Masterpiece Theatre - Season 6

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Episode Guide

  • Poldark: Series I (16)
    Impending war with France abroad, and an outright rebellion at home in the village, have tensions near a boiling point. The Poldark's begin to achieve stability and increased fortune as tin is discovered in the family mine, but their marriage is threatened as Demelza seeks revenge from outside sources, for her husbands lies and deceptions.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (15)
    George Warleggan's unbridled greed causes the villager's to lose their savings, and their lands. Words of revolt begin to filter throughout the village. Elizabeth, in a desperate attempt to flee Cornwall, makes a life altering decision, one that can never be forgiven. To change her mind, Ross is willing to risk all he has.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (14)
    Elated over the birth of their son and the improvement in their finances, life begins to look up for Ross and Demelza. The Poldark family has much to celebrate, however their celebration is cut short, by the treachery of one of the villager's. The chaos that follows separates Dr. Enys from his fiancÉe, and puts Ross in mortal danger.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (13)
    In an effort to improve their finances, Demelza puts herself and her family in considerable danger. Francis, now optimistic about the future, is forced to pay a steep price for his business dealings with Ross. With the family finances nearing collapse, the situation appears grim, until an unlikely source steps in with aid.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (12)
    George Warleggan and a henchman punish Jud's loyalty to the Poldark family, leaving him for dead. Ross's ensuing anger and contempt for George explodes, and it escalates into a violent tavern brawl. Later, Demelza offers Ross what she thinks is good, though surprising news, and is shocked by Ross's reaction.
  • Poldark: Series I (11)
    Freed from his wrongful imprisonment, Ross settles his differences with Francis, and the two begin a mutual business alliance. The Warleganns become jealous of Ross's success and come up with a plan, while Jud proposes a new business venture for Ross. Both plans have the capacity to destroy Ross and his family financially.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (10)
    Ross faces his biggest challenge yet, having been imprisoned wrongfully for his part in the incident aboard the derelict ship. His former servant Jud Paynter, now a drunkard with a taste for lying, holds the path to Ross's freedom in his hands, and Demelza will stop at nothing to prove Ross's innocence.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (9)
    Ross is locked away, and appears to have no hope for a fair court hearing, after he is arrested and jailed for his role in the violence aboard the wrecked ship. Francis is torn apart by guilt over his involvement with Ross's arrest, and decides to try to make peace with Demelza.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (8)
    Attempting to play peacekeeper to the angry Elizabeth and Francis, Demelza finds herself at wits end with their less than warm responses. Still suffering from intense grief, Ross finds himself in another scandalous incident as he attempts to offer aid to a severely damaged vessel, which ends in total chaos and bloodshed.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (7)
    The Poldarck family each deal with the sense of betrayal that Francis has left them with, while Ross is distracted dealing with the murder investigation that casts suspicion on one of his own employees. The murder sets Ross along a path of ruin for his family, and sends the normally composed Dr. Dwight Enys into a spiraling downfall of doubt and guilt.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (6)
    Ross's risky new business model earns the wrath of the Warleggans. After running a stunning rescue mission to free an wrongfully jailed tenant on death row, Ross makes the situation more tense than ever. While attending the Warleggan charity ball, Ross takes steps to push the simmering tensions over the edge.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (5)
    Elizabeth makes no efforts to hide her disgust with the marriage of her former lover Ross, and Demelza, now the mother of Ross's newly born daughter. Ross must deal with two disapproving families, while balancing the challenges with his risky new business idea, and fatherhood. Meanwhile, Demelza plays cupid to find love for Verity.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (4)
