Masterpiece Theatre - Season 21

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  • Portrait of a Marriage (3)
    Portrait of a Marriage is a three-episode program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the third and final episode, Vita and Violet begin to plan the rest of their lives together in France. Their husbands fly there from England to bring them back home. During a heated argument, Vita's husband Harold reveals Violet's infidelity to her.moreless
  • Portrait of a Marriage (2)
    Episode 2 of Portrait of a Marriage from the show Masterpiece Theatre, follows Vita as she returns home from France and finally sees her mother and children again. At the same time, however, she learns of Violets marriage proposal to Trefusis, and a highly furious Vita confronts them on their honeymoon.moreless
  • Portrait of a Marriage (1)
    Portrait of a Marriage is a melodrama set in England in the 1920's, after the end of World War 1. The story focuses on the love affair between married author, feminist and aristocrat Vita Sackville-West (Janet Meter) and novelist Violet Keppel (Cathryn Harrison). During Part 1 of the series Vita begins her affair with Violet and she tells her diplomat husband of their plans to travel abroad. The two women leave England and settle in the South of France. Harold begs Vita to return and he travels to Paris expecting to meet his wife, but she does not keep their appointment.moreless
  • A Perfect Hero (4)
    A Perfect Hero (4)
    Episode 25
    A Perfect Hero is a four-part program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. Hugh finally is recommended for medical discharge by Dr. Miekle. Bunty and Julian spend time with Hugh to patch up their relationship. He marries Marjorie and returns to his old airfield to teach flying to the young pilots.moreless
  • A Perfect Hero (3)
    A Perfect Hero (3)
    Episode 24
    In this episode, Hugh meets Loretta Stone and discusses her ideas for a movie. Personally, he's only interested in getting to fly again. Dr. Miekle is unsure of whether or not that's a real possibility. So in the meantime, Hugh assimilates into civilian life and joins the ad agency. Tim decides to marry Nancy.moreless
  • A Perfect Hero (2)
    A Perfect Hero (2)
    Episode 23
    After undergoing surgery, Hugh Fleming (Nigel Havers) shares a hospital room with Tim Holland (Patrick Ryecart), an old friend and colleague. Together, they decide to travel to visit Marjorie (Amanda Elwes), a mutual friend who is also a talented physiotherapist. Meanwhile, Julian (Nicholas Pritchard) is preparing a surprise for Hugh.
  • A Perfect Hero (1)
    A Perfect Hero (1)
    Episode 22
    Set in England during World War II, A Perfect Hero highlights the recuperation of a severely burned RAF fighter pilot named Hugh Fleming. Portrayed by Nigel Havers, Fleming suffers from burns across his face and hands after his plane was shot down during the Battle of Britain. While recovering from the burns, his friends and colleagues start to die one by one leaving Fleming alone. The story gives a first hand look at how burn victims are treated and how Fleming, who was once attractive and sought out by many woman, becomes almost invisible to those around him.moreless
  • Henry V
    Henry V
    Episode 21
    Henry V is an episode from the 21st season of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which Britain's King Henry V (Kenneth Branagh) prepares to take part in the Battle Of Agincourt. Disguising himself as a common soldier, Henry tries to gauge the mood of his troops before delivering his famous speech on St. Crispin's Day.moreless
  • Clarissa (3)
    Clarissa (3)
    Episode 20
    Clarissa (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 19, 1992. Clarissa figures out that her lover has cruel intentions and escapes his clutches. She moves to Hampstead and lodges with Lady Betty. Finally, she feels safe, but one day her lover finds her and demands that she return to London with him. Clarissa refuses and must find a way to escape him once again.moreless
  • Clarissa (2)
    Clarissa (2)
    Episode 19
    Clarissa (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 12, 1992. Clarissa follows her lover to St. Albans, and he proposes to her. Even though she loves him, Clarissa says "no" because she likes her independence. She moves to London to live with a friend and to collect her thoughts about her love life.moreless
  • Clarissa (1)
    Clarissa (1)
    Episode 18
    Clarissa (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 5, 1992. Grandfather Harlowe recently died and left his entire fortune to his granddaughter Clarissa. As she tries to cope with her grandfather's death and becoming rich overnight, her family pushes her into marrying a man whom she hates. To rebel against her family, Clarissa instead turns to an aristocrat and falls in love.moreless
  • A Doll's House
    A Doll's House
    Episode 17
    As Nora (played by Juliet Stevenson) faces a future alone, she can't help thinking about her past. Early in her marriage, Nora committed forgery to save her husband's life. However, she quickly comes to the realization that he never thought of her as a person, but as an object that needs constant supervision.moreless
  • Adam Bede (2)
    Adam Bede (2)
    Episode 16
    Adam Bede (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is a 102 minute TV drama adaptation of a novel by George Eliot. The storyline focuses on two men falling inlove with the same girl. Adam Bede is the lead character who is an honest young carpenter experiencing betrayal from the one he loves but eventually finds real happiness in the arms of another woman. The TV drama stars Iain Glen as Adam Bede, Susannah Harker as Dinah Morris, Patsy Kensit as Hetty Sorrel with James Wilby as Arthur Donnithorne and a host of other talents. The drama show is under the direction of Giles Foster and a production of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and WGBH.moreless
