Masterpiece Theatre - Season 25

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Episode Guide

  • Interview Day
    Interview Day
    Episode 25
    Interview Day is a warm-hearted story about parents and their children on the day of their interviews for entrance into Cambridge University. The story follows three different families, and reveals that the parents are more anxious than their sons and daughters. The program stars Sir Alec Guinness, Maureen Lipman, and Tom Wilkinson.
  • Signs and Wonders (2)
    In the second and final episode of Signs and Wonders, Elizabeth Palmore is determined to get Clare back from the eccentric cult that she has joined. She flies to Los Angeles and hires a man named Diamond whose responsibility it is to release people from the control of cults. However, it seems that only a family's broken bonds will decide the fate of their little girl.moreless
  • Signs and Wonders (1)
    The show Signs and Wonders follows the plight of a family caught up in the fringes of religious extremism. Clare Palmore is a young adult who has moved to Los Angeles and joined a religious commune. Her parents are wracked with guilt about the pressures that they had put on her. Her father, in particular, is aware of they way his life as a clergyman has shaped Clare.moreless
  • Prime Suspect 4: Scent of Darkness
    Prime Suspect 4: Scent if Darkness is a 1995 British crime drama with Helen Mirren returning as police detective Jane Tennison. Just as she receives a long-awaited promotion to Superintendent, Tennison must return to an old case against George Marlow (John Bowe), as a similar sexual crime calls his guilt into question.moreless
  • Bramwell: Series I (4)
    Dr. Eleanor Bramwell (Jemma Redgrave) is called to a neurologist's house to help treat the man's ill housekeeper. She is flattered by the handsome young man's attention to her but becomes suspicious that the neurologist may have murdered his housekeeper when the woman dies. Eleanor quickly begins searching for evidence that will either exonerate the man or prove him guilty.moreless
  • Bramwell: Series I (3)
    Dr. Eleanor Bramwell (Jemma Redgrave) spends much of her time in London's poorer districts offering medical assistance to those who are too poor to afford it. On one such expedition, she is testing residents for tuberculosis when she comes upon a patient who has tested positive for the disease but refuses any treatment. This leads to Eleanor tracking down the man's family so that he can rest in their care as his condition worsens.moreless
  • Bramwell: Series I (2)
    After being banned from the East London Hospital, Dr. Eleanor Bramwell (Jemma Redgrave) continues to practice medicine. She receives enough funding from an admirer named Cora Peters (Michell Dotrice) to set up her own charitable clinic, and she earns a small income through helping her father at his practice. Eleanor perseveres in her chosen profession despite societal disregard for both her gender and her presumption to challenge societal mores.moreless
  • Bramwell: Series I (1)
    Eleanor Bramwell (Jemma Redgrave) is a skilled and compassionate doctor whose single fault is that she is a woman in 1895. Her father, Robert Bramwell (David Calder), is able to secure her a position at the East London Hospital where she comes into conflict with the older and more respected Sir Herbert Hamilton (Robert Hardy). Eleanor being proven correct twice over Sir Hamilton results in her being banned from the hospital.moreless
  • The Peacock Spring (2)
    In the second and final episode of The Peacock Spring, Una finds that India holds more than she expected. She falls in love with one of her father's young gardeners. However, her father will not have his daughter marrying a peasant, and the gardener's family still see the British as unwanted invaders. It is a relationship that was not meant to be.moreless
  • The Peacock Spring (1)
    The Peacock Spring is a story of forbidden love that stretches across national borders. A British diplomat whose wife has passed away is stationed in India along with his two teenage daughters. India has been free from British rule for a decade now. His oldest daughter, Una, is none too happy about the move.moreless
  • Heavy Weather
    Heavy Weather
    Episode 15
    Heavy Weather from the show Masterpiece Theatre is based on the classic novel written by P.G. Wodehouse. Adapted by Doug Livingstone, the story centers on English aristocrat Lord Emsworth (Peter O'Toole). Emsworth lives in a castle with his sister Lady Constance Keeble (Judy Parfitt) and his beloved pet pig named Empress of Blandings. Although all he wants is to live a quiet life, Emsworth finds himself mixed up with his relatives' problems and becomes convinced that someone is plotting to steal his prized pig.moreless
  • Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circles
    Prime Suspect 4 is a British television police series focusing on Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) and her colleagues. Jane works for the Metropolitan Police, based in London's Scotland Yard where she not only faces the challenges of solving crimes but also the prejudices of her male colleagues and superiors. During the episode Inner Circles, Jane investigates the death of a country club manager in a wealthy commuter suburb. As the story unfolds Jane's investigations reveal possible political corruption, deception, scandal and fraud.moreless
  • The Final Cut (2)
    The Final Cut (2)
    Episode 13
    The Final Cut (2) is the last installment of a series of politcal thrillers based on Michael Dobbs' House of Cards trilogy. It chronicles the end of UK Prime Minister Francis Urquhart's (Ian Richardson) career as he works to shore up his legacy as well as his finances. But as he copes with impending retirement, grave threats, both old and new, political and personal, approach from all sides.moreless
  • The Final Cut (1)
    The Final Cut (1)
    Episode 12
    The third and final part of the 'House of Cards' trilogy about evil politician Francis Urquhart.
