Masterpiece Theatre - Season 7

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  • Poldark: Series II (13)
    Hostilities come to a head as Ross accepts a challenge to a duel, risking charges for murder if he succeeds. Elizabeth will go to any length to protect her marriage, and her yet to be born child. Drake tries one last time to find happiness, and he intends to find it with the widowed Morwenna.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (12)
    Following service in the Revolutionary War, Ross Poldark returns home. However, nothing is like he left. He finds his business in ruins and his lavish estate in disrepair. Even more heartbreaking, Ross discovers that his fiancee has become involved with another man. Follow along as Ross fights to regain control over his life.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (11)
    Greedy and unscrupulous George (Ralph Bates) believes that he can gain more power, but in order to do so, he may have to make a few enemies. His main scheme involves bankrupting Ross (Robin Ellis), but Ross is going to fight back to avoid being led into ruin by the ruthless Warleggans.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (10)
    Poldark: Series II (10) brings to light many relationship and marriage problems between Ross and Demelza, as well as Morwenna and Vicar Ossie in episode 10. There is more non-marriage conflict happening between Geo and Ross. Ross, as a captain, receives a huge offer that causes many of his conflicts in this tense episode.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (9)
    Sam is declared a hero after he rescues several miners when Wheal Maiden mine floods. Warleggan, who lost the election to Ross, tries to buy his way into parliament. Demezla plays match-maker and tries to pair up Drake and Mary-Ann. Emma tells a heartbroken Sam that she intends to marry another man.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (8)
    Drake, who has been left for dead after fighting with Sid Rowse, is discovered by Emma and she takes him to the safety of his brother, Sam. Emma's father organizes a wrestling match between Sam and Rowse, which Sam loses much to Emma's dismay. Whitworth is blackmailed by Rowella who threatens to reveal their affair. Warleggan loses his seat in parliament.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (7)
    Elizabeth admits to Ross that she does not know who Valentine's father is. Whitworth, who has slept with Rowella and got her pregnant, tries to persuade Arthur to marry her and pass the baby off as his own. Arthur agrees on the condition that he is given a much larger dowry, which Whitworth cannot afford. Warleggan finds out that Geoffrey has been seeing Drake in secret. Whitworth then arranges for Sid Rowse to attack the young man and leave him for dead.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (6)
    Whitworth assaults his wife, Morwenna, who has just given birth to a son. Warleggan is elected as a member of parliament and continues with his investigation into Valentine's parentage. Sam helps Drake to set up his forge and attracts the attention of Emily. Hugh Armitage continues to show affection towards Demelza.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (5)
    Valentine's infancy is a painful one. Agatha claims that her prediction has come true because of the dark circumstances of his birth. However, Elizabeth attempts to save him by weaning him off the mediocre treatments. Her love seems to revive him. Agatha then begins a conflict with Warleggan. He puts an end to her birthday plans when he discovers she's lied about her age.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (4)
    It's love and war in this episode of Poldark. Ross goes to war at the fort in the middle of the night and subsequently sets Dwight free. He nearly dies, but Drake saves him at a high cost to himself. Ross' brother aims to marry Morwenna, but Drake reveals that she has secretly made another commitment that cannot be undone.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (3)
    Poldark: Series II episode 3 finds Captain Ross almost losing his life on French soil while continuing the search for Dwight against all odds. Morwenna is promised to be wed to a Warleggan but another Warleggan, Drake, attempts to woo her with his charm. Which one will be successful in winning the girl?moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (2)
