Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 3

Dance of the Dead

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 11, 2005 on Showtime

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  • The dancing dead.

    after two very enjoyable episodes comes the first stinker of the series. I’ve been someone who loves alternative realities, this episode started off pretty good. I loved the strange feeling of it, the flashbacks were fantastic, the cast was believable, some scenes were shocking and intruding. So what went wrong? The last 20 minutes or so, they were completely messy and badly written which make the rest of the episode BOMB. ‘Dance Of The Dead’ had a lot of potential but the writer probably fell asleep when he wrote the last pages, shame!

    The flashbacks make the episode, at a girl’s birthday party some plasma falls on the kids and burn them, except a mother with her two daughters who see the rest all burn and die.

    Another impressive scene was when some women were put into a trash can and then burned, you actually saw their bodies burn which was sort of shocking. The rest was just slow and uninteresting. Apparently one of the girls got lost, the younger sister eventually found her at a club, her mom had sold her because the girl didn’t ever listen. The script was really terrible, the reasons why that girl was there and how the mom eventually turned out to be a dancing zombie. The biggest problem with the episode is that the storyline didn't make any sense, first it was about the apocalypse, then suddenly about rock music and dancing dead, was that what I was waiting for? the writers build up the episode just to smack it in my face? ‘Dance of the dead’ is an easy to forget episode, or at least, you want to forget it.
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