  • Adam Bede (1)
    Adam Bede (1)
    Episode 15
    The charming North Country in Derbyshire stands witness to a story of deep emotion and feeling. Adam Bede, a farmer, falls in love with a milkmaid named Hetty. As luck would have it, the local quire's son, a captain on leave, seduces Hetty. This tale of love and betrayal features various aspects of human nature.moreless
  • Titmuss Regained (3)
    The Right Honorable Leslie Titmuss's (David Threlfall) hold on both his Ministry and his personal life is slipping as he continues to undermine Jenny Sidonia's (Kristin Scott Thomas) memories of her dead husband. His hard-headed nature prevents him from coming to a peaceful compromise with the bewildered Jenny while his neglect of his Ministry sees his Junior Minister, Ken Cracken (Peter Capaldi), gaining ground against him.moreless
  • Titmuss Regained (2)
    Leslie Titmuss (David Threlfall) is succeeding in his plan to woo Jenny Sidionia (Kristin Scott Thomas) but also becoming more and more obsessed with tarnishing the widow's memories of her deceased husband. His obsession is causing him to neglect his duties and responsibilities as Minister, including a plan to develop the Rapstone Valley that is meeting a wellspring of local opposition headed by Dr. Fred Simcox (Paul Shelley).moreless
  • Titmuss Regained (1)
    The Right Honorable Leslie Titmuss (David Threlfall) has become a member of the British Parliament and a minister in the ruling Conservative Party's Cabinet. He manages to buy Rapstone Manor in the picturesque Rapstone Valley where he soon meets and becomes besotted with a widow named Jenny Sidonia (Kristin Scott Thomas). Titmuss must struggle with his newfound feelings while fending off ambitious underlings.moreless
  • Parnell and the Englishwoman (4)
    In the fourth episode, Parnell's divorce case is clouding all of his political ambitions. However, there are those who are afraid of his potential to establish home rule. His enemy, Tim Healy, plots to bring Parnell's career to an end. Katherine only hopes for the peace and quiet of married life.moreless
  • Parnell and the Englishwoman (3)
    In the third episode, the murders are finally brought to justice and executed. Parnell is glad to see justice done, but he is falsely accused for playing a role in the attack. As Parnell's health takes a turn for the worse, Katherine steps in to help has his nurse. It turns out that she is expecting another child.moreless
  • Parnell and the Englishwoman (2)
    In the second episode, Katherine gives birth to a daughter. This doesn't diminish her political ambitions at all. Just as Parnell is released from prison and goes at the task of returning Ireland to home rule, the Secretary of State of Ireland is murdered in a park alongside his deputy.
  • Parnell and the Englishwoman (1)
    In the first episode of Parnell and the Englishwoman, the year is 1880, and Charles Stewart Parnell is rising through the House of Commons. He actually may serve to return Ireland to home rule, and respect for him grows even among his enemies. Just when it seems that no man can stop him, he encounters Katherine O'Shea.moreless
  • She's Been Away
    She's Been Away
    Episode 7
    She's Been Away is an episode of the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the late 1920s, a woman named Lillian was committed to a mental hospital, possibly just because of her wild spirit. When the hospital is about to close, Lillian's great nephew Hugh moves her back into her old homestead along with his wife Harriet, who slowly realizes Lillian's rebellious nature.moreless
  • Sleepers (4)
    Sleepers (4)
    Episode 6
    In the final episode of Sleepers, Nina finally chases down the two rogue KGB agents in their hiding place. She seizes them and takes them back to Moscow. Zorin, the mastermind who first planted them as sleeper agents in England in the 1960s, confronts them. He has to decide whether they can still be used or if they're disposable.moreless
  • Sleepers (3)
    Sleepers (3)
    Episode 5
    In the third episode of Sleepers, the two defected KGB agents are being pursued by their own government, the British government, and the American government. They set out on the run. To make matters worse, Albert's wife believes he is cheating on her, and she sets out in pursuit as well. The two men seek a hiding place in Scotland.moreless
  • Sleepers (2)
    Sleepers (2)
    Episode 4
    In the second episode of Sleepers, the two Rogue KGB agents get together again for a reunion. However, the Kremlin has been searching for them for some time, and their gathering alerts the Russians to their whereabouts. To make matters worse, the CIA is alerted and now wants to determine whose side the Sleepers are actually on.moreless
  • Sleepers (1)
    Sleepers (1)
    Episode 3
    In Sleepers, two KGB agents have gone rogue in England. The Kremlin sends out Nina Grishin to hunt them down, but they have long since settled into comfortable and profitable life. Albert Robinson has started a family for himself, and Jeremy Coward has gotten rich. Intended to be sleeper agents for Russia, they now have a new home.moreless
  • A Murder of Quality (2)
    A Murder of Quality is a two-part program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the second episode, the main character George Smiley seems to have stumbled upon another murder victim. A woman named Mad Janie is taken in as a suspect for wearing the coat and necklace of the first victim Stella Rhodes. Smiley believes the student Tim Perkins might have information that may lead to the killer.moreless
  • A Murder of Quality (1)
    A Murder of Quality part 1 follows George Smiley as he travels to Dorset at the request of a former intelligence associate to investigate a shocking murder at Carne School, one the victim predicted. On joining the investigation, George finds out that everyone has secrets to hide and a hidden motive.moreless