Masterpiece Theatre - Season 5

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  • Sunset Song (6)
    Sunset Song (6)
    Episode 35
    Sunset Song (6). Chae Strachan (Victor Cair), a soldier that served alongside her husband, visits Chris (Vivien Heilbron) and informs her that Ewan died as a deserter not on the battlefield. She begins a new chapter in her life when she meets the new town minister at the dedication of the War Memorial near her home.moreless
  • Sunset Song (5)
    Sunset Song (5)
    Episode 34
    Plagued by postpartum depression, Chris Guthrie's mother has committed suicide. This leaves Chris, her siblings and father alone on the farm. Chris must step into the role of mother. Soon after, her father passes away leaving Chris alone. Instead of leaving for the big city, Chris decides to make a go of farming. She finds love with a local farmer.moreless
  • Sunset Song (4)
    Sunset Song (4)
    Episode 33
    Sunset Song (4). Ewan Tavendale (James Grant) returns home on military leave from the World War I front lines. His wife, Chris (Vivien Heilbron), notices that he has changed and becomes abusive and difficult. Chris is not sad to see him return to military duty but then receives notice that he has been killed.moreless
  • Sunset Song (3)
    Sunset Song (3)
    Episode 32
    Sunset Song (3). Chris Guthrie (Vivien Heilbron) considers leaving her family's farm, after her father's death, to become a teacher in Aberdeen. She then meets Ewan Tavendale (James Grant) and marries him. The young couple have a son and a happy life on the farm until World War I takes Ewan to the frontlines.moreless
  • Sunset Song (2)
    Sunset Song (2)
    Episode 31
    Sunset Song (2). Chris Guthrie (Vivien Heilbron) is left alone to run the farm with her father, John (Andrew Keir) after her brother, Will (Paul Young), moves to Argentina with his new bride. After her father suffers a stroke and dies, Chris learns new information about her father's difficult life that changes her understanding of him.moreless
  • Sunset Song (1)
    Sunset Song (1)
    Episode 30
    Sunset Song (1) is the 1971 six-part miniseries based on the Scottish novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon. The story follows Chris Guthrie (Vivien Heilbron), a young farm girl in Northeast Scotland, after her mother, Jean (Edith MacArthur), commits suicide. While her two younger siblings move in with relatives, Chris and her brother, Will (Paul Young), try to run the family farm with their abusive father, John (Andrew Keir).moreless
  • Cakes and Ale (3)
    Cakes and Ale (3)
    Episode 29
    Part three of the Masterpiece Theatre production of Cakes and Ale debuted on PBS in the spring of 1976. Rosie's first husband, Driffield, is now an accomplished writer marries his nurse. After his death, the woman intent upon downplaying Rosie's importance as his muse, through the writing of a biography. William a writer and former lover of Rosie's adds a twist at the end.moreless
  • Cakes and Ale (2)
    Cakes and Ale (2)
    Episode 28
    Part two of the three-part mini-series Cakes and Ale from Masterpiece Theatre follows the further adventures of Rosie the barmaid. Married life with a struggling young writer named Ted Driffield is just the challenge Rosie craves because Ted needs her more than her other lovers ever have. But when Ted becomes successful and his needs decrease as the needs of a former lover increase, Rosie is faced with a tough decision.moreless
  • Cakes and Ale (1)
    Cakes and Ale (1)
    Episode 27
    Part one of the Masterpiece Theatre production of Cakes and Ale debuted on PBS in the spring of 1976. The production follows the life of Rosie, a pretty and softhearted barmaid, who cares more for the needs of others then the social conventions of love and marriage. Episode one introduces us to young Rosie, some of her lovers and her first husband.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Peace Out of Pain
    While James recovers from his injuries the Germans retreat and the people at 165 Eaton Place get infected with the flu.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Facing Fearful Odds
    Virginia Hamilton returns, seeking Sir Geoffrey Dillon's help with her boy, who is being court-martialed for cowardice. He is found guilty but is left with a reprimand. Meanwhile, Edward has a heart attack and goes absent without leave.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Missing Believed Killed
    James is alive but seriously wounded. Lady Southwold makes Richard and Hazel take an ambulance and nurse to bring him home.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: The Hero's Farewell
    Lady Pru turns the drawing room into a stage for a play. During the middle of it, an air raid begins and hits the house indirectly. Then, a telegram comes saying that James is missing in action.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Another Year
    Edward suffers from shell shock and is discovered by Richard - collapsed, shaking and sobbing.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: The Glorious Dead
    James returns home a changed man and hears that Hazel has been visiting a pilot while he was gone. He does not make a scene but invites her out. James must also comfort Rose after Gregory's death.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: If You Were the Only Girl in the World
    A major offensive gets underway in France while the women back at Eaton Place wait anxiously for news of their men.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Home Fires
    Gregory Wilmot, the Austrailian sheep farmer who met Rose on a train, returns to London after being wounded in France. They decide to marry after the war is over.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Tug of War
    Georgina, who is exhausted after taking part in nurse's training, is told she could make a good nurse. Rose becomes a conductorette, and James returns to his regiment.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: Women Shall Not Weep
    Edward and Daisy marry but he leave forto France. James is forced to sit out the action behind the lines. Meanwhile Mrs. Bridges says she can't live without Ruby, who has gone to work at a munitions factory.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: The Beastly Hun
    As the Germans make their way to the home front, German people are accused of indecent acts. The German baker's house is burned down and his family attacked.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: News from the Front
    James comes home briefly and says that people are dying because of a lack of guns and ammunition. One of the guests, Dillon, tells this to the press, and James's superior officers, thinking he is responsible, pull him from the frontline command. Meanwhile, Edward proposes to Daisy.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series III: A Patriotic Offering
    While James is fighting in the trenches, Belgian refugees who speak no English arrive at 165 Eaton Place.
