Masterpiece Theatre - Season 23

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  • The Best of Intentions (3)
    In the final episode of The Best of Intentions, Henrik and Anna travel to Sweden where they meet with the Queen. The Queen offers Henrik a position as a chaplain in her court, but Henrik turns it down for the sake of his own congregation. Distraught over many things, Anna returns home to her mother, leaving their marriage in peril.moreless
  • The Best of Intentions (2)
    In the second episode of The Best of Intentions, Henrik and Anna go ahead with their plans for a wedding despite family opposition. Together they move to the city of Forsboda, where Henrik begins his ministry as a minister. Though the wedding leads to quarrelling between them, it is not long before Anna gives birth to a son.moreless
  • The Best of Intentions (1)
    The Best of Intentions tells the story of a love affair that was never meant to be. Henrik and Anna fall in love with one another. However, she is upper class and surrounded by an adoring family who perceive Henrik as an interloper. Henrik's family responds with equal disdain, encouraging him to look elsewhere for love.moreless
  • A Foreign Field
    A Foreign Field
    Episode 25
    As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of D-Day, Cyril takes one of his friends, Amos, to France so they can visit a friend's grave. There, they meet Waldo, who is a veteran from America. Coincidentally, Waldo and Cyril learn that they are on the search for the same person from fifty years ago, a woman who was a girlfriend for each.moreless
  • Middlemarch (6)
    Middlemarch (6)
    Episode 24
    Middlemarch is a six-episode program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the final episode, Rosamond Lydgate's marriage continues to fail because of money problems. Eventually, Dorothea finds her lover Will Ladislaw with her. Mr. Bulstrode fights a failing battle to repair his reputation. A sick John Raffles returns and sets off a dramatic chain of events in Middlemarch.moreless
  • Middlemarch (5)
    Middlemarch (5)
    Episode 23
    Middlemarch is a six-part series from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the fifth episode, Dorothea decides to move on after her husband's death. Meanwhile, something is stirring in Middlemarch and things won't fare well for Mr. Bulstrode. Dr. Lydgate and his wife try to stay afloat in their worsening financial problems.moreless
  • Middlemarch (4)
    Middlemarch (4)
    Episode 22
    Middlemarch is a six-episode program from PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. Dorothea's husband has recently passed away. She leaves his book unfinished, as his final living act was to add a codicil to his will saying Dorothea would forfeit all his property if she married her love Will Ladislaw. Will himself is looking for a job, but won't leave town because of Dorothea.moreless
  • Middlemarch (3)
    Middlemarch (3)
    Episode 21
    Middlemarch is a six-part series from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the third episode, Dorothea is trying to keep Will away from Middlemarch so her husband will not become suspicious and to prevent him from having another heart attack. Dr. Lydgate and Rosamond plan to get married despite local gossip.moreless
  • Middlemarch (2)
    Middlemarch (2)
    Episode 20
    Middlemarch is a six-part program from the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the second installment, Dorothea and her husband Casaubon take a honeymoon in Rome where things become rocky. Casaubon's cousin Will Ladislaw interrupts their time together which dashes Dorothea's hopes of connecting with her new husband. In Middlemarch, Dr. Lydgate learns of his enemies in the medical community.moreless
  • Middlemarch (1)
    Middlemarch (1)
    Episode 19
    Middlemarch (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired in 1994 on PBS. Dorothea Brooke is a budding socialite, who also has a streak of rebellion inside of her. She tries to seduce the Reverend in a weak attempt to bring attention to herself. In actuality, Dorothea brings shame to Middlemarch and starts a chain of events that affect the entire town.moreless
  • Body and Soul (4)
    Body and Soul (4)
    Episode 18
    In the concluding episode, Anna faces several kinds of failure. She finally must own up to the fact that after sixteen years in a convent, the celibate life is not for her. She is in love with Hal. At the same time, the Japanese delegates are scheduled to arrive at her family's business, but it does not look as though she will be prepared.moreless
  • Body and Soul (3)
    Body and Soul (3)
    Episode 17
    In the third episode of Body and Soul, several of Anna's challenges reach the point of crisis. She must travel to London to negotiate with bankers in an attempt to save the family business. She does surprisingly well, and also attracts the attention of Japanese tourists. Meanwhile, the time finally arrives for her to deliver the baby.moreless
  • Body and Soul (2)
    Body and Soul (2)
    Episode 16
    Anna continues to work to save her family rather than living at the convent. Normal life is a challenge for her. She must learn to manage the textile business, and has to deal with unethical managers who would like to see her fail. She also has to deal with unexpected romantic feelings for Hal.moreless
  • Body and Soul (1)
    Body and Soul (1)
    Episode 15