    Warleggan now seeks to expand his control over the community by taking the church away from the Methodists. Though they have a legitimate contract with Elizabeth, he makes her cancel it. Ross instead allows them to build their own hall. Warleggan then tries to set Morwenna up with a potential suitor, not realizing that she is carrying on a secret affair.moreless
  • Poldark: Series II (1)
    In this episode, Aunt Agatha is facing a grave financial crisis. She stands to lose everything. Warleggan moves to capitalize on the situation by managing her house, firing her employees, and moving in. Meanwhile Elizabeth takes a tumble on a flight of stairs while pregnant and then delivers a boy. Agatha warns that nothing good can come of this child.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (7)
    On the brink of death, Wrayburn decides to do something unexpected, marrying Lizzie. He shuns the fact that Lizzie is way beyond him in the social ladder, thinking that he is going to die anyway. However, unforeseen happens and Wrayburn confronts the reality before him. All's well that ends well, the episode ties loose ends and foretells the fate of each character.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (6)
    Fearing that her two suitors will embark on a violent competition over her, Lizzie decides to flee. What she doesn't know is that the two are hot on her heels. Wrayburn trails Lizzie after getting information about her whereabouts but the jealous Headstone goes berserk upon seeing the two together. In a violent rampage, Headstone attacks the unsuspecting Wrayburn and leaves him to die.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (5)
    Our Mutual Friend, from the show Masterpiece Theatre, is the fifth episode in the PBS series based on the Charles Dickens novel. The story is centered around a corpse that is found in the Thames River that is said to have claims to a large fortune, and how the high society individuals react to the situation.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (4)
    The mysterious secretary, John Rokesmith, casts off his disguise and reveals that he is John Harmon, the heir whose body was found in the Thames River. John's discloses the dead body's real identity and reveals his motives for keeping his identity secret from Bella. An interesting sequence of events follows the Harmon heir's resurrection.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (3)
    Our Mutual Friend is a mini series based on the book written by well-known author Charles Dickens. The drama takes place in London, England during Victorian times and involves characters from the lower classes to high society gentlefolk. The story begins when a worker inherits a lucrative rubbish heap business from his employer. The man's good fortune however leads to murder, extortion, greed and romance. During Episode 3 two unsavory characters plan to extort money from wealthy Noddy Boffin (Peter Vaughan) who inherited the prosperous dust mountain business.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (2)
    With the death of the sole Harmon heir, comes the necessity for a change in the line of succession. In default of the young John Harmon, the inheritance goes to the Boffin couple, trusted employees of the Harmons. The Boffins decide to adopt Harmon's fiance who mourns for a man that she never met. The mysterious male secretary that the Boffins hired, develops a keen interest in the dead Harmon's wife-to-be.moreless
  • Our Mutual Friend (1)
    In the 19th century, dust-contracting is a lucrative recycling business and the Harmons have made fortune from such. Due to the provisions in the older Harmon's will, young John Harmon should marry Bella Wiltshire to claim his inheritance. However, the conditions for succession becomes old news as a body pulled from the Thames gets identified as John Harmon, the only heir to the dust empire.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (10)
    Anna Karenina (10)
    Episode 33
    "Anna Karenina" premiered on PBS's "Masterpiece Theatre" in 1982. Since then, this classic love story has become a tragic love story for the ages. Set during imperialist Russia, the story follows a young Anna Karenina as she fights to be with the one she loves. Will the story end happily, or will Anna loose everything?moreless
  • Anna Karenina (9)
    Anna Karenina (9)
    Episode 32
    Anna Karenina is a drama series based on a novels written by Leo Tolstoy. Set in the latter part of the 19th century in Russia the story focusses on love, marriage and adultery among the aristocracy in Russia. The central character in the story is aristocrat Anna Karenina ( Helen MCroy). Anna is a wife and mother who falls in love with wealthy Count Vronsky. During Episode 9 Anna's husband threatens to take custody of their son if she does not continue in the marriage.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (8)
