Masterpiece Theatre - Season 32

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  • White Teeth (2)
    White Teeth (2)
    Episode 23
    1992. Millat (Christopher Simpson) is now a juvenile delinquent attending a progressive school with Archie's beautiful daughter, Irie (Sarah Ozeke). Busted for dope along with nerd Josh Malfen (James McAvoy), the three are sentenced to study sessions with Josh's intellectual parents, Marcus (Robert Bathurst), a controversial geneticist, and Joyce (Geraldine James), a famous gardener. When Samad torches Millat's possessions in a bonfire of teenage vanities, Millat moves in with the Malfens. But he is lured away by the Keepers of the Eternal and Victorious Islamic Nation (KEVIN) -- an Islamic sect with an acronym problem. Josh also turns radical, joining Fighting Animal Torture and Exploitation (FATE) -- an animal rights group targeting his father for crimes against mice. To Samad's horror, when long-absent Magid (also Christopher Simpson) finally returns from Bangladesh, he is more English than the English. Magid immediately goes to work for Marcus on FutureMouse, a transgenic Franken-species. Irie is also working on the project as Marcus's sexually harassed secretary.

    At the public launch for FutureMouse, fate brings the protagonists together: the Joneses, the Iqbals, the Malfens, the mouse, KEVIN, FATE, and a surprise guest from the most traumatic day of Archie and Samad's war service.

    EXXONMOBIL MASTERPIECE THEATRE presents "White Teeth" by Zadie Smith. Shown: Sarah Ozeke as Irie and Christopher Simpson as Millat.