  • Notorious Woman (7)
    Notorious Woman (7)
    Episode 13
    Notorious Woman (7). In the final chaper entitled "Resolution," George Sand (Rosemary Harris) does not attend the funeral of her former lover, Frederic Chopin (George Chakiris). As the French enter the Revolution of 1848, she begins to focus her writing on political causes such as socialism and women's rights, as well as founding a newspaper with a workers' collective.moreless
  • Notorious Woman (6)
    Notorious Woman (6)
    Episode 12
    Notorious Woman (6). In "Sonata," George Sand (Rosemary Harris) and composer Frederic Chopin (George Chakris) have begun a romance and decide to move in together. Her son, Maurice (Graham Faulkner), now an adult disapproves of the relationship and her daughter, Solange (Georgina Hale), forms a bond with Chopin, which creates conflicts for George's romance.moreless
  • Notorious Woman (5)
    Notorious Woman (5)
    Episode 11
    Notorious Woman (5). In "Prelude," the now infamous George Sand (Rosemary Harris) meets the Polish composer Frederic Chopin (George Chakiris) in 1837 and begins to aggressively pursue the introverted and sickly composer. In spite of the dramatic differences in their temperaments and the warnings of friends, the two artists begin a lasting romance.moreless
  • Notorious Woman (4)
    Notorious Woman (4)
    Episode 10
    Notorious Woman (4). In "Trial," George Sand finally officially ends her marriage to Casimir Dudevant (Lewis Fiander), but remains the primary parent to her children, Maurice (Tim Desmond) and Solange (Angela Strachan). Her novels and plays have made her part of the artistic elite in Paris, including composer Franz Lizst (Jeremy Irons).moreless
  • Notorious Woman (3)
    Notorious Woman (3). In "Conflict," Aurore Dudevant (Rosemary Harris) has now adopted a male pen name, George Sand, and begins to enjoy literary success and the bohemian life in Paris with her lover, Jules Sandeau (Leon Vitali). She soon begins to adopt male dress and begins a series of romantic affairs.moreless
  • Notorious Woman (2)
  • Notorious Woman (1)
    Notorious Woman (1) is the 1974 Masterpiece Theatre biographical drama about the 18th century French novelist and playwright George Sand. The seven-part miniseries begins with "The Misalliance," as 18-year old Aurore Dupin (Rosemary Harris), who will later use the pen name George Sand, marrying Baron Casimir Dudevant (Lewis Fiander) and bears him two children.moreless
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (6)
    Episode 6 is the final chapter of the inspiring Masterpiece Theatre production Shoulder to Shoulder which aired in 1975. This episode reveals the conclusion of the efforts and sacrifices, as well as the culmination of the personal relationships of the famous Pankhurst women and their friends and fellow supporters of the suffragette movement.moreless
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (5)
    Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst is fed up with war. This prompts her to start the Women's Social and Political Union. However, not everyone is happy with the organization. The local police attempt to strong hand the group. But, Emmeline is not so quick to give up. The group fights protesters and police alike. Their goal, to stop the war.moreless
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (4)
    Shoulder to Shoulder (4). Christabel Pankhurst (Patricia Quinn) follows her mother Emmeline (Sian Phillips) in the fight for Women's Suffragette movement. Using her flair for public speaking, Christabel leads militant actions and helps found the Women's Social and Political Union with fellow activist Annie Kenney (Georgia Brown). Christabel experiences several arrests and eventually moves to France and leads her political moves from exile.moreless
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (3)
    Shoulder to Shoulder (3). Although born into the ruling class of Britain, Lady Constance Lytton (Patience Collier) joined the Suffragette movement after meeting political activist Annie Kenney (Georgia Brown). Posing as working class seamstress, Lytton participates in protests and other Women's Social and Political Union actions, eventually serving time in various prisons and writing the influential book, "Prison and Prisoners."moreless
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (2)
    In Shoulder to Shoulder, Emmeline Pankhurst works to secure the voting rights of women. Emmeline works with the Women's Social and Political Union. She meets women from various backgrounds, all who have their own personal troubles. Follow along as the women work to gain voting rights while raising a family.
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (1)
    Shoulder to Shoulder, a six part mini-series from Masterpiece Theatre, debuted on PBS in 1975. Part one introduces viewers to Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia, the women of the famous Pankhurst family and their efforts in the suffragette movement beginning in 1886. The series features actors such as SiÂn Phillips, Patricia Quinn, and Angela Down.moreless