  • The Politician's Wife (2)
    The Politician's Wife is a 185 minute TV drama adaptation of a Paul Milne novel. The storyline tells of a dilemma of a British Parliament Minister Duncan Matlock's wife Flora. How will she deal with the scandalous revelation and media expose of his affair with an escort girl and the havoc it puts over his political career. The drama stars Jacqueline Tong as Suzie, Veronica Clifford as Veronica Weston, Sally Knyvette as Peggy Price and Minnie Driver as Jennifer Caird. It is under the direction of Graham Theakston with Channel 4 Television Corporation as its production company.moreless
  • The Politician's Wife (1)
    The Politician's Wife episode one, from the show Masterpiece Theatre, is about politics and sexual scandals. When Government Minister Duncan Matlock's affair is exposed, his wife, Flora, readily forgives him. However, all is not well in the Matlock household, as Flora seems to have some hidden agendas of her own.
  • The Choir (4)
    The Choir (4)
    Episode 9
    Hugh (Hugh Cavendish) and Iathe (Claire Cox) face challenges in their marriage, while the headmaster (Peter Lacey) must battle against eviction and decide what to do next. Meanwhile, even though his CD was a success, young Henry (Anthony Way) worries about his family's stability and well-being after his father (Peter Vaughn) returns home.moreless
  • The Choir (3)
    The Choir (3)
    Episode 8
    Dean is a worldly man. However, he is plagued by the run down condition of Aldminster Cathedral. With money being tight, Dean must take money from the choir to help pay for restoration projects. His attempts are met with rebuttal from the local choir leader. Can Dean restore the church without sacrificing the choir?moreless
  • The Choir (2)
    The Choir (2)
    Episode 7
    It becomes a community crisis when people are torn between saving a cathedral's choir or using the money to restore the old cathedral.
  • The Choir (1)
    The Choir (1)
    Episode 6
    Save the Cathedral's revered all-boys choir or spend the money to restore the Cathedral to its former glory? That's the no-holds-barred controversy that rips apart the community surrounding England's Aldminster Cathedral in The Choir.
  • Prime Suspect 4: The Lost Child
    Prime Suspect 4 is a British television police drama set in London during the 1990's. The story focuses on one of the few high-ranking women in the male dominated Metropolitan police service, Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison ( Helen Mirren). The episode, The Lost Child challenges Jane and her colleagues to investigate the disappearance and death of a child. Jane's enquiries point to the prime suspect being a convicted child molester but psychologist Dr Schofield (Stuart Wilson) is not convinced that the man is guilty.moreless
  • The Great Kandinksy
    The Great Kandinsky is an episode from the 25th season of the PBS TV series Masterpiece Theater in which an elderly escape artist leaves a nursing home for one last adventure. After reuniting with many of his old friends, Kandinsky begins to change their lives. The Great Kandinsky is based on a novel by Terry Winsor.moreless
  • The Buccaneers (3)
    The Buccaneers (3)
    Episode 3
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  • The Buccaneers (2)
    The Buccaneers (2)
    Episode 2
    Coming Soon
  • The Buccaneers (1)
    The Buccaneers (1)
    Episode 1
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