    Pictures and synopsis courtesy of Masterpiece Theatre.moreless

  • White Teeth (1)
    White Teeth (1)
    Episode 22
    On New Year's Day, Archie Jones, a middle aged Italian man contemplates committing suicide because his wife walked out on him. He decides to leave his life up to fate by flipping a coin. Heads, he continues with the plan, or tails, he goes down to the party he's been missing.moreless
  • The Jury (4)
    The Jury (4)
    Episode 21
    The Jury is a four-part series that aired on PBS's Masterpiece Theater. In the fourth and final episode, the jurors are still trying to come up with a verdict. They decide to reenact the crime and finally come up with a decision that surprises them all and changes their lives in unexpected ways.moreless
  • The Jury (3)
    The Jury (3)
    Episode 20
    The Jury is a four-part series that aired on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. In the third episode, the defense and prosecution make their final remarks and the jury is sent to deliberate. Immediately they all begin to argue and later one juror believes he finds the biggest piece of evidence in the case.moreless
  • The Jury (2)
    The Jury (2)
    Episode 19
    The Jury is a four-episode series that aired on the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the second episode, the prosecution finishes up his case against Duvinder while the defense looks for clues leading to another suspect, a known psychopath, who assaulted a jogger near the crime scene. Duvinder reveals his somewhat-condeming history in sword fighting contests to the court.moreless
  • The Jury (1)
    The Jury (1)
    Episode 18
    The Jury is a four-episdoe program that aired on the PBS show Masterpiece Theatre. In the first episode, the jury is chosen for a controversial case: a Sikh teen Duvinder Singh is charged with murdering a white teen at his school. Shady dealings arise between those involved and witnesses come forth to claim Duvinder was near the scene with a weapon and bloody clothes.moreless
  • Daniel Deronda (2)
    Daniel Deronda (2)
    Episode 17
    Daniel Deronda (2) is an episode from season 32 of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which Gwendolen marries Daniel's cousin, Grandcourt. When Grandcourt finds Daniel and Gwendolen together, he takes Gwendolen on a trip to the Mediterranean. Daniel Deronda (2) is based on a novel by George Eliot and originally aired in 2007.moreless
  • Daniel Deronda (1)
    Daniel Deronda (1)
    Episode 16
    Daniel Deronda (1) is an episode from the 32nd season of the PBS TV show Masterpiece Theater in which Daniel meets a young woman at a casino. When she becomes engaged to marry his cousin, Daniel must decide if he should let the marriage go forward. Daniel Deronda (1) originally aired in 2007.moreless
  • Foyle's War: Series I: Eagle Day
    After a bombing raid on Hastings, a man is found dead in the rubble - but from a stab wound to the heart. Foyle soon finds that the dead man was a lorry driver who had been moving valuable paintings to a place of safety in Wales. Then Foyle's son Andrew comes home on leave from a secret radar station. Andrew's friend from University is under observation from Special Branch as a suspected communist sympathiser. Andrew befriends a WAAF and finds out about her friend who killed herself. When he tries to find out more, his senior officers try to frame him for being a spy. Sam's clergyman father visits her to ask her to come home, and he offers the insight which solves the murder of the lorry driver. That then helps Foyle to crack the trumped-up charges against Andrew. It turns out that the radar station commander had been using the strict veil of secrecy surrounding the installation to exploit female staff sexually.moreless
  • Foyle's War: Series I: A Lesson In Murder
    June, 1940. A conscientious objector dies in a police cell after being refused exemption from military service by Judge Lawrence Gascoigne, and after being beaten up by the police. Then a young boy evacuated from London and billeted on Judge Gascoigne's household dies in an explosion in the garden office where Gascoigne works, leading the police to suspect a revenge attack on the Judge. It also appears that Gascoigne strongly disapproves of his daughter's lover - he works at a mysterious "munitions factory" near the Judge's house, which turns out to be making coffins. Other suspects are the girlfriend and best friend of the conscientious objector who died... Getting nowhere, Foyle asks himself a startling question - what if the small boy killed by the bomb was actually the intended victim, and not the judge at all?moreless
  • Foyle's War: Series I: The White Feather
    It is May, 1940, and a German invasion is feared any day. Foyle investigates a girl's act of sabotage and the suspicious death of Margaret Ellis. The girl in trouble (sabotage is a hanging offence) works for the White Feather hotel, where the Friday Club - a pro-Hitler and violently anti-semitic group led by Guy Spencer - meets every Friday. Foyle is deeply shocked to find that Milner, his trusted police sergeant, is a member of the Friday Club.moreless
  • Foyle's War: Series I: The German Woman
    Foyle applies to his superintendent for permission to join the army, but has his request turned down. Meanwhile, enemy aliens are being treated very differently - the Kramers, an anti-Nazi couple, are interned and badly treated, to the point that Mrs Kramer dies; however, Greta Beaumont, a German army officer's sister married to an influential local magistrate at Lower Fenton, is exempted and remains with her husband... Then, after a German bomb hits the pub in her village, Greta is viciously decapitated and Michael Turner is suspected of the murder. But Foyle finds there is more to the Beaumont family than meets the eye, and he finds corruption in his own police force.moreless
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles
    Coming Soon
  • Me & Mrs Jones
    Me & Mrs Jones
    Episode 10
    Coming Soon
  • My Uncle Silas II
    My Uncle Silas II
    Episode 9
    My Uncle Silas II from the show Masterpiece Theater is a 2003 sequel to My Uncle Silas, a PBS movie following an English countryman named Silas (Albert Finney). The movies are based on a book of five short stories detailing the life of a man named Joseph Betts, and his childhood memories of growing up in Northamptonshire.moreless
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (7)
    Soames is desperate for a son---"on any terms!" he screams to Irene. But for that to happen, Soames must divorce Irene. And Irene, as it happens, is growing ever closer to Young Jolyon. She finds any thought of reconciliation with Soames a "degredation." His private investigators, however, have led him to the conclusion that she and Jolyon are having an affair. Upon stumbling upon them at Robin Hill, he insists that they stay away from each other or he will divorce her with "all degredation." They show no sign of obliging, and falsely admit to having an affair. Soames, then procedes with the divorce. He mentions to Winnifred that it is a sad conclusion since he was "always fond of her." He also appproaches Madame Lamotte to be a formal suitor to Annette--with all the finesse of business deal, agreeing to settle £15,000 on Annette immediately. James is convinced his death is imminent, and longs for a male heir to succeed Soames. So, on his father's 90th birthday, Soames is pleased to announce that Annette is pregnant. However, her premature delivery is extremely difficult, and the concluding scenes present a series of disappointments for Soames. Ultimately, there is a silver lining in the cloud.moreless
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (6)
    It's 1899, and Soames (Damian Lewis), 43, decides he wants a child. And since he can't divorce Irene, he wants her to be the mother. As usual, he won't take no for an answer. As for Irene (Gina McKee), she has found a friend in Young Jolyon (Rupert Graves). Meanwhile, Dartie (Ben Miles) has returned from South America, and Winifred (Amanda Root) has taken him back. But their son Val (Julian Ovenden) isn't so forgiving. Val has also fallen in love, with Jolyon's daughter Holly (Amanda Ryan), much to the distress of Holly's brother Jolly (Christian Coulson).moreless
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (5)
    Old Jolyson's bequest finally gives Irene financial security. Twelve years later, Soames (Damian Lewis) decides to divorce her. "We're two peas in a pod---both abandoned," he tells his sister, Winifred (Amanda Root), when her blackguard husband, Dartie (Ben Miles), leaves her after one losing night too many at the gaming table.moreless
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (4)
    Irene has left Soames and it has been left to June to bury Bossiney. But there are also "new beginnings": Old Jolyon (Corin Redgrave) buys Robin Hill, the house Bosinney designed for Soames, and moves there with June, Young Jolyon (Rupert Graves) and his family. Five years later, the now-lonely Old Jolyon meets Irene, who's now a music teacher. She has suffered through hard times since leaving Soames. "We can be pathetic together," he tells her.moreless
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (3)
    Irene's affair with architect Philip Bosinney reaches a crossroads as this eight-our adaptation of John Galsworthy's Victorian-family drama reaches its midway point. As the episode opens, Bosinney is awaiting the judge's ruling in Soames' lawsuit against him. But he and Irene plan to run off together no matter what. After all, he tells her 'respectability won't keep you warm at night.' Soames, however, won't give his wife up with out a fight. Meanwhile, Old Jolyon wants to "retire from London" and take Young Jolyon and his family--June included--with him.moreless
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (2)
    Irene and architect Philip Bosinney only have eyes for each other, and Bosinney's heartborken fiancee sees it.
  • The Forsyte Saga: Series I (1)
    The series opens its 32nd season witha a high-gloss remake of John Galsworthy's Victorian-family soap opera.

    The first Forsyte Saga (which premiered on U.S. public TV in 1969) followed the often overlapping romantic affairs of one aristocratic (and very money conscious) London family for 26 episodes. Here it's seven, and in Part 1, young Jolyon Forsyte (Rupert Graves) dumps his wife for his daughter's governess (Amanda Ooms). Later, Jolyon's cousin, Soames (Damian Lewis), and austere lawyer, falls madly for Irene Heron (Gina McKee)--who is cash-poor, but just not attracted to him.moreless

  • Almost a Woman (Casi Una Mujer)
    The coming of age story chronicle of a Puerto Rican girl in early 1960's New York.