Masterpiece Theatre - Season 22

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Episode Guide

  • Dr. Finlay: Series I (6)
    The first series of Dr. Finlay is a six-part series from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the sixth and final episode, "The Good Doctor", a famous singer comes to the Arden House for treatment. Dr. Finlay and Dr. Gilmore argue about the National Health Service. The doctor is later invited to work in Canada.moreless
  • Dr. Finlay: Series I (5)
    Dr. Finlay: Series I (5). In "Forbidden Fruit," Dr. Finlay (David Rintoul) suspects that his patient Anne Stewart (Patricia Kerrigan) has psychosomatic illness rather than an real malady. She takes his advice to get involved in church activities but their growing relationship causes concern to the doctor's receptionist, Janet (Annette Crosbie), and Anne's husband, Andrew (William Henry).moreless
  • Dr. Finlay: Series I (4)
    Dr. Finlay: Series I (4). In "A Bitter Pill," the local medical officer, Dr. Gilmore (Ralph Riach), orders a smallpox vaccination due to a potential outbreak. Dr. Finlay's (David Rintoul) nurse, Brenda Maitland (Margo Gunn), agrees to help even though she was planning to leave Scotland to join her fiance` in America.moreless
  • Dr. Finlay: Series I (3)
    Dr. Finlay: Series I (3). In "Winning the Peace," Dr. Finlay (David Rintoul) meets an army deserter, Archie Henderson (Brian McCardie), in need of medical care, when he visits the family's home to treat Mrs. Henderson (Eileen Nicholas). Meanwhile, Sergeant Forbes (Derek Anders) has been investigating the case for the missing soldier.moreless
  • Dr. Finlay: Series I (2)
    The first series of Dr. Finlay is a six-part program from PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. In episode two "Working Together", Dr. Neil is accepted into the practice as Dr. Finlay's partner and Dr. Cameron leaves. Meanwhile, Ronnie Grieves finds out that his mother is planning to give away his father's clothes, even though Ronnie believes him to still be alive. Dr. Neil proves himself to Jamie Thompson.moreless
  • Dr. Finlay: Series I (1)
    Dr. Finlay: Series I (1) is the 1993 Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of the short stories of Scottish writer A.J. Cronin. The series begins with Doctor John Finlay (David Rintoul) returning to his Scotland practice after World War II. He discovers that his elderly partner, Dr. Alexander Cameron (Ian Bannen), has hired a new physician, Dr. David Neil (Jason Flemyng), without his approval.moreless
  • Calling the Shots (3)
    Calling the Shots (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on May 2, 1993. The police come to Maggie's apartment to help find out who her mysterious caller is. They find that her apartment has been bugged. Maggie leaves her house, while the police take over, and she tries to relax at a health spa. Once she returns home, she comes face to face with her tormentor.moreless
  • Calling the Shots (2)
    Calling the Shots (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 25, 1993. Maggie's new story on date rape isn't going too well. She keeps getting threatening phone calls, and is even visited by the police a few times. Her cameraman offers to stay at her apartment, and tries to flirt with her. She kicks out her cameraman, changes her phone number and finally begins to feel safe again.moreless
  • Calling the Shots (1)
    Calling the Shots (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 18, 1993. Maggie Donnelly is a filmmaker who is notorious for covering extremely disturbing issues. Her recent report failed though, and her boss orders her to cover the story of the new health club in town. Once she visits the club, a new story catches her eye and she begins reporting on a gory incident she witnessed in the gym.moreless
  • The Black Velvet Gown (2)
    The Black Velvet Gown (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre continues with Biddy Millican (Geraldine Somerville) and her inability to adjust to mansion life. Her problems seem to multiply when she writes and recites a poem that shows the family in a bad light. Mrs. Fulton threatens to fire her, but in a turn of events, Biddy is trust into a position where only she can save the family.moreless
  • The Black Velvet Gown (1)
    The Black Velvet Gown (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 4, 1993. Riah Millican is desperate to find work after her husband dies so that she can take care of her children. She accepts a job as a housekeeper for Percival Miller, who falls in love with her children. He takes it upon himself to educate them and takes them under his wing.moreless
  • Hedda Gabler
    Hedda Gabler
    Episode 18
    Hedda Gabler is an episode of the popular PBS show Masterpiece Theater. Inspired by a play by Henrik Ibsen, the main character Hedda is bored with her current life. To add some excitement she decides to rekindle a love affair with an old flame named Eliert Lovberg with troubling consequences.
