Masterpiece Theatre - Season 18

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  • The Bretts: Series II (6)
    Charles (Norman Rodway) receives a tempting offer to star in a film, but must weigh his options carefully. Martha (Belinda Lang) is trying to make an even more difficult decision regarding her future well-being. Meanwhile, Edwin (David Yelland) is endangering his relationship with some very foolish decisions, possibly destroying his relationship.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series II (5)
    In this episode, Perdita Brett longs to be an actress and solicits David Green to help her to that end. Meanwhile Charles seeks to expand his fame with a new play, but Edwin thinks he's wasting money. Edwin suggests that the future of theater is cinema, and proposes that they convert three of their houses. Charles is incensed.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series II (4)
    Fergus (Padraig O'Loinsigh) struggles with paranoia after he witnessed a murder, worrying that the Irish criminals will chase him down next. Charles (Norman Rodway) reluctantly humors Lydia (Barbara Murray) by taking a role on a radio show. The catch is that he will be acting opposite Lydia in one of the most romantic plays in history.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series II (3)
    The Bretts: Series II (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre on PBS continues the saga of the Bretts family. Martha's (Belinda Lang) boyfriend Eduardo (Oliver Cotton) flatters her with attention, but at the same time lusts after her sister Perdita (Sally Cookson). Meanwhile, Lydia (Barbara Murray) is offered the role of Juliet, and Charles (Norman Rodway) gets into a dispute with the actor's union.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series II (2)
    The second series of The Bretts is a six-episode series from PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. After his sudden sickness Charles is asked to rest, so he overtakes the task of helping the management of a theatre keep their stage. Lydia is offered a small role in a movie. Edwin is suspended by the movie studio because of his relationship with Adela, the studio boss's wife.moreless
  • The Bretts: Series II (1)
    The Bretts: Series II (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre, written by Rosemary Anne Sisson and airing on PBS, takes place in London's West End. Episode 25 from season 18 was originally aired on June 12, 1993. Titled, 'Home and Away, ' part one of this series features Charles and Lydia visiting their son, Edwin, in France.moreless
  • The Charmer (6)
    The Charmer (6)
    Episode 24
    The Charmer (6) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on June 4, 1989. Joan and Stimpson travel to Brighton to identify the body bearing Ralph's papers. Joan can't bring herself to identify the body, and locks herself in her hotel room. Ralph finds out that his friends are in town to identify his body, and finds a new way to escape.moreless
  • The Charmer (5)
    The Charmer (5)
    Episode 23
    The Charmer (5) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on May 28, 1989. Ralph is drafted into the military, and he is less than thrilled. He takes one of his mandated breaks and decides to never go back into the army. Instead, he checks into a fancy hotel and switches identities with a drunken man at his hotel.moreless
  • The Charmer (4)
    The Charmer (4)
    Episode 22
    The Charmer (4) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on May 21, 1989. Ralph marries his pregnant fiancee, Pamela, and the two of them try to adjust to being married. Neither of them is very happy, but they push through for the sake of their unborn child. Pamela's father doubts Ralph's true motives, but he buys the couple a house anyway.moreless
  • The Charmer (3)
    The Charmer (3)
    Episode 21
    The Charmer (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on May 14, 1989. Ralph moves to Brighton for a job as a car salesman. His work takes over his life, but he still finds time to romance his boss's daughter. As their romance continues, Ralph has to balance his time between his work and his love life.moreless
  • The Charmer (2)
    The Charmer (2)
    Episode 20
    The Charmer (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on May 7, 1989. Ralph joins Clarice Manners' socialite group in order to strengthen his relationship with his girlfriend Joan. He and Joan open up a joint checking account in order to plan for their future together. This makes Stimpson both jealous and suspicious of the couple.moreless
  • The Charmer (1)
    The Charmer (1)
    Episode 19
    The Charmer (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 30, 1989 on PBS. Ralph Gorse is a desperate man. He has barely any money, and his love life is diminishing. One day, he meets a woman named Joan and immediately is attracted to her. The only problem is that Joan already has a serious boyfriend.moreless
  • Christabel (4)
    Christabel (4)
    Episode 18
    Just as Peter took a risky chance, it is now Christabel's turn to put her life on the line. She goes to the Ravensbruck concentration camp to plead for his deliverance. He stands trial for treason, and she steps forward to testify falsely that he has always been passionately committed to Hitler. It's her only chance to save him.moreless
  • Christabel (3)
    Christabel (3)
    Episode 17
    In the third episode, Christabel and her children are hidden away safely in the Black Forest. She fears for her husbands fate. News reaches the city that the conspiracy against the Nazis has failed and Hitler has still arrived. The mayor tells her that Peter has been arrested and charged with treason.moreless
  • Christabel (2)
    Christabel (2)
    Episode 16
    In the second episode of Christabel, she fears she will lose her marriage, her children, and her life as the Nazi party grows in power. The German schools feed her children never-ending propaganda, while she secretly takes a Jewish woman into her house. Peter joins a conspiracy and sends his family away, leaving Christabel to wonder if she will ever see him again.moreless
  • Christabel (1)
    Christabel (1)
    Episode 15
    The fist episode of Christabel opens on a young English woman travelling to Germany to get married. In the early 1930s, they have no sense for the political drama that is about to unfold. In the following years, the Nazi party rises to power, and Christabel faces the prospect of raising boys schooled in Nazi propaganda.moreless
  • Talking Heads 1: Bed Among Lentils
    In this dramatic monologue, Maggie Smith plays the jaded wife of a beloved country vicar with a particularly acerbic tongue. Susan tells stories, and gives wicked impersonations, of the villagers, softening only when she speaks of her local Indian grocer.
