Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 3

Dance of the Dead

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 11, 2005 on Showtime

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  • This movie shows us how twisted people can get when it comes to survival and money.

    This movie shows us how twisted people can get when it comes to survival and money. Peggy meets the bad boy every girl wants and goes on an adventure to a dark world of the undead and substance abuse. It's amazing who she sees on her way down the spiral.

    I thought this was an original look at zombies. How many times can you hear the phrases, "I'm so hungry," or "brains, brains"? I found the human insensitive and lack of humanity scary enough to hold the horror genre. Yes, it wasn't that gory but it was a good movie none the less.
  • loved it.

    I absolutely loved this episode. People dont give it any credit. I don't see how so many people can HATE this episode, but love "Deer Woman".

    I loved the way it was shot with the flashes and the way all the colors seemed brilliant.

    I thought the storyline was great! I completely bought the whole "teenagers love getting completely messed up on drugs and watching dead people dance" thing. I mean, teenagers get worse and worse with each generation and if the war was as bad as they made it seem I could tottally see that happening.

    I don't see how people could not understand it. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. They WERE the living dead, but they only stayed alive until all the drugs in their systems was gone. The MC could do whatever he pleased with them, but he wanted to shock them to make it seem like they were dancing for the drugged-up teenagers to enjoy.
  • Despite the fact that this episode was totally insane its better than people give it credit for.

    To be honest I'm guessing that Tobe Hooper was on drugs when he wrote this episode because it is besides difficult to fully understand the entire storyline. It was quite a good idea I have to admit, of a post apocalyptic world that was plagued by some sort of bouts of fallout (as far as I understood) but the people affected came back to life or something. I don't know, I still don't fully get it, I'm not even sure if they were zombies. But if its made me of all people think this much its very very well done.
  • The dancing dead.

    after two very enjoyable episodes comes the first stinker of the series. I’ve been someone who loves alternative realities, this episode started off pretty good. I loved the strange feeling of it, the flashbacks were fantastic, the cast was believable, some scenes were shocking and intruding. So what went wrong? The last 20 minutes or so, they were completely messy and badly written which make the rest of the episode BOMB. ‘Dance Of The Dead’ had a lot of potential but the writer probably fell asleep when he wrote the last pages, shame!

    The flashbacks make the episode, at a girl’s birthday party some plasma falls on the kids and burn them, except a mother with her two daughters who see the rest all burn and die.

    Another impressive scene was when some women were put into a trash can and then burned, you actually saw their bodies burn which was sort of shocking. The rest was just slow and uninteresting. Apparently one of the girls got lost, the younger sister eventually found her at a club, her mom had sold her because the girl didn’t ever listen. The script was really terrible, the reasons why that girl was there and how the mom eventually turned out to be a dancing zombie. The biggest problem with the episode is that the storyline didn't make any sense, first it was about the apocalypse, then suddenly about rock music and dancing dead, was that what I was waiting for? the writers build up the episode just to smack it in my face? ‘Dance of the dead’ is an easy to forget episode, or at least, you want to forget it.
  • I expected more from Masters of Horror and Tobe Hooper.

    This isn't the most impressive entry in the series. I had high hopes due to the fact that Tobe Hooper directed it and Billy Corgan did the music. My first complaint is that the various tunes throughout the episode aren't memorable. My second is that the last ten or so minutes of "Dance of the Dead" are predictable. The storyline is interesting, but not played out all too well. Robert Englund is great as the demented MC, he could have been given something even creepier though. Jessica Lowndes does a good job portraying teenage Peggy that ends up getting corrupted. All in all this episode isn't THAT bad, just dissapointing. Oh well, lets hope Tobe gets his things together for his next contribution.
  • What a mess.

    From Tobe Hooper, the director of Poltergeist? Was I dreaming when I saw his name when the credits rolled? I had to check, no, it really is Tobe Hooper, yeah the one who directed Poltergeist, I know that part is real. Then I watched the rest of the show hoping for some scary show, the first minutes made my stomach churn, I almost threw up at the end, not that it was scary, it was horrible. oh i mean horrible. why would that be i asked myself, it's a tobe hooper episode, one conclusion that I can come up with, mr. hooper's family must have been taken hostage by the producer and he had to direct this episode in order to save their lives. why else should he make it, it's so bad.
  • Trippy

    This is a fast paced & trippy episode with fast, wacked out camera edits...a great one to watch when buzzed. It's worth it just for the scene when they're racing towards the club at a million miles an hour while consuming every drug they have on hand.

    The zombie shocking is a very good comment on our society and what people will exploit to make cash...