    Anna Karenina (8)
    Episode 31
    Anna Karenina is searching love in all the wrong places. She has a natural ease about her, it makes men fall at her feet. However, it is always the wrong men. Anna is in search of her soul mate. She must wade through the revolving door of men to find her one true love.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (7)
    Anna Karenina (7)
    Episode 30
    Anna Karenina is a historical drama set in 19th century Russia. The drama tells the tragic story of Anna Karenina who, whilst married to aristocrat Alexandrovich (Stephen Dillane), has a passionate affair with Count Veronsky (Kevin McKidd). During Episode 7 Count Veronsky dismisses his mother's concerns that he is causing scandal and will ruin his career by associating with Anna. He also learns that Anna is pregnant with his child and that she has told her husband of their affair.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (6)
    Anna Karenina (6)
    Episode 29
    Anna Karenina is a drama series set in Russia during the 19th century. Based on a novel by Russian writer Leon Tolstoy, the tragic story focuses on wife and mother Anna Karenina (Helen McCroy) who has an affair with a wealthy Count. During episode 6 Anna spends time with Count Vronsky whilst her husband is away. When she returns home her husband is waiting for her and informs her of the gossip that she is causing. Anna reassure's her husband that Count Vronsky is only a friend but her husband remains suspicious particularly when she rejects his sexual advances.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (5)
    Anna Karenina (5)
    Episode 28
    Anna Karenina is a historical drama set in Russia during the 19th century. The story focuses on aristocratic wife and mother Anna Karenina ( Helen MCroy) who has an affair with wealthy Count Vronsky. During Episode 5 Anna attends a social occasion where she meets Count Veronsky who declares his love for her. Unbeknown to Anna, her husband and other guests take note of the intermit meeting. On returning home Anna's husband warns her of future gossip but she takes little notice and rushes to meet Count Veronsky in his apartment.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (4)
    Anna Karenina (4)
    Episode 27
    Anna Karenina (4) from the show Masterpiece Theatre is the fourth episode in the 10 episode series, originally airing on the PBS Network in 1978. It is based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy and tells the story of Anna (Nicole Pagett) who is married to a much older man, and how tragedy strikes when she begins an extramarital affair.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (3)
    Anna Karenina (3)
    Episode 26
    "Anna Karenina" is a mini-series from the show "Masterpiece Theatre" that originally aired on PBS in 1982. Directed by David Blair and based on Tolstoy's famous novel, the show is a modern interpretation of the romantic and tragic tale of two lovers, Anna Karenina (Helen McCrory) and Count Vronsky (Kevin McKidd) in Imperial Russia.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (2)
    Anna Karenina (2)
    Episode 25
    In Anna Karenina, episode two, from the show Masterpiece Theatre, Anna begins to spend more time with the inner circle of Princess Betsy. She is a known gossip that happens to be Vronsky's cousin. Vronsky and Anna begin to spend more time with each other and their relationship becomes increasingly romantic. The two must hide the affair, but as they are spotted in public together, suspicion grows.moreless
  • Anna Karenina (1)
    Anna Karenina (1)
    Episode 24
    Anna Karenina, episode one from the show Masterpiece Theatre, follows the life of Prince Stepan Arkadyevitch Oblonsky, otherwise known as "Stiva." Stiva has been having an affair behind his wife's back. When his wife, Darya Alexandrovna, eventually stumbles upon her husband's secret, her anger and distress creates tension among everyone in the household.moreless
  • I, Claudius (13)
    I, Claudius (13)
    Episode 23
    I, Claudius (13) from the show Masterpiece Theatre depicts Claudius's (Derek Jacobi) determination to restore the Republic and his resigned acceptance of the price that must be paid. He marries his niece and declares her son, Nero (Christopher Biggins), to be co-heir with his son. Claudius regrets that his son is too honorable to survive his niece's machinations but chooses to commit suicide so that Nero can alienate Rome into refusing imperial rule.moreless
