Masterpiece Theatre - Season 24

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  • Sharpe: Series II: Sharpe's Honour
    Major Ducos frames Sharpe of murder and attempted rape to have him hanged and get him out of the way. With the help of Wellington and Nairn, he fakes his own death and must go behind enemy lines to find La Marquesa, the wife of the man whom he allegedly killed. Meanwhile, Napoleon and Ducos hatch a plan to make an alliance with Spain.moreless
  • Sharpe: Series II: Sharpe's Enemy
    A band of deserters led by Sharpe's oldest enemy, Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill, takes over a mountain pass full of women and takes two hostage. Sharpe is sent to deliver the money, but is told that it needs to be doubled by five days. Sharpe is made a major, and is sent on a daring rescue mission. Meanwhile, Wellington also has to deal with a French army on the other side of the mountain.moreless
  • Sharpe: Series II: Sharpe's Company
    Sharpe takes part in the siege at Badajoz, and is determined to reach his wife and newborn daughter , who are both in the fort, before anyone else can. One of the obstacles he has to overcome is Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill, an old enemy from India who claims he cannot be killed.moreless
  • Hard Times
    Hard Times
    Episode 26
    Hard Times is an episode of the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In Coketown, natural human emotions seem to be hidden by other responsibilities and coldness. Louisa Gradgrind agrees to marry banker Joseph Bunderby to be close to her brother Tom. Bunderby's former wife Mrs. Sparsit doesn't take to kindly to her and to her delight, a politician named Harthouse begins to woo her away. In the process, the ways of Coketown's society begin to slowly unravel.moreless
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (5)
    In the fifth episode of Martin Chuzzlewit, Jonas Chuzzlewit tries to flee town in order to escape the investigation of a private detective hired by Tigg Montague. Montague forces then blackmails him to recruit a new client, Seth Pecksniff. Meanwhile Martin Chuzzlewit returns home after an illness, having discovered that his property in the U.S. is a swamp.moreless
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (4)
    In the fourth episode of Dickens' classic tale, Charity decides to pursue a life of her own and flees to London. Meanwhile Martin and Mary have what appears to be an opportunity as Peckinsniff invites them to move in with him. However, they come to find they're getting more than they expected.moreless
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (3)
    In the third episode of Dickens' comedy, Jonas decides to throw an over-the-top funeral to honor his father's life. He then goes to Wiltshire to see Charity but ends up proposing to Mercy. Tom and Mark decide to buy property in the United States alongside the Mississippi river, a property called Eden.moreless
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (2)
    In this episode, Martin is seeking a chance to meet up with Mary Graham. Because he can't orchestrate it himself, Mark Tapley helps to arrange it. The Chuzzlewits turn out to have a darkly comedic side, and Martin nearly dies of malaria in his attempt, with Mark, to find happiness in the midst of suffering.moreless
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (1)
    The ailing old Martin Chuzzlewit finds himself surrounded by scheming relatives anxious to inherit his wealth. They have learnt that his grandson, young Martin, has been disinherited. Pecksniff, a cousin, pleads the cause of young Martin to his grandfather while secretly taking on the boy as an architectural student--premium waved, with hopes of making a match with one of his two daughters. Pecksniff is summoned to London where old Martin warnds him that young Martin has already made his matrimonial choice against the old man's wishes...moreless
  • The Cinder Path (3)
    The Cinder Path (3)
    Episode 20
    In the third episode of The Cinder Path, Charlie MacFell is off to fight in the Great War. He ends up in a dispute with Ginger Slater and kills Slater. Facing a military court, MacFell can only plead for mercy. However, he is soon injured by a German mortar and sent home to face a wife he no longer loves.moreless
  • The Cinder Path (2)
    The Cinder Path (2)
    Episode 19
    In the second episode of The Cinder Path, Charlie is struggling in his marriage and his work. The draft saves him from his troubles and he heads off to war. At boot camp, he's shocked to find out that he must report to Ginger Slater. Slater abuses Charlie as an overdue repayment for the wrongs he suffered.moreless
  • The Cinder Path (1)
    The Cinder Path (1)
    Episode 18
    The Cinder Path is a three-part series from PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. In the first episode, Charlie MacFell comes home from university. A young farm hand kills Charlie's father and the crime is witnessed by another farm worker who resents the MacFells. Charlie turns his attention to Victoria Chapman and arranges a marriage, even though he loves her little sister as well.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series IV (5)
    Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) heads to Totleigh Towers to steal an African statue while Madeline Basset (Elizabeth Morton) convinces Gussie Fink-Nottle (Richard Braine) to become a vegetarian. Madeline's plan is for Gussie to fall out of love with her so that she is free to pursue Bertie. Meanwhile, Bertie succeeds in stealing the statue but enters into a convoluted scheme to persuade its owner to buy it back from him.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series IV (4)
    Aunt Dahlia (Jean Heywood) has decided to sell her floundering magazine but not before boosting its prestige a little. She has decided to pay a famous novelist to write a story for the magazine and plans the pay him by selling a prized necklace. Unfortunately, the pearls on the necklace are fake and it is up to Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) to recover the real pearls.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series IV (3)