    Demelza feels like a prisoner, stuck in her father's home. The Poldark clan suffers a string of bad luck and terrible tragedies. After running from her marital problems, Elizabeth attempts to find comfort in the arms of Ross, and hopes to reignite their romance but Demelza's secret past threatens to interfere.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (3)
    Poldark is drama set in the 18th century in rural Cornwall, England. The story focuses on Captain Ross Poldark (Robin Ellis) who returns from fighting in the American Revolution to find his fiance Elizabeth engaged to another and his home and business taken over by his uncle. During Episode 3 Ross begins to understand the hardships suffered by the peasants, who he tries to help. He also meets and declares his love for Elizabeth, who is now married and has a child. Rejected by Elizabeth, Ross seeks solace with servant Demelza (Angharad Rees) who declares her love for him.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (2)
    Poldark is a British 18th century drama based on novels written by Winston Graham. The story focusses on Captain Ross Poldark who returns to his home in Cornwall, England, after fighting in the American Revolution. During Series 1 Episode 2 Ross visits the local market where he rescues fifteen year old Demelza from a beating, after she has stolen food. Demelza convinces Ross that she is an orphan and he offers her work as a servant. However Demelza is not always honest and her father visits Ross to seek financial compensation for the loss of his daughter.moreless
  • Poldark: Series I (1)
    Poldark is a romantic drama set in 18th century Cornwall, England. The story follows the life of former British Army Officer, Captain Ross Poldark ( Robin Ellis). During Series 1 Episode 1 Ross returns home from fighting in the American Revolution to find that his family believed that he had died during battle. Ross learns that whilst he has been away his finance, Elizabeth (Jill Townsend) became engaged to his cousin and the family home, tin and copper mines inherited by his greedy uncle.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (16)
    "Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV Episode 16, "" Whither Shall I Wander?"" Faced with the tragic death of James, everyone gets caught up in a state of great turmoil. To pay off the hounding creditors, the family has no other choice but to sell Eaton Place. Georgina's marriage, Richard's retirement and the fate of manor's servants highlight the conclusion for Upstairs, Downstairs."moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (15)
    "Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV Episode 15: ""All The King's Horses"" With renewed vigor and enthusiasm for life due to his success in the New York Stock Exchange, James Bellamy goes home to Eaton Place. However, life takes a cruel turn. Just as James convinced Rose to use her inheritance in speculating, the Wall Street Crash happened. Due to the guilt that he feels for dragging everyone into a failed investment attempt, James decides to do something drastic."moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (14)
    "Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV Episode 14, Noblesse Oblige: Georgina discovers the joy of her fluttering love for one of her admirers, Lord Robert Stockbridge. Amidst the blooming love between the two, one of the servants decides to leave Eaton Place and a new maid takes her place. This episode is full of tension and uncertainty. While Georgina's happy ending is doubtful due to Lord Stockbridge's social status and family background, the servants below stairs struggle with the new servant's insubordination."moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (13)
    After a fight with James (Simon Williams), Hazel (Meg Wynn Owen) realizes she has much more serious things to worry about. She has contracted the Spanish flu, a deadly epidemic. Her family and the servants watch in fear and uncertainty as Hazel battles for her life. Meanwhile, the war draws to an end.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (12)
    Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV, episode 12, from the show Masterpiece Theatre follows Virginia and Rose as they stay in the house of Lord Berkhamstead. There is no electricity and everything seems to go wrong, but Roderick McKay, the head gillie of Lord Berkhamstead, says that the house is haunted by a former laird.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (11)
    Although everyone assumed that James Bellamy (Simon Williams) was dead, his cousin Georgina (Lesley-Anne Down) unexpectedly contacts Richard (David Langton) and Hazel (Meg Wynn Owen) with good news about James. Hazel is overjoyed to learn that her husband is still alive, but when she travels to retrieve him from a French hospital, she becomes embroiled in a fight with Georgina.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (10)
