Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 13

Dream Cruise

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 02, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Nightmare Cruise...In a bad way...

    Dream Cruise wasn't too bad as some might have put it but I was overall unimpressed by the way the episode turned out. The story had an interesting premise but the effect and production was sub par. The time it took just to reach the climax was too long and the effort made in the film was not of much interest either. However, I will say that I did find some positive material in the film such as the acting of Daniel Giles and some of the effects such as the undead Eiji and his vengeful arm. Still, I felt too much like it was The Grudge, something built up underneath the bad rep lain by such J-Horror films. I wouldn't say that this film is terrible, but it definitely isn't great.
  • The Ring 4, The Grudge 5 and so on....

    Perhaps I was expecting to much after the last Seasons finale, but this episode is an absolute waste of time. Not every japanese director is a Takashi Miike - that much is for sure now.

    This season definatly had some highlights (Pelts, the Black Cat) and some really bad stuff (Pro Life anyone) but still after watching "Dream Cruise" it leaves a very bad taste in ones mouth.
  • Dont waste your time

    terrible episode, a very bad ending to a mediocre second season.....the acting was a joke, the script was absurd and full of clichés, everything was predictable and the "horror" factor was non existant...probably this is the worst episode of MOH ever...I have to agree with the other reviewer because of the similarities of this ep. with films like the Grudge or The Ring, only much cheaper and less scary than the originals....
    This season has been a huge dissapointment , and this one has become a pale shadow of what Masters of Horror was supposed to be.Honestly, I seriously doubt I'll be watching a third season of this show
  • worst...episode...ever...

    i saw this one before, it was called "the grudge"... no wait, it was "the ring"... oh who the hell cares, all Japanese horror is the exact same, and this episode is no different. abusive Japanese business man: check. stringy wet hair: check, pasty blue/green dead person: check. dead person popping out from absolutely everything and/or walking very slowly towards you: double check.

    i literally fell asleep during the episode, went back to see what i missed, and realized it was nothing. NOTHING happens during this episode. it pretty much stomps on excitement like an adorable kitten. terrible choice for an episode, and an even WORSE choice for a season finale. the rest of the episodes this season were somewhere between very good and amazing. this just wasn't.