Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 3

Dance of the Dead

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 11, 2005 on Showtime
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This story revolves around a post-apocalyptic town where re-animated corpses of friends and enemies dance on stage for the few people who survived a nuclear holocaust. Peggy, a naïve girl, learns of the dangers of the outside world and the sacrifices made to guarantee her survival.

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  • This movie shows us how twisted people can get when it comes to survival and money.

    This movie shows us how twisted people can get when it comes to survival and money. Peggy meets the bad boy every girl wants and goes on an adventure to a dark world of the undead and substance abuse. It's amazing who she sees on her way down the spiral.

    I thought this was an original look at zombies. How many times can you hear the phrases, "I'm so hungry," or "brains, brains"? I found the human insensitive and lack of humanity scary enough to hold the horror genre. Yes, it wasn't that gory but it was a good movie none the less.moreless
  • loved it.

    I absolutely loved this episode. People dont give it any credit. I don't see how so many people can HATE this episode, but love "Deer Woman".

    I loved the way it was shot with the flashes and the way all the colors seemed brilliant.

    I thought the storyline was great! I completely bought the whole "teenagers love getting completely messed up on drugs and watching dead people dance" thing. I mean, teenagers get worse and worse with each generation and if the war was as bad as they made it seem I could tottally see that happening.

    I don't see how people could not understand it. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. They WERE the living dead, but they only stayed alive until all the drugs in their systems was gone. The MC could do whatever he pleased with them, but he wanted to shock them to make it seem like they were dancing for the drugged-up teenagers to enjoy.moreless
  • Despite the fact that this episode was totally insane its better than people give it credit for.

    To be honest I'm guessing that Tobe Hooper was on drugs when he wrote this episode because it is besides difficult to fully understand the entire storyline. It was quite a good idea I have to admit, of a post apocalyptic world that was plagued by some sort of bouts of fallout (as far as I understood) but the people affected came back to life or something. I don't know, I still don't fully get it, I'm not even sure if they were zombies. But if its made me of all people think this much its very very well done.moreless
  • The dancing dead.

    after two very enjoyable episodes comes the first stinker of the series. I’ve been someone who loves alternative realities, this episode started off pretty good. I loved the strange feeling of it, the flashbacks were fantastic, the cast was believable, some scenes were shocking and intruding. So what went wrong? The last 20 minutes or so, they were completely messy and badly written which make the rest of the episode BOMB. ‘Dance Of The Dead’ had a lot of potential but the writer probably fell asleep when he wrote the last pages, shame!

    The flashbacks make the episode, at a girl’s birthday party some plasma falls on the kids and burn them, except a mother with her two daughters who see the rest all burn and die.

    Another impressive scene was when some women were put into a trash can and then burned, you actually saw their bodies burn which was sort of shocking. The rest was just slow and uninteresting. Apparently one of the girls got lost, the younger sister eventually found her at a club, her mom had sold her because the girl didn’t ever listen. The script was really terrible, the reasons why that girl was there and how the mom eventually turned out to be a dancing zombie. The biggest problem with the episode is that the storyline didn't make any sense, first it was about the apocalypse, then suddenly about rock music and dancing dead, was that what I was waiting for? the writers build up the episode just to smack it in my face? ‘Dance of the dead’ is an easy to forget episode, or at least, you want to forget it.moreless
  • I expected more from Masters of Horror and Tobe Hooper.

    This isn't the most impressive entry in the series. I had high hopes due to the fact that Tobe Hooper directed it and Billy Corgan did the music. My first complaint is that the various tunes throughout the episode aren't memorable. My second is that the last ten or so minutes of "Dance of the Dead" are predictable. The storyline is interesting, but not played out all too well. Robert Englund is great as the demented MC, he could have been given something even creepier though. Jessica Lowndes does a good job portraying teenage Peggy that ends up getting corrupted. All in all this episode isn't THAT bad, just dissapointing. Oh well, lets hope Tobe gets his things together for his next contribution.moreless
Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes

Peggy - "Dance Of The Dead"

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker

Jak - "Dance Of The Dead"

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In Richard Matheson original story of the same name, the condition is called L.U.P. (Lifeless Undead Phenomenon)-This freak of physiological abnormality was discovered during the war when, following certain germ-gas attacks, many of the dead troops were found erect and performing the spasmodic gyrations which, later, became known as the "loopy's" (L.U.P.'s) dance. The particular germ spray responsible was later distilled and is now used in carefully controlled experiments which are conducted only under the strictest of legal license and supervision.

    • The Song "We are One" by Buckethead with Serj Tankian of the album Enter The Chicken (2005), is used in this episode when Peggy arrives at the Muskeet.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • Jonathan Tucker was in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the 1974 original was directed and co-written by Tobe Hooper, the director of this episode.

    • The stars Jessica Lowndes and Ryan McDonald already knew each other before being in "Dance of the Dead."

    • Episode is based on a short story written by Richard Matheson and was adapted by his son, Richard Christian Matheson.