Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 7

Deer Woman

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 09, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Liked it better when it was Kolchak

    What Landis seems to be doing here is a near-parody of an episode of the old Kolchak: The Night Stalker series. You've got the hardened investigator, you've got the quirky humor, you've got the strange series of serial killings, the bad monster suit, you've got the Native American theme (Night Stalker did two of them), you've got the quirky side characters, and you've got the open-ended conclusion.

    I've never really overcome Benben's image as a schmuck from "Dream On," but he does an okay job here as the hardened cop beset by tragedy. Like Kolchak he's a skeptic that has to eventually face the conclusion something unnatural is occuring.

    What's fun are the weird side characters. You've got Dana the morgue attendant, Einhorn the vaguely sympathetic boss, Fuches the jerk ("Shut up, Fuches!"), Bill the morgue assistant ("Why didn't you say hello to me?"), and the convenient "expert" (the casino manager) who just happens to provide our hero with the explanation.

    The weredeer outfit looks about as realistic as the monsters in a Kolchak episode.

    The humor is a bit overdone in spots, but that was typical in Kolchak, too, although without the fantasy sequences.

    While Koclhak had its share of monsters that just disappeared at the end, as others have noted here the monster is a bit too ill-defined. There's no way to kill it, it doesn't have any real motive to kill, and basically it just goes away at the end. It's like Landis forgot to write the last ten minutes of the episode and just decided, "Heck with it, I'll have Faraday run her over with a car and shoot her, and she'll go away." The ending is pretty weak: it's surprising they didn't go with an ending of her showing up somewhere else and luring another man to her death. That would have least indicated the eternal cycle was continuing.

    So overall I'd give it decent marks for humor, creepiness, and mild nudity. Can't go wrong with that.
  • Wow! worst episode!

    Oh man. I can't believe so many people are giving this crap so much praise. I was saddened by the fact that I wasted an entire hour to watch this crap.

    I don't get Showtime. I never even heard of the series until I was browsing through a rental place. I came across the masterpieces of "Incident On and Off A Mountain Road" and "Chocolate". After watching those two, I eagorly rented as many of the episodes as I could. And they were mostly all great! Then, I came across this one.

    I didn't even read what the episode was about. Boy, was that a mistake. The most retarded storyline EVER! A half-deer half-woman going around killing men. I kept hoping it would get better, but NOPE! It was hilarious for all the wrong reasons. The storyline made me crack up!

    For a series that is supposed to be a horror this was a horrible idea!
  • Landis brings us a nice change of pace with this horror comedy.

    Hilarious. That is all that needs to be said about this, outright hilarious. But as won't let me make a 1 word review I'll talk it up a bit. Deer Woman is the story of a cop of comes across a really strange case, involving murders where the victims appear to be trampled to death by a deer in locations such as a truck cab, a hotel room, and the roof of a store. Obviously you don't see many stampedes in such locales, so they are stumped. The comedic gold comes when the detective begins to imagine scenarios where this strange event could happen.

    Excellent writing, directing, and acting all around, Benben deserves a lot of credit for his performance here and hopefully it will lead to something outside a Landis flick sometime soon.
  • Fun, fun and more fun

    Without any doubt, the funniest episode of this first season. Landis did a great job and some scenes are hilarious.
    Benben is this role of \"disconnected\" man. The scene in which he imagines how the first kill happens is just great. There\'s a lot of allusions to other Landis movies like \"An american Werewolf in London\" or \"the blues brothers\". It\'s not the most original episodes of all but surely it is the most funny, I had a very good time watching this one. Just hope the Landis Episode in season 2 will be as good as this one.
  • A deer woman

    finally! an extremely worthy episode!

    sex wasn't overused, right enough gore, storyline was sort of original. but best of all, the episode was hilarious at times, especially when the guy was thinking of how it would have happened.

    the deers did look pretty fake but that makes the episode all the funnier. The Deer Woman was gorgeous and I loved her scenes.
    the episode had good stand alone characters, good killer, pretty nice script. Masters of horror managed to really impress me for the first time. this is definitely the best episode thus far, hopefully they will use more comedy as it really worked in this episode.
  • could have been a good one, but sadly not.

    It's got everything that could have made this a good episode. Good acting, an interesting plot but falls short on the storytelling side. Directed by John Landis of An American Werewolf in London. In fact the episode made references to that movie. It's got a nice backdrop. Brian Benben plays a really nice detective role. The movie's native american villain was even excellent. The storytelling part fell flat, it didn't have the satisfaction needed for a compelling tale. This must be due to the fact that this is a tv movie, with that said episodes from The Outer Limits feel fuller than this. This episode just didn't cut it.
  • the true horror film makers are all but gone... WAIT! here's a great one

    While I've never really liked any of John Landis's horror films, he shows me everything I look for in a horror film in this episode... it was wild, it was funny, it was bloody and there were boobs...

    I think more horror films in the theater need to resemble this episode and the like...

    Those of us who never scare while watching a horror flick have found a new way to appreciate horror... or am I thinking comedy? anyways, more films need to be horror/comedy... most comedies would be a lot funnier if they included some horror elements
  • A serial killer...Indian legends...very solid episode...!

    This episode of the series deals with murders that are being committed in an extremely savage manner and a somewhat dishonored police detective Dwight Faraday, assigned normally to fringe cases, that becomes involved in the investigation of them. The detective, played by Brian Benben, finds out that there is a Native American legend of a half deer, half woman who seduces, murders and disappears into the woods. Dwight must figure out if there is any truth to the legend and how to deal with such a mystical menace.

    This is one of the better episodes of the series to this point with very solid acting and pacing to the installment. While some may slam the dark comedy aspects of the episode, this reviewer enjoyed this aspect quite a bit.

    Overall, Deer Woman is one of the best episodes of the series to date and is highly recommended by this reviewer.
  • ...but nontheless a great comedy hour. Landis ist back.

    This show definitive is in need of a few good scripts. "Deer Hunter" is a cliche-ridden mess. a paint by numbers horror-story without even the slightest surprise.

    But at least John Landis is steering this ship and it really seems like he´s back to top-form. "American Werewolf" was the only perfect mix of Horror and Comedy I ever saw and "Deer Hunter" comes close to this classic and isn´t shy to pay hommage in a hillarious dialogue.

    Probably this show will bring us the old John Landis of the early eighties back and avoids more disasters like "Blues Brothers 2000".

    Welcome back John - we really missed you. :)
  • Worst of the series thus far, didn't go anywhere. Very weak conclusion to a very weak story.

    Worst of the series thus far, didn't go anywhere. Very weak conclusion to a very weak story. I was definitely disappointed. These have been really hit & miss so far, and this is definitely a huge miss. The was no mystery at all, it was called "deerwoman" and that was exactly what we got. It seemed like there would be some sort of climax, but then it just ended with a silly joke about the main characters profession. Not very good, waste of an hour.
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