    Anna Gibson, known as Sister Gabriel to her sisters at the convent, is torn away from her duties as a nun when her brother suddenly dies. She leaves to tend to sister-in-law, who is pregnant. In the meantime, she must maintain the family textile business to prevent them from going bankrupt. When she returns to the convent, she is not entirely welcome.moreless
  • To Play the King (4)
    In the final episode of To Play the King, the election comes to a head. However, in the midst of voting, an explosion kills seventy people, drawing the king and the Prime Minister away from their politics. Stamper has Sarah kidnapped so that he can reveal to her secrets that he's been keeping.moreless
  • To Play the King (3)
    In the third episode of To Play the King, Prime Minister Francis Urquhart makes a broad public accusation against the king. He says that the king is trying to undermine the government. The king takes to the airwaves with a popular television special in which he makes clear his case against the Prime Minister.moreless
  • To Play the King (2)
    In the second episode of To Play the King, Prime Minister Urquhart calls for a general election. Sarah tells him that the people still broadly favor their king, and that he is not likely to find strong opposition. Furthermore, a man named Stamper is vying to take the position of Prime Minister.moreless
  • To Play the King (1)
    In To Play the King, Francis Urquhart is a Prime Minister with a driven personality. He longs to achieve great things in his life. As the new king is crowned, Urquhart develops a plan to revitalize the crumbling urban centers of England. He calls upon Sarah Harding to step out of her academic career and support him in his mission.moreless
  • Sharpe: Series I: Sharpe's Eagle (2)
    After his regiment is disgraced by having its "colors" stolen, Sharpe agrees to a dying man to capture an eagle, a golden standard touched by Napopleon himself.
  • Sharpe: Series I: Sharpe's Eagle (1)
    Sir Arthur Wellesley crosses into a Spain ruled by Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte. Lieutenant Richard Sharpe goes with the South Essex regiment, led by the corrupt Sir Henry Simmerson, on a mission to destroy a vital bridge.
  • Sharpe: Series I: Sharpe's Rifles (2)
    Sharpe and his riflemen escort Teresa and her guerilla fighters across the country, all the wile being pursued by French cavalry.
  • Sharpe: Series I: Sharpe's Rifles (1)
    Sergeant Richard Sharpe is promoted to a lieutenant by Sir Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington. Sharpe is given a dangerous mission of leading a band of rifles behind enemy lines.
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread
    Where Angels Fear To Tread is an episode of the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. Lillia Herriton is newly widowed and sent off to Italy by her strict in-laws. Her family is appalled when she plans to marry a poor Italian named Gino. Philip Herriton and his sister Harriet go to Italy from England to save her with terrible results.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series III (4)
    Both Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) and Gussie Fink-Nottle (Richard Braine) are headed to Deverill Hall where Aunt Agatha (Mary Wimbush) intends to set Bertie up with Gertrude Winkworth (Chloe Annett). Bertie pretends to be Gussie because the real Gussie is late due to a run-in with the law, so Gussie pretends to be Bertie when he arrives and begins wooing Gertrude successfully.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series III (3)
    Jeeves & Wooster: Series III (3) has Cyril Bassington-Bassington (Nicholas Hewetson) arriving in New York with strict instructions from Aunt Agatha (Mary Wimbush) to not let Cyril appear on the stage. Meanwhile, Corky Corcoran (Greg Charles) asks Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) to convince his uncle to let him marry his girlfriend. Not only does Bertie let Cyril go on stage, he also convinces the uncle to marry Corky's girlfriend.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series III (2)
    Rocky Todd (John Fitzgerald-Jay) and Francis Bickersteth (Julian Firth) are living somewhere they should not be and lying to their guardians about it. Both of them are in serious trouble now that their aunt and father are coming to the United States to check up on their stories. Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) and his butler, Reginald Jeeves (Stephen Fry), are embroiled in a plot to keep their lies secret.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series III (1)
    Jeeves & Wooster: Series III (1) from the show Masterpiece Theatre sees Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) boarding a ship headed to New York to escape Aunt Agatha's (Mary Wimbush) plan to marry him off. Bertie is quick to befriend his fellow passengers and is soon entangled in their troubles. Deeming his newfound responsibilities too heavy to be borne, Bertie flees into isolation while leaving his butler, Reginald Jeeves (Stephen Fry), to resolve the mess.moreless
  • Selected Exits
    Selected Exits
    Episode 1
    After a complicated childhood in Wales, Gwyn Thomas (Sir Anthony Hopkins) thrives as an Oxford student and begins to create a writing career for himself. His big break comes when the BBC recognizes his talent and gives him a chance to show off his wit and eloquence as a TV presenter.moreless