  • All Passion Spent (3)
    In the final episode of All Passion Spent, Lady Slane's relationship with her landlord is tested when an old friend comes through town. Fitzgeorge, a rich art dealer that she has not seen for many years, drops in to see her. Meanwhile her children continue to bicker over her care and her inheritance.moreless
  • All Passion Spent (2)
    In the second episode of All Passion Spent, Lady Slane moves into the house that she has dreamed about for so long. She quickly develops a relationship with Mr. Bucktrout, the landlord. He is captivated by her, and they begin spending time together discussing philosophy, taking walks, and reflecting on their lives.moreless
  • All Passion Spent (1)
    Set in 1930, All Passion Spent opens on a widow who has discovered a new lease on life. With the loss of her husband, she returns to a kind of independence that she has not enjoyed for many decades. The first thing she sets out to do is to buy a house she had fallen in love with thirty years before.moreless
  • A Very British Coup
    A Very British Coup
    Episode 10
    A Very British Coup is a rags to riches story of a steel worker who becomes Prime Minister of Britain. Thinking that he can make a difference in the world, he soon realizes that the day-to-day life of a politician involves complex and bitter battles with entrenched power and playing to the media.moreless
  • A Wreath of Roses
    A Wreath of Roses
    Episode 9
    In A Wreath of Roses, a woman is traumatized when she witnesses a suicide at a railroad track while she is waiting for the train. A sympathetic gentleman comes alongside her has she recovers and tries to console her. However, it soon appears that his interest in her memory of the event is a little intense, and he may have a personal interest in the story.moreless
  • Heaven on Earth
    Heaven on Earth
    Episode 8
    Heaven on Earth details the horrible fate of so many children during the Industrial Revolution. 125,000 of them were shipped from England to Canada in hopes that they might find families, after having been abandoned at home. Some of them truly found peace, but others found that survival was no easier on the other side of the ocean.moreless
  • A Perfect Spy (7)
    A Perfect Spy (7)
    Episode 7
    Jack (Alan Howard) tries to uncover more about Magnus (Peter Egan). Both Mary (Jane Booker) and Sabina (Lesley Nightingale) reveal some of the spy's controversial secrets. Axel (Rudiger Weigang) agrees to work with Mary to help find her husband and bring him to safety. All of his colleagues begin to realize the true implications of what Magnus has done.moreless
  • A Perfect Spy (6)
    A Perfect Spy (6)
    Episode 6
    A Perfect Spy is the sixth episode in the seven part mini-series. By chance, Tom sees his father and Axel talking, and wonders about it. Meanwhile, Axel pleads with Magnus to listen to him. Their conversation is interrupted when Magnus learns something about his family and has to leave town. Jack takes advantage of Magnus' absence and investigates him.moreless
  • A Perfect Spy (5)
    A Perfect Spy (5)
    Episode 5
    A Perfect Spy is the fifth episode in the seven part mini-series from Masterpiece Theatre. Magnus has married and started a family. He is still connected to Axel, but thinking about changing his life. A chance Christmas time meeting leads to a family reunion for Magnus. Shortly after Christmas, Magnus is called back to London for business.moreless
  • A Perfect Spy (4)
    A Perfect Spy (4)
    Episode 4
    Magnus (Peter Egan) heads to Prague, where danger and double-crossing awaits. After Axel (Rudiger Weigang) arrests Magnus, the spy has to reveal important secrets. Meanwhile, Magnus also strikes up a romance with Mary (Jane Booker) and continues to bail his irresponsible father (Ray McAnally) out of one tight spot after another.moreless
  • A Perfect Spy (3)
    A Perfect Spy (3)
    Episode 3
    A Perfect Spy (3) is the third episode in the seven part mini-series. Magnus becomes involved in his father's election campaign. He takes advantage of his new position in the campaign to help Peggy. Magnus' betrayal is uncovered just as he is recruited into the Army. While in the Army, he reconnects with a familiar face.moreless
  • A Perfect Spy (2)
    A Perfect Spy (2)
    Episode 2
    Young Magnus (Benedict Taylor) has a chance to help his father (Ray McAnally) after one of his plans ends badly. Magnus will accompany Baroness Weber (Sarah Badel) to Switzerland, helping her to regain her lost riches. However, the wily Baroness has other plans in store, leaving Magnus high and dry.
  • A Perfect Spy (1)
    A Perfect Spy (1)
    Episode 1
    A Perfect Spy is a British drama adapted from a John le Carre novel of the same name. The series follows the life of Magnus Pym a spy for MI6. Episode 1 concentrates on Marcus's childhood. Marcus separates from his raconteur father Rick (Ray McNally) and his mother Dorothy (Caroline John) at a young age. He then lives with abusive relatives until his admission to hospital. Marcus moves to boarding school where his now wealthy father contacts him and involves him in fraudulent activity.moreless