Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 2

Dreams in the Witch House

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 04, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Nightmares in screen...

    Dreams in the Witch House was an alright episode in the Masters of Horror first season but I wasn't entirely impressed with this film. I like Stuart Gordon's works but this wasn't one of my personal favorites. Some aspects of this episode that I liked were the story plot which consisted of the student who finds himself the target of a witch and her demonic ritual in order to extend her own existence for another time. The rat Brown Jenkins was also good on some parts such as the acting but I would have crushed that little freak. Anyway, this episode was good.
  • nothing special.

    this episode is so weird. the way the scenes were directed were pretty good, but the story lacks watchability. it seems promising with the anticipation, but when the weird stuff comes, it's just plain weird, nothing nice comes out of it. the acting of the main character was really good, sadly, the plot wasn't good enough to make use of all that good acting. at the end, it feels like this is a wasted 1 hour. despite the great special effects of the episode, the story wasn't as impressive. it's so weird, it feels like a whole hour went by and nothing significant happened.
  • Witches, rats and just bloody fun.

    ‘Dreams in the witch house’ was a very exiting second episode, very strange yet funny and gory. Just a very fun episode and managed to impress me more than the pilot. It puts infront what this show can be, not only gory, but also silly and fun.

    The episode is about a guy moving into a weird house, there seems to be something in the wall of his new room. The guy studies other dimensions and portals and seems to be very smart. He soon meets his neighbour who has a little baby, they both are being attacked by a rat so he tries to keep it away from them. He and the woman soon start to like each other and quickly build a crush.
    When the guy goes back to sleep he sees the same rat with a face, just like an old man who is also living in the building told him. The old guy also told him that there is a witch that will be trying to come after him.

    The next day she makes him stay to watch over the baby but he falls asleep and dreams of having sex with her, but soon she turns into an old corpse and he wakes up in his own room. Soon to hear the baby crying exactly at the time the mother comes home. She said she was going to stay away for an hour, it looked more like hours. He begins to feel strange and when he goes to bed once again he suddenly appears at a library where he reads a book about having to kill a child. When he had sex with that woman she marked his back which will make him her man forever.

    When he gets back home he knows that he has to do something about it and steps into the walls, he comes across the witch and kills her, he saves the baby but back at his room he gets bitten to death by the rat. When the police arrives they find the baby dead in his arms and gets taken to a crazy house. He tells the story to the psychiatrist but they don’t believe him. That is until he gets a visit from the rat which kills him by cutting into this body until he bleeds to death.

    The episode was quite humorous, I liked the rat although I wish it would have died. The acting was very convincing and the weird portal things were fun and excellent. The episode ended very dark with the baby dead and he bleeding to death, also that old man hanging himself. This show is definitely not the typical kinds of shows, it’s darker than some horror movies. But yet, very fun. Although this episode wasn’t perfect, it managed to impress me a lot in a way that I hope the rest of the show will.
  • How this was rated 15 in the uk is beyond me

    Seriously this episode is sick as. I like the little omage to the shining Stuart Gordon put in there when Walter's having sex with witch and she turns into a screaming corpse, nicely done.
    Anywho onto the episode itself, very weird, but thats good, I like weird. Its not a bad thing when during most of an episode all you can think is "WTF??" although some effects in this aren't so belivable (the rat for instance was sorta like speedy Gonzales, well it sounded like him) but this is how gore is supposed to be done I guess.
    Is it scary? Hell yeah but I kind of find it harder to like the style of this episode than say cigarette Burns, it moves a bit too quickly.
  • An interesting version of H.P. Lovecraft's "Dreams in the Witch-house".

    Okay, so it isn't the most original or riveting episode of Masters of Horror, but I still enjoyed it. This episode, like many of Lovecrafts stories, plays more on atmosphere than plot. There are different ways to look at it. There are some moments that make you jump, some moments that make you shocked, and the acting is very well done. This episode is not for everyone, but if you like H.P. Lovecraft or Stuart Gordon, this one is worth a look. The DVD of this episode contains great extras concerning the director, the story, the actors, and the effects.
  • 6.7
    Good Episode. The theme is never fully explained though and no purpose is given. The episode seems to be to desperate to fufill a suprenatural element and find a creative new niche to fill in the series.

    The episode is, however, good for one watch (but i doubt any more). The storyline is never fully predictable (one of the great things about many of the episodes in this series).

    Initial fears that the main character would not kill the baby were undue, which i comend the film for. Sometimes horror movies back out of the final, most disturbing murder, so dulling the movie as a whole.

    Overall, a good watch. Had it tried less to be original it would have been a very good very original piece of work.
  • Once again Stuart Gordon proves he is one of the few modern creators who can bring the horror of Lovecraft to the screen.

    Lovecraft's horror is hard to bring to the screen, and this is one of the strongest offerings in a long time. The story remains more faithful than I expected. The episode did very well building suspense, but seemed rushed at the end, but still a very solid outing. Hopefully we will have more Lovecraft and more Gordon down the line.
  • Directed by H.P. Lovecraft veteran Stuart Gordon, this second episode of the series almost comes close to greatness.

    This episode is quite good. Unfortunately, the constraints of an hour time limit seem to hurt the story. Mr. Gordon almost fulfills the creepy and askew world of author H.P. Lovecraft in shaping a