    There are 2 negatives: One is lack of orginality in the post-apocalytic setting....we've all seen that a million times in Mad Max, Escape from New York, etc...and the second is the unconvincing quick-change of the female lead from good girl to the opposite in a very short time.

    Still, a quick moving episode with a fitting ending.
  • 1.0
    This movie was not a horror!!! It did not even come close. Staying to watch the entire episode was a personal challenge (and it\\\\\\\'s only one hour long).

    This episode\\\\\\\'s only real purpose is puting in perspective how good the rest of the series is.

    A post-apocalyptic town is nothing new either, even terminator was unoriginal on the apocalypse front (30 years ago). The movie failed even to provide decent gore scenes in flashback of the apocalyptic period

    Watching furthur episodes of this series I am plauged with fear that they may be just as bad (if possible).

    If faced with the choice of watching this run away as fast as your legs can carry you! for your own good.!
  • After 2 great episodes comes this dreadful piece of crap. Tope Hooper isnt doing anything interesting here.

    I was quite disappointed by this episode, the first 2 had been very powerful and quite good.
    Maybe he was trying to shock the viewers, but Takashi Miike does that much better in Imprint. The script is incoherent, the acting is very stiff across the board and the direction is chaotic to say the least. The gore effects and the technical work(photography) is very well done as usual in these shows, but doesnt help it. its not shocking, its not shocking and it doesnt move you in anyway. I was very bored and thankfully its only a hour long show, as a movie it would have been alot worse
  • Set in the near future, the world is infested with bio warfare called 'bliss'which attacks through the skies falling like ashes burning those it touches. A mother and daughter try to live a normal life managing a restaurant until a group of hoodlums enter

    One of the true American Masters of Horror I had high expectations for this episode but was quickly let down within the first 15 mins of the show. The camera tricks and editing techniques don\'t hide the fact that this is a bland installment and another one of Tobe\'s bad projects. The only reviving trait from this post-apocalyptic pseudo zombie flick was Englund\'s role as the necrophile drug induced psycho MC. Expect to see more of Jessica Lowndes in a couple of years.
  • Masters of Horror's 3rd episode is a crazy, weird and Thrilling ride.

    When I watched this episode I was left scraching my head trying to figure out what I just watched so to settle my curiosity i watched it again.When i watched it the second time I understood the story and I really liked it.Dance Of The Dead is truly an episode that you love it or hate it.

    The story was rushed and dident explain what was really going on ex:how was world war three started?,when is the story taking place? What was the diease "blint"?.But they left it for you to fill in the blanks.The story was full of action that kept me interested and the characters had good development.

    MC played by Robert Englund was a major part of why I liked the episode.Robert does a good job and its nice to see him in the episode.

    This is another good episode in this promising series.
  • Utterly amazing!

    Tobe Hooper has lost nothing. His touch is still as strong. The idea of this episode was great and Robert Englund gave a great performance. He delivered the best line:

    'And that my friends, is f***ing patriotism!'

    Can't remember what he was saying before that but that line sticks out in my mind lol!

    The episode had that Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel. I felt it anyway. It was everything I think a Tobe Hooper movie needs. Nasty, violence, the main characters or characters to go through hell. It was great.

    And I'm absolutely THRILLED at what happened to that girls mum. I loved watching her dance. She was such a b****! And seeing Robert smack her a couple of times was great too lol!
  • Utterly horrible, it's time Tobe Hooper gave up.

    Now, I can’t blame Tobe Hooper for the weak story/screenplay (the blame for that lies with Richard Matheson). Nor can I blame him (I don’t think) for the poor casting and subsequent terrible acting performances from all concerned (yes, including old Freddy Krueger himself!). But what I can most definitely blame Mr Hooper for is the pathetically poor directing, which was at best annoying and completely ineffectual. Whatever he was trying to do failed majestically.

    It’s abundantly clear that Tobe Hooper is living on (unmerited) past glories, indeed, none of his efforts since ‘A Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, are even worth a second look. And I wouldn’t really recommend his supposed masterpiece (the previously mentioned TCC) to anyone either, it’s a movie which has gained a sizable reputation that far outweighs the actual movie (mainly thanks to the video nasty bans in the eighties and the hype from people who’ve never actually seen it). The man just doesn’t seem to have a clue.

    I was looking forward to this series so much, but now after seeing this episode (only the second aired here in the UK) my hopes have been severely shattered! Maybe the producers of the series did this deliberately and gave Tobe Hooper enough rope to hang himself by giving him the worst episode to direct, knowing that he’d make a big fool of himself? I for one hope so, because I really wanted this series to be fantastic.