  • The Black Heath Poisonings (3)
    Paul Vandervent (Christien Anholt) continues to investigate the mysterious death of his father, Roger (James Faulkner). As all eyes turn to Isabel (Christine Kavanagh), she comes out with a startling confession that only complicates matters further. Paul continues questioning Charlotte (Zoe Wanamaker) and George (Ian McNiece), trying to finally set his family affairs in order after a long ordeal.moreless
  • The Black Heath Poisonings (2)
    The Black Heath Poisonings is a three-part program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. Beatrice, Roger's wife, confronts Isabel about her affair with her husband with proof. Isabel fears her love letters to Roger will be brought to light. Roger's son Paul searches the area for poison and a suspect is arrested for Roger's murder.moreless
  • The Black Heath Poisonings (1)
    The Black Heath Poisonings is a series set in Victorian England in which mysterious deaths unveil the dark underworld of polite society. Roger Vendervent is caught up in an illicit affair, which sparks the jealousy and vengeance of his wife. Meanwhile, their son Paul wants to leave for college, but they force him to take his place in the family business. When Roger falls mysteriously ill, everyone is suspect.moreless
  • Impromptu
    Episode 14
    Impromptu is an episode from the 22nd season of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which a female writer living in Paris meets the Polish composer Frederic Chopin (Hugh Grant). After Chopin becomes involved in a duel over her, the writer follows him to Spain. Impromptu originally aired in 1993.moreless
  • The Countess Alice
    The Countess Alice
    Episode 13
    The Countess Alice from the show Masterpiece Theater is a 1993 dramatic television program that originally aired on the PBS Network. It follows journalist Nick Black (Duncan Bell) on an assignment where he is asked to interview elderly society women. He meets Alice - Countess Von Holzendorf (Wendy Hiller), who is now living in poverty. Nick uses his investigative skills to get to learn more about Alice's past in order to find out how she ended up in her current situation.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series II (4)
    Reginald Jeeves (Stephen Fry) quits Bertie Wooster's (Hugh Laurie) service because Bertie's trombone playing is so terrible. Jeeves quickly finds employment with Lord Chuffnell (Matthew Solon) while Bertie learns the hard way how much he has come to depend on Jeeves. Chuffnell is intend on selling his home to raise the money to marry Pauline Stoker (Sharon Holm), something that depends on Jeeves being able to keep Bertie away from Pauline.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series II (3)
    Jeeves & Wooster: Series II (3) has Aunt Agatha once again trying to set Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) up with a respectable woman in hopes that he'll settle down and abandon his dissolute lifestyle. This time, Aunt Agatha is pushing Bertie towards a seemingly kind and gentle girl named Aline Hemmingway (Rebecca Saire) in the care of her equally even-tempered brother, the Rev. Sidney Hemmingway (Graham Seed).moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series II (2)
    In this episode, Gussie Fink-Nottle (Richard Garnett) persuades Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) to help him find a sensitive notebook full of insulting descriptions of Sir Watkyn Bassett (John Woodnutt) and Sir Roderick Spode (John Turner). At the same time, Rev. Harold Pinker blackmails Bertie into helping him talk Sir Watkyn into letting Pinker marry his ward, Stephanie Byng (Charlotte Attenborough).moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series II (1)
    Aunt Dahlia (Vivian Pickles) has commanded Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) to keep the price of an antique creamer down at the auctions. Not only does Bertie fail at doing so, he fails so badly that he convinces Sir Watkyn Bassett (John Woodnutt) to outbid Aunt Dahlia for the piece. Bertie must recover the piece at any cost while working to separate Sir Roderick Spode (John Turner) and Madeline Bassett (Diana Blackburn) at his friend's request.moreless
  • The Secret Agent (3)
    The Secret Agent (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on November 29, 1992 on PBS. Verloc successfully sets off an explosion on the streets of England. His Russian informant is happy with his work and pays him well. Meanwhile, the assistant commissioner visits Verloc and accuses him of causing the tragic explosion.moreless
  • The Secret Agent (2)
    The Secret Agent (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre aired on November 22, 1992. Verloc promises his Russian informant that he will cause an explosion in England by the end of the week. His informant is mad and believes that Verloc won't keep his promise. Meanwhile, Verloc's other clients expect their jobs to be finished as well.moreless
  • The Secret Agent (1)
    The Secret Agent (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre aired on November 15, 1992. Set in London in 1894, Adolf Verloc regularly supplies the Tsarist Embassy with important information about their enemies. He also gives the same information to the police in order to keep the peace. One day, he is asked to fly to Russia and stage an incident to worry the English police.moreless
  • In My Defense / Talking Heads 1: A Chip in the Sugar
    In My Defense: A young woman recounts her decision to end the life of her terminally ill mother, after she is accused of murder. Talking Heads: A Chip in the Sugar: Graham has settled comfortably into middle age, living with his mother, when the a man from her past returns and threatens to disturb the order of things.moreless
  • Memento Mori (2)
    Memento Mori (2)
    Episode 4
    Memento Mori (2) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on November 1, 1992. The elderly are still receiving very disturbing calls about their imminent deaths. To help the problem, Mortimer plans a meeting at his house. A detective is working on the case, but can't find the person who is behind the calls.moreless
  • Memento Mori (1)
    Memento Mori (1)
    Episode 3
    Memento Mori (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on October 25, 1992. A large group of people in London receive very disturbing phone calls. All of the people are elderly, and in their last years of life. The phone calls are reminding them that they are going to die soon. Dame Letty hires her own detective to figure out who is behind the creepy calls.moreless
  • The Best of Friends
    The Best of Friends is an episode of the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. Based on a play, the plot focuses on Sydney Cockrell, a museum director in Cambridge, and his friendship with Laurentia McLachlan, a nun at Stanbrook Abbey. For over 25 years, the two enjoy vigorous discussions on everything from the tango to the Lord.moreless
  • A Question of Attribution
    A Question of Attribution is an episode that aired on PBS's Masterpiece Theater. The plot revolves around a Sir Anthony Blunt, a person art advisor to Queen Elizabeth II, who is being investigated by the MI5 for being a suspected spy while he is determining the authenticity of a painting.