    Bingo Little (Pip Torrens) has talked Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) into dressing up as a female author in order to convince Bingo's uncle to let Bingo marry a waitress. Bertie is soon caught and entangled in a convoluted mess of mistaken identities and hurt feelings. Desperate and with pursuers on his heels, Bertie is forced to flee for distant shores alongside his butler, Reginald Jeeves (Stephen Fry).moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series IV (2)
    Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) is shopping for his butler's birthday present when he runs into his former fiancee, Lady Florence Craye (Francesca Folan), and her jealous betrothed, Darcy Cheesewright (Nicholas Palliser). Bertie's friend, George Caffyn (David Crean) has his own problems - he is trying to raise capital for his play by selling his boats but is being foiled by the hounding press.moreless
  • Jeeves & Wooster: Series IV (1)
    Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) is in trouble because he brought his cousins with him to a nightclub and now the brothers have both fallen in love with the nightclub's singer. To make matters worse, Bertie's Aunt Agatha (Elizabeth Spriggs) is now hunting for him because his cousins were supposed to be headed to Africa but have both decided to cancel in order to pursue the singer.moreless
  • Doctor Finlay: Series II (6)
    In the final episode, Dr. Finlay again enters into a battle with Dr. Gilmore about his involvement in the National Health Service. He then receives a surprising invitation to go and practice in Canada. In the meantime, Dr. Neil clumsily takes up cooking around the Arden House while Janet is away.moreless
  • Doctor Finlay: Series II (5)
    In episode five, Dr. Finlay must confront a patient whom he believes has psychosomatic symptoms, and her reaction is dramatic. He escapes town for a little while to enjoy time alone with Anne Stewart. Dr. Cameron, having completed his move, goes on lecturing the German prisoners of war who are being held at a nearby camp.moreless
  • Doctor Finlay: Series II (4)
    In episode four, Dr. Cameron continues his move with the help of his friends. Dr. Neil continues to treat patients, including Mary Thompson, who seems to be getting worse. He suspects she simply isn't taking her medication. The practice must deal with more urgent matters, though, as a smallpox vaccination program reaches the town.moreless
  • Doctor Finlay: Series II (3)
    In this episode, Dr. Finlay must help the mother of a war deserter who may be hiding out nearby. Meanwhile Dr. Cameron moves out to the country and Dr. Neil is invited by the pastor to join the church choir. There are untold complexities to life in a simple country town.moreless
  • Doctor Finlay: Series II (2)
    In the second episode, Doctor Finlay establishes his partnership with Doctor Cameron. The pair deal with a number of strange cases including a child who does not want her mother to give birth to a younger sibling and a man who refuses to believe his father is dead, even as his mother gives away his father's old clothes.moreless
  • Doctor Finlay: Series II (1)
    In the first episode, Doctor Finlay returns home to Scotland after taking part in the second World War. He finds that things have changed while he's been gone. His partner is retiring, he's lost the support of some of the community, the practice is in financial trouble, and his fianc?âe has news for him.moreless
  • Dandelion Dead (2)
    Dandelion Dead (2)
    Episode 6
    In the second and final episode of Dandelion Dead, Herbert's wife has suddenly passed away. However, his other problems continue to haunt him. He still can't seem to keep the weeds out of his garden, and he is losing ground professionally. Having worked his way out of one tough situation, he again considers an easy way out of his problems.moreless
  • Dandelion Dead (1)
    Dandelion Dead (1)
    Episode 5
    In the first episode of Dandelion Dead, a simple man named Herbert Armstrong is trapped in a stressful world. His life is ruled over by his wife, his business is ruled over by a demanding business partner, and his lawn is being overrun by weeds. A casual afternoon of poisoning the dandelions makes him consider other possibilities.moreless
  • The Rector's Wife (3)
    The relationship between Peter and Anna goes downhill as the rumors about the affair spreads. He doesn't take kindly to the news about his wife's scandalous activities. Amid the intensifying events, a strange turn of events occurs allowing Anna to gain emancipation from her marriage. The final episode of The Rector's Wife dwells on love, freedom and making serious decisions about singlehood and matrimony.moreless
  • The Rector's Wife (2)
    Anna returns from her visit to a friend and finds out that nothing changed during her absence. The parishioners continue to bully her for not being a proper rector's wife. Amidst the brewing storm between Anna and the parishioners, the marital troubles between Peter and his wife intensifies. Peter meddles with Anna's job, rumors of an affair start to spread and the unfolding drama reveals the real state of their marriage.moreless
  • The Rector's Wife (1)
    In a marriage, the husband takes over the responsibility to provide for the family while the wife takes over everything else. Amidst the brewing issues about their finances, Anna, the wife of an Anglican rector strives to juggle her responsibilities to the parishioners, her husband and their children. Even with her husband's disapproval, Anna decides to take a local job to send their daughter to a new school and their son to India. Strained marriage relations, meddlesome parishioners and attractive new acquaintances make this opening episode entertaining and intriguing.moreless
  • The Blue Boy
    The Blue Boy
    Episode 1
    The Blue Boy is an episode of the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. Joe and Marie Bonnar are a middle-class couple living in Glasgow. Joe is finally the owner of his own businesses, but is feeling unfulfilled without a son. Marie eventually conceives but the couple is then haunted by the ghost of a young Scottish boy.moreless
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