Masterpiece Theatre - Season 31

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Episode Guide

  • The Road from Coorain
    An Australian TV adaption of JIll Ker Conway's memoir chronicles the academic's childhood on a Nerw South Wales sheep ranch in the late 1930's and '40's.--from TV Guide
  • Innocents
    Episode 20
    Innocents is a powerful and absorbing true story of ill children, desperate parents, and incompetent medical care based on the recent notorious Bristol Royal Infirmary scandal.
  • The Way We Live Now (4)
    The Way We Live Now (4) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on April 23, 2006. While in London, Paul finds out that his relationship with Mrs. Hurtle is not over. After finding this out, Hetta decides that she never wants to see Paul again. Meanwhile, Fisker figures out a way to solve Paul's business problems in Mexico.moreless
  • The Way We Live Now (3)
    The Way We Live Now (3) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired April 16, 2006. Paul moves to Mexico and runs out of money very quickly. His friend Fisker arrives to help him and gives him some advice. Paul still believes that his business ventures can succeed in Mexico, but takes a break and goes to London to relax.moreless
  • The Way We Live Now (2)
    Georgiana Longestaffe, snobbish but desperate to find a husband, arrives in London as a reluctant guest of the Melmottes. Melmotte announces that Marie is to marry another of her suitors, Lord Nidderdale. Marie tells Felix that she has her own money and makes it clear that she will defy her father. Aided by her maid Didon, she begins to plot her elopement with Felix. Paul is concerned that Melmotte refuses to discuss the practicalities of building the railway, and decides to go to Mexico.moreless
  • The Way We Live Now (1)
    London, in the 1870's. Infamous financier, Augustus Melmotte, arrives in town. As he sets up home in a grand new house at Grosvenor Square, rumors of his financial wizardry and his eligible heiress daughter, Marie, spread like wild fire. Concerns are that Melmotte may also be an accomplished swindler.
  • A Death in the Family
    A Death in the Family is based on the life of novelist James Agee and tells the story of how one family must come together and heal after the loss of a loved one. Rufus (Austin Wolff) is just seven years old when his father (John Slattery) dies, an experience that alters the course of his life and has profound consequences for everyone in his family.moreless
  • Lucky Jim
    Lucky Jim
    Episode 14
    Lucky Jim presents viewers with a glimpse into the life of Jim Dixon (Stephen Tompkinson), a university employee bent on finding a way to impress his boss, Neddy Welch (Robert Hardy). Based on Kinglsey Amis's novel of the same name, Lucky Jim also features Keely Hawes as Christine Callaghan, Jim's love interest, and Helen McCrory as Margaret Peel, an unstable colleague who Jim can't seem to avoid.moreless
  • Love in a Cold Climate (2)

    Linda's marriage to to the Commuist Christian raises few eyebrows, but Polly's betrothal to Boy Dougdale raises many.

  • Love in a Cold Climate (1)
    Love in a Cold Climate is a two-part program of the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. 18 year-olds Fanny and her cousin Linda move out of Fanny's aunt and uncle's home in search of love. Linda is soon married to a banker's son but leaves him just as quickly for another man. Fanny finds a love of her own and while her friend Polly attempts to find her own love.moreless
  • Bertie & Elizabeth
    Bertie & Elizabeth
    Episode 11
    This is mostly about the real-life abdication crisis of 1936, as seen by King George VI ('Bertie') and his wife, who came to the throne after King Edward VIII ('David') fell on his sword to marry an American divorcee. As the story centres on putting the case of Bertie and Elizabeth, and not that of David and Wallis, it will seem strange to those brought up on the idea that Edward was the good guy in the story.moreless
  • Othello
    Episode 10
    Othello from the show Masterpiece Theatre aired on January 28, 2002 on the PBS network and told the story of the classic Shakespeare play Othello. Screenwriter Andrew Davies reworked the play and set the tale in modern day London, yet kept most of the old English vernacular that made Shakespeare so famous.moreless
  • The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
    The Murder of Stephen Lawrence is the dramatic recreation of the actual story as told by Stephen's parents. After his murder, the police had a solid five suspects to pursue, and yet they waited two weeks before arresting anyone. Of course by that time, evidence had been destroyed and the traces had been wiped clean, provoking issues surrounding race relations.moreless
  • My Uncle Silas
    My Uncle Silas
    Episode 8
    This gentle period drama is based on stories by H.E. Bates. Bates harks back to his boyhood in Northamptonshire and the extravagant stories of a favorite great uncle.
  • The Cazalets (5)
    The Cazalets (5)
    Episode 7
    Clarissa Cazalet (Florence Hoath) regains hope of finding her missing father when a French soldier tells her of their time fighting together in France. Sybil (Anastatia Hille) dies soon after of her illness after confessing her fears and concerns. Her niece, Louise (Emma Griffiths Malin), marries the painter who she met at school, attended by all the members of her extended family except for the missing and the dead.moreless
  • The Cazalets (4)
    The Cazalets (4)
    Episode 6
    Clarissa Cazalet (Florence Hoath) continues searching for her missing father even as the rest of her family gives up hope of finding him alive. Louise (Emma Griffiths Malin) returns home to visit but is molested by her father, Edward (Stephen Dillane). Enraged, she finally confronts him about his long-time affair with his mistress Diana Mackintosh (Anna Chancellor).moreless
  • The Cazalets (3)
    The Cazalets (3)
    Episode 5
    Rupert Cazalet (Paul Rhys) has vanished while evacuating British soldiers at Dunkirk. His daughter, Clarissa (Florence Hoath), refuses to believe that her father is dead and heads to France, hoping to secure the French high command's help in finding Rupert. Hugh Cazalet (Hugh Bonneville) and his wife, Sybil (Anastatia Hille), must deal with her worsening illness while Louise Cazalet (Emma Griffiths Malin) meets an older painter at school.moreless
  • The Cazalets (2)
    The Cazalets (2)
    Episode 4
    Britain and her allies at last declare war on Germany. Rupert Cazalet (Paul Rhys) enlists in the British Navy and upsets his family, especially his newly pregnant wife, Zoe (Joanna Page). Edward Cazalet (Stephen Dillane) continues with his affair with his mistress but is found out by his daughter Louise (Emma Griffiths Malin). Sickened, Louise cannot wait to go to drama school to escape her lecherous father.moreless
  • The Cazalets (1)
    The Cazalets (1)
    Episode 3
    It is 1937 and the three Cazalet brothers have brought their families with them to their parents' house in the country for a summer vacation. Rupert Cazalet (Paul Rhys) considers whether or not to join his father and his brothers in running the family business while his wife and his older brother enter into separate affairs, all as the shadow of impending war looms over the family.moreless
  • The Ponder Heart
    The Ponder Heart
    Episode 2
    "Uncle Daniel Ponder, blessed with a loving heart, not much common sense and the riches of Croesus, throws his Southern hometown into an uproar in The Ponder Heart, adapted from the late Eudora Welty's award-winning comic novel. "--from Masterpiece Theatre's official website
  • The Merchant of Venice
    The Merchant of Venice is an episode of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which a Venetian merchant guarantees a loan for one of his friends. When the merchant is unable to repay the loan, the lender demands a pound of flesh as compensation. The Merchant of Venice originally aired in 2001.moreless