    The Bellamy family estate turns into the setting for a lavish charity matinee. Lady Prudence (Joan Benham) is working hard to make sure the event goes off without a hitch, but an unforeseen disaster might just ruin all her plans. To make matters worse, an ominous telegram arrives, potentially changing everyone's' lives.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (9)
    At a New Year's Eve party, the Bellamy family and their household staff struggle with the difficulties of the past year while looking ahead to a brighter future. Edward (Christopher Beeny) struggles with shell shock, while Ruby (Jenny Tomasin) must seek work after a bomb destroys her home. The Bellamys try to become more involved in helping war victims.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (8)
    Rose (Jean Marsh) receives devastating news about her loved one. Grieving, she seeks out the guidance of Madame Francini (Eileen Way), a psychic. However, the seance proves too much for her. Hazel (Meg Wynn Owen) tries to comfort Rose, but learns bad news of her own that leaves her distracted.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (7)
    After years of neglect, 165 Eaton Place gets a breath of fresh air. With the help of his wife, Sir Hallam Holland vows to bring the old house back to life. Sir Holland enlists the help of former housekeeper, Rose Buck. Rose relies upon her memories to turn the house back into its original splendor.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (6)
    Rose (Jean Marsh) is happy with her work as a conductress, until she accidentally encounters her past. Gregory (Keith Barron), her former fiance, comes into Rose's life and changes all her plans. At the same time, Hazel (Meg Wynn Owen) reluctantly agrees to help the bossy Lady Prudence (Joan Benham) with her charity efforts.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (5)
    Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (5) from the show Masterpiece Theatre originally aired on October 12, 1974 on the PBS Network. Episode 5 of this series is titled Tug of War, and stars Meg Wynn-Owen, Lesley -Anne Down, and Jean Marsh. The series was directed by Derek Bennet, and written by Rosemary Anne Sisson. Supporting cast members include Simon Williams and Valerie Lush.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (4)
    Daisy and Edward finally say their wedding vows. Ruby contributes to the war effort by taking a job with a local munitions depot, and in her own patriotic way, Georgina begins training as a volunteer nurse. James is not satisfied with his current job as a staff officer, believing that his role is on the front lines with his unit.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (3)
    In this episode of Upstairs, Downstairs, Richard and Virginia travel to Geneva. Those who are left behind decide to throw a gala event, which they dub a "Freedom Party." Amidst the excitement, Robin asks Georgina to marry him. When she seems like she will refuse, Robin threatens to end everything, even his own life, if she won't reconsider.moreless
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (2)
    Weary from the fighting, James returns home from the front on a leave pass. He quickly finds himself drawn into a web of political intrigue when he makes a thoughtless complaint about shortages at the front line. Edward and Daisy happily announce their engagement, and begin planning the future wedding.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs: Series IV (1)
    In this episode of Upstairs, Downstairs, sparks fly as Edward engages in a face-to-face dispute with Hudson. Edward visits Eaton Place to let Daisy know he remains unemployed. At the same time, Daisy loses their child. Hudson blames everything on Edwards, which incites the conflict. However, he then takes it on himself to help them find work.moreless
  • Five Red Herrings (4)
    Five Red Herrings is a five-part murder mystery drama directed by Robert Tronson. The story focuses on upper class British amateur detective, Lord Peter Wimsey (Ian Carmichael). Episode 4 of the series takes place in Galloway, Scotland where Peter Wimsey investigates the death of his friend who is found at the bottom of a cliff and appears to have committed suicide. Peter however suspects murder and reconstructs the scene trying to put pressure on the killer to confess.moreless
  • Five Red Herrings (3)
    Lord Peter Wimsey can never catch a break. While on his latest vacation, Lord Peter finds a body in the most unusual of places. However, this murder is not your everyday killing. Lord Peter has six main suspects. He must weed through each ones life to find the true killer.