  • I, Claudius (12)
    I, Claudius (12)
    Episode 22
    I, Claudius (12) from the show Masterpiece Theatre has Claudius (Derek Jacobi) experiencing both the heights and depths of rulership. He commands the successful conquest of Britain and is proclaimed a god, but the people closet to his heart turn on him. His dearest friend rallies the eastern provinces to rebel against Claudius while his wife Messalina (Sheila White) continues to plot Claudius's murder.moreless
  • I, Claudius (11)
    I, Claudius (11)
    Episode 21
    I, Claudius (11) from the show Masterpiece Theatre depicts the aftermath of Caligula's (John Hurt) murder. Caligula's blood still dripping from their swords, the Praetorian Guard convinces Claudius (Derek Jacobi) to become emperor. Claudius manages to settle with Caligula's murderers but struggles with the burden of a wife plotting against him. He learns to his regret that an emperor can trust no one.moreless
  • I, Claudius (10)
    I, Claudius (10)
    Episode 20
    I, Claudius (10) from the show Masterpiece Theatre sees Caligula (John Hurt) alienating his supporters and descending into total madness. He names his horse a senator, sells senatorial wives to the highest bidders, and hurls insults at Neptune while standing on the shores of the English channel. The breaking point comes when even the Praetorian Guard begins plotting against Caligula.moreless
  • I, Claudius (9)
    I, Claudius (9)
    Episode 19
    I, Claudius (9) from the show Masterpiece Theatre depicts Caligula's (John Hurt) ascension to the throne and the beginning of his descent into madness. Caligula persuades Tiberius (George Baker) to make him and his cousin his heirs before murdering Tiberius and his cousin to become sole ruler of Rome. After falling into a coma, Caligula declares himself Zeus, marries his sister, and attempts to reenact the birth of Athena.moreless
  • I, Claudius (8)
    I, Claudius (8)
    Episode 18
    I, Claudius (8) from the show Masterpiece Theatre sees Sejanus (Patrick Stewart) coming closer and closer to the throne as his master, Tiberius (George Baker) begins to fade. Sejanus moves to banish rival claimants to the throne and eliminate those who can oppose him but evidence of his scheme slips out. Claudius (Derek Jacobi) brings this evidence to a furious Tiberius, who denounces his minion and orders his murder.moreless
  • I, Claudius (7)
    I, Claudius (7)
    Episode 17
    I, Claudius (7) from the show Masterpiece Theatre oversees Tiberius's (George Baker) descent into degenerate hedonism. Sejanus (Patrick Stewart) tightens his hold on Rome, bringing prominent Romans to trial and condemning them for fictitious treason. Claudius (Derek Jacobi) evades Sejanus by marrying his sister and learns from the Sibylline prophecies through Livia (Sian Phillips) that he will live to become emperor.moreless
  • I, Claudius (6)
    I, Claudius (6)
    Episode 16
    I, Claudius (6) from the show Masterpiece Theatre depicts Tiberius's (George Baker) ascension to the imperial purple and one of the schemes used to secure his place. Germanicus (David Robb) falls dead of unnatural causes in Syria; and it is not long before his widow, Agrippina (Fiona Walker), accuses a prominent senator of murder. Desperate, that senator begins reaching for help and threatens to accuse Tiberius.moreless
  • I, Claudius (5)
    I, Claudius (5)
    Episode 15
    I, Claudius (5) from the show Masterpiece Theatre sees Claudius (Derek Jacobi) passing on suspicions of Livia's (Sian Phillips) murderous accomplishments to a triumphant Germanicus (David Robb) home from Germania. Germanicus passes the information on to Augustus (Brian Blessed) who chooses to change the line of succession but falls ill under suspicious circumstances before he can do so.moreless
  • I, Claudius (4)
    I, Claudius (4)
    Episode 14
    I, Claudius (4). In "What Should We Do About Claudius," the deformed Claudius (Derek Jacobi) receives encouraging advice from the historian Pollio (Donald Eccles) to highlight his weaknesses in order to survive the murderous environment of his ambitious family. After Augustus (Brian Blessed) names him as successor, Posthumus (John Castle) becomes the target of Livia's (Sian Phillips) twisted ambition.moreless
  • I, Claudius (3)
    I, Claudius (3)
    Episode 13
