)
    Jean Lacy (Janet Maw) is enthusiastic about Thomas's (George Winter) new play, but Thomas's family and friends are not so sure that Jean is a good influence. Meanwhile, Charles (Norman Rodway) and Lydia (Barbara Murray) invest in a new motorcar. Charles has his eye on an even bigger investment: the Princess Theater.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series I (1)
    The Bretts: Series I (1) is a 1987 Masterpiece Theatre drama about a famous British theatrical family in the 1920s as movies begin to eclipse the theater as popular entertainment. In the first episode, "The King Shall Not Die," Lydia Brett (Barbara Murray) accepts a role in a new play even though there is no role for her husband, Charles (Norman Rodway). Charles decides to produce his own play with mediocre results.moreless