  • Five Red Herrings (2)
    Lord Peter Wimsey and Bunter investigate the six artists they suspect of killing Mr. Campbell. Painters Miss Selby and Miss Cochran give evidence related to a pair of suspects, and Henry Strachan's young niece Penella drops clues about him while she flirts with Wimsey. Art weaver Gilda Farren discusses her husband, and Jock Graham refuses to offer any explanation of his movements around the time of the murder. Elderly Miss Ellison drinks too much sherry and gossips about Michael Waters, adding pieces to the puzzle. Betty, Mr. Gowan's housemaid, sees a horrifying apparition.moreless
  • Five Red Herrings (1)
    Amateur detective Lord Peter Wimsey (Ian Carmichael) and his man Bunter (Glyn Houston) travel to the Galloway Hills artist colony in Scotland, planning a painting and fishing vacation. Instead they investigate the death of violently disagreeable painter Sandy Campbell (Ian Ireland). Habitual drunkard Campbell publicly quarrels with six of his neighbors and fellow artists in the episode; five of them are red herrings but one is apparently a murderer.moreless
  • How Green Was My Valley (6)
    How Green Was My Valley is a British drama set in a small mining village in South Wales at the turn of the 20th century. The story revolves around the struggles of the Morgan family and the decline of a mining community. During Episode 6 there is a serious accident in the mine. A teacher punishes young Huw Morgan (Roddy McDowall) but later regrets his actions when he is visited by the boys brother.moreless
  • How Green Was My Valley (5)
    How Green Was My Valley (5) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is part 5 in a six episode series on the PBS Network. The series is based on the novel written by Richard Llewllyn. It tells the story of the lives of various individuals in a Welsh mining town. Beth Morgan (Siam Phillips), Gwilym Morgan (Stanley Baker) and their family are the central characters of the series.moreless
  • How Green Was My Valley (4)
    How Green Was My Valley is a drama series that follows the lives of the poor but respectable Morgan family. The Morgan's live in a Welsh mining village at the turn of the 20th century. Narrated by Huw Morgan, the story highlights the hard and dangerous lives led by miners and Huw's efforts to make a better future for himself. During Episode 4 Huw's two brothers move to London to find work after a failed miners strike and his sister Angharad (Susan Jones-Davies) announces her engagement.moreless
  • How Green Was My Valley (3)
    How Green Was My Valley is a drama series that tells the story of Mr and Mrs Morgan and their children who live in a mining village in South Wales at the turn of the 20th century. Gwyllim Morgan (Stanley Baker) and his older sons work in the coal mines, youngest son Huw (Rhys Powys) attends school and daughter Angharad hopes to marry. During Episode 3 Huw has problems at school, his older brothers become involved in strike action and Angharad (Sue Jones-Davies) has an admirer.moreless
  • How Green Was My Valley (2)
    How Green Was My Valley follows the lives of the Morgan family. The family has strong ties to the coal mining village in which they live. In this episode, the mine takes the life of Ifor. Huw must help Bronwen get over her husband's death. However, tragedy from the mines continue to plaque the Morgan family.moreless
  • How Green Was My Valley (1)
    How Green Is My Valley is a British drama series based on a best-selling novel written by Richard Llewellyn. The story begins in the late 1800's and focuses on the lives of the hard-working Morgan family who live in a small mining village in South Wales. During Episode 1, Ivor Morgan introduces the family to his future wife Bronwyn, who school boy Huw Morgan (Rhys Powys) instantly falls in love with. The family also meet the new preacher Mr Gruffyd who impresses Angharad Morgan.moreless
  • Madame Bovary (4)
    Madame Bovary (4)
    Episode 4
    Emma Bovary (Francesca Annis) continues her downward spiral into desperation. Unknown to her husband, Charles (Tom Conti), Emma has led the family into financial ruin. Now, Emma must manage to find money to repay her massive debts. As she runs out of options, Emma despairs of ever fixing the mistakes she has made.moreless
  • Madame Bovary (3)
    Madame Bovary (3)
    Episode 3
    Emma's disappointment in her husband continues to increase and she lapses into a period of depression when the last of her lovers decide to leave her. Madame Bovary gets heavily in debt as she turns her attention from passionate lovers to exquisite dresses that cost a fortune. Amidst her seemingly mundane existence, a chance encounter rekindles an old flame.moreless
  • Madame Bovary (2)
    Madame Bovary (2)
    Episode 2
    Emma's health fails and the couple decides to live in the country for a change in scenery. While in the country, Emma begins to regain her spark in various aspects-especially her romantic life. With her yearnings for the finer things in life, Emma finds solace a law student's attention. Passion, wilfulness and romantic ideals dominate Madame Bovary's stay in the country.moreless
  • Madame Bovary (1)
    Madame Bovary (1)
    Episode 1
    While tending to a prosperous farmer who hurt his leg, Charles Bovary, the new doctor in the village, gets charmed by Emma, the farmer's well-educated daughter. Before long, a marriage between Charles and Emma takes place. To Emma, life have always been a dream which is full of romance but her new post as Madame Bovary, Charles' wife, makes her realize that matrimony is a demanding reality.moreless