Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 8

Cigarette Burns

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 16, 2005 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

In this episode Jimmy Sweetman ventures out to locate a rare film print called “La Fin Absolue du Monde”. The film once shown has been known to drive its audience into a crazed frenzy before the theater goes up in flames. He finally discovers that the film does live up to its reputation and the results are quite shocking.moreless

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  • A good episode of this series.

    Cigarette Burns, directed by John Carpenter, is an episode that deals with a man named Kirby Sweetman and his obsessive pursuit of a rare print of a movie that supposedly induces madness and acts of violence and death upon any who view it. As Kirby, looking to get the print for an eccentric collector in return for a sizable reward, travels from place to place in search of the film, his obsession grows even as the sights and gruesome history become darker with every step.

    For this reviewer, this episode was good but was missing something that is hard to put a finger on. The blood and gore scenes were fairly well done but seemed lacking, well, something. A good episode for the Masters of Horror series though this reviewer suspects many who view it will have widely ranging opinions on it.moreless
  • Excellent episode. Carpenter at his best. I loved the story of a film so evil that it is in league with Lucifer.

    Loved this. Didn't really know what to expect, but the story was gripping. I really don't want to give much away, but suffice to say a film buff hires a guy to track down a very special film. This film was shown once, and murder and violence ensued.

    This seriously could be redone and made into a very successful horror film. There is a speech in this, that the audience is in the hands of the director, and we trust him not to go to far with his art. I am paraphrasing. A brilliant story, that will haunt your dreams !moreless
  • Cigarette Burns leaves a lasting impression.

    In Cigarette Burns Udo Keir hires Norman reedus to track down a movie that is supposedly destroyed. The movie, Le Fin Absolue du Monde, which translates to the absolute end of the world, drives the people that watch it to commit horrendous acts of violence in a bloodlust. Kier is top notch in his role as the eccentric film collector proving once again why he is a mainstay in the horror genre. John Carpenter has had lots of success during his long carrer but i say that with Cigareete Burns he has reached the zenith of his career. This short film is one of the best pieces of horror that I have ever seen. The images of this work stuck with me long after having seen it. I have recommended it to all of my friends and none have been disappointed. If you're looking for a great horror story, you won't find any better than this.moreless
  • Udo Keir seeks a 'lost' film and hires a man to find it...the consequence of which leads to horrifying deaths.

    John Carpenter remains a much neglected film-maker whose track record includes classics such as "The Thing", "Escape from New York" and "Halloween".

    In more recent years his productions whilst not without merit lack the atmosphere and narrative tension of his earlier works. It was with awe that I watched "Cigarette

    Burns". From its opening right through to its closure Carpenter doesnt put a foot wrong, tense, dark,black and at times surreal. There are some nice refrences for horror fans,the mentioning of a Dr. Phibes movie and Vincent Price brought a smile to my face,before the unease began to build as the search for the lost film becomes center stage. With each scene, Carpenter builds the narrative enticing the viewer into a dark nightmare of flash visions of blood and suicide,death and destruction! Add to this is a very good score by Carpenter's son, Cody , which is so like his father's work , that you cant help but wonder if the elder

    Carpenter helped out.

    All in all, "Cigarette Burns" shows a director back on form,displaying a drive and understanding for the genre that has been very much missed. Welcome back John. Horror has a name, and you know, it's still Carpenter!!!moreless
  • A man looks for a old film that turned people homicidal when it premiered. As he goes on his quest to find it, he too starts to turn homicidal.

    This is only the second episode of this series that I have seen and I absolutely love it. It is about a man looking for a film that made people homicidal while watching it. The plot sounded intriguing and people said it was good on the Masters of Horror boards, so I decided to watch through Netflix. I watched and then found myself creeped out. I couldn't stop thinking about the episode. The episode is very powerful as well as gory. For those who are squeamish, do not watch this episode or any others in this series. John Carpenter did a magnificent job directing. Those who like "The Ring", will love this episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Kirby picks up the envelope containing pictures from the film, Katja Backovic's home addrees is listed on it to be in Vancouver, B.C.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Meyers: We trust filmmakers. We sit in the dark, daring them to affect us, secure in the knowledge that they won't go too far....Hans Backovic was a terrorist. He abused that trust we place in filmmakers. He didn't want to hurt his audience, he wanted to destroy them completely.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Visual: Moonface

      The first time Kirby enters Bellinger's room, there is a poster with a picture of Moonface on the hallway wall. Moonface was the murderer in "Incident On and Off A Mountain Road", a previous episode of Masters of Horror.