    Despite Mr Hooper’s efforts to single-handedly kill the ‘Masters of Horrors’ series, I’m still living in hope, simply on the basis that things can only get better!
  • ...but badly executed.

    What a nice story by Matheson this was and how great he transformed it into a script all by himself. But Tobe Hooper´s visual translation from ink to screen is the worst thing that could happen.

    Okay, nothing against some jump-cutting and double exposures from time to time - but using this in almost every single shot proofes nothing but a lack of ideas.

    It´s hard to kill a good script but Hooper almost succeeds. No wonder that his only really interesting horror-movies are his early ones like TCM or the underated "Eaten alive".

    "Dance of the dead" just looks like an overlong music-video - add the missing gore and suspense to it and you have a real letdown in a promising series.

  • I was walking by and one glance at the TV hooked me to this episode. I had no clue what it was till after it ended but I was hooked throughout the entire show.

    I have not watched this series before, but for once I am happy that the Televison was left on showtime. This episode was gripping though at times very disturbing(such as the dancing of dead bodies) The only thing was you could tell what was coming from half a mile away. I was not expecting(sorta spoiler but not really) that person to be on stage dancing but after they continued focusing on her hair it became obvious who it was. Despite the lack of twists or shocks, it had a very good storyline. Disturbing as it was the plot hooked you in and kept you till the end.
  • Oh dear me what can I say that hasnt already been said, another hollywood apocalyptic view of the future akin to a christina agulara video with the sound down and a thrash metal song in the background and also had a dancing dwarf, was her name token by an

    The producers/director went straight for the jugular with this one hoping that shock and awe were the answers to a script that was quite frankly nonexistent, the first 2 episodes of this series was in my opinion very promising and would give some movie producers a run for their money, then, oh dear, oh dear oh dear, this trash rears its ugly head, although quite transfixed throughout it left me with a bad taste in my mouth and an awful smell in my nostrils, but only because I was half expecting something original to come out of this poor excuse of an over extended Christina Agulara dirty video. I can't help but think and wonder how I would get the hour of my life back I wasted watching it. Sorry people, but a very poor waste of money, time and effort
  • If i will be asked to watch this episode again someone who asks will have to press a gun against my head so i wouldn't run screaming, or I just beg to finish it quickly

    I am very disapointed with Tobe Hooper. I was really looking forward to watch this episode unfortunately I found it boring, poorly directed and not at all scary. Who in the world thought that story about junkies (which endures through first 40 min of the episode) will be both scary and interesting, well I suppose that it was story about junkies becouse it was hard to figure out what it was really about. I even wondered if this is one of the stories without a plot, well maybe it seems impossible but believe me it happens, and I'm afraid that this one was not an exeption. But (becouse there is allways "but") the ending came to the rescue, that is why my score for this episode is 2 not 1. Well... Masters Of Horror? Or should I say Masters Of Sucking?
  • A very strange episode, to say the least.....

    This episode, the third of the Masters of Horror series, is set in a post apocalyptic time frame and frankly this reviewer found things a bit difficult to understand. The center of activity lies in the town of Muskeet, where a night club entertains with ' unusual' entertainment, to say the least. During the episode, there are images that, for this reviewer, made it hard to determine if they relate directly or indirectly to the plot.

    It's an interesting episode to watch though, for myself, not one of my favorites of the series. This reviewer would recommend that anybody watching this should watch it more than once to get a handle on what they truly think of the episode.
  • "Alternate Reality" in a good way

    In under an hour, we are presented with a fully fleshed out post-apocalyptic world. Complete with a deadly new weapon of mass-destruction (the "Bliss"), romance, betrayal, bad boys and good girls, sex (actually necrophilia... shudder), drugs, rock-n-roll, violence...

    This episode had everything! And it was wrapped up in a tightly packaged, multi-layered story. The kind of story were you have no idea where it's heading - multiple threads (stealing blood? a darkening sky? the smell of Muskeet? an overprotective Mom? a memory of an older sister being bad and stealing some icing off of her younger sister's cake? even the title "Dance of the Dead") all converging into one great tapestry of a story. I was very impressed how it all came together.

    I could almost see a series in just this world. Where there's a story behind each dancer. With Robert Englund playing the only constant, the "Twisted MC".
  • Absolutley Horrible.

    This episode was an absolute bore. Horrible acting, crappy camera effects and empty story. I could not wait for this crap to end. For something directed by Tobe Hooper I was very dissapointed. I have increasingly disappointed week to week with this series, I guess maybe my expectations where to high.