    Antonia is disappointed in Claudius and doesn't mince words in confiding in Julia. While she understands Germannicus and Livilla are partly at fault, she still thinks he's stupid. When a wolf is dropped into Claudius's arms and it is understood that this means he'll be Rome's savior, her perception changes. Livia makes it her priority to prove that Julia is an adulteress.moreless
  • I, Claudius (2)
    I, Claudius (2)
    Episode 12
    I Claudius (2). In this episode of the 1976 British miniseries, "Family Affairs," the emperor Augustus (Brian Blessed) must choose an heir and his wife, Livia (Sian Phillips), continues her quest to place her son from her first marriage, Tiberius (George Baker), as the next ruler of Rome and have Augustus named a God. Tiberius' brother Drusus (David Robb) and his wife, Antonia (Margaret Tyzack) have a child they name Claudius.moreless
  • I, Claudius (1)
    I, Claudius (1)
    Episode 11
    I, Claudius (1) is an episode from the 11th season of the PBS television series Masterpiece Theater in which the bumbling Claudius (Derek Jacobi) unexpectedly becomes Emperor of Rome after the death of his nephew, the bloodthirsty Caligula (John Hurt). Adapted from the book of the same name, I, Claudius originally aired in 1977.moreless
  • Dickens of London (10)
    Dickens of London (10). In "Magic," Charles (Roy Dotrice) captures the British public's imagination with "The Old Curiosity Shop." At the same time, his close friends and family become concerned about his mental state when his obsession with Queen Victoria's upcoming marriage to a German citizen leads him to consider leaving England.moreless
  • Dickens of London (9)
    Dickens of London (9). In "Dreams," Charles (Gene Foad) visits an unorthodox doctor, John Elliotson (Ben Kingsley), because of his fear of ill health after the loss of his beloved sister-in-law, Mary (Lois Baxter). His father, John (Roy Dotrice), once again gets the family into difficulties because of a money-making scheme.moreless
  • Dickens of London (8)
    Dickens of London (8). In "Possession," Charles (Gene Foad) enjoys more literary success and purchases an extravagant London home for his growing family. His wife, Kate (Adrienne Burgess) becomes emotionally unstable as Charles spends most of his time away from home, researching his stories and flirting with her sister, Mary (Lois Baxter).moreless
  • Dickens of London (7)
    Dickens of London (7). In "Money," Charles (Gene Foad) and his wife, Kate (Adrienne Burgess) are expecting their first child and enjoying the success of "The Pickwick Papers." A dream inspired Charles to begin work on "Oliver Twist," the novel about a London orphan who becomes a pickpocket to survive reminds him of his own impoverished childhood.moreless
  • Dickens of London (6)
    Dickens of London (6). In "Fame," Charles (Gene Foad) proposes to his publisher's daughter, Catherine Hogwarth (Adrienne Burgess). His serialized novel "The Pickwick Papers" is a great success, but his father, John (Roy Dotrice), once again asks his son for money when Charles wants to furnish a home for his new wife.moreless
  • Dickens of London (5)
    Dickens of London (4). In "Love," Charles (Gene Foad) is now a young man and falls in love with Maria Beadnell (Karen Dotrice). He hopes to make a career in the theatre with writing and acting in order to propose marriage to Maria, but Maria's cousin, Mary (Sheila Kelvin), discovers the prison past of Charles' father, John (Roy Dotrice).moreless
  • Dickens of London (4)
    Dickens of London (4). In "Love," Charles (Gene Foad) is now a young man and falls in love with Maria Beadnell (Karen Dotrice). He hopes to make a career in the theatre with writing and acting in order to propose marriage to Maria, but Maria's cousin, Mary (Sheila Kelvin), discovers the prison past of Charles' father, John (Roy Dotrice).moreless
  • Dickens of London (3)
    Dickens of London (3). In "Blacking," a 12-year old Charles (Simon Bell) works in the harsh conditions at a boot polish factory to help his family survive while his father, John (Roy Dotrice), serves time in debtor's prison. He also tries to beg, borrow and sell family possessions to pay for his father's release.moreless
  • Dickens of London (2)
    Dickens of London (2). In "The Deed," the Dickens family continues to struggle financially and must move to a less prosperous neighborhood in London. With debt collectors after his father, John (Roy Dotrice), young Charles (Simon Bell) returns home from boarding school and decides to seek employment to help the family survive.moreless
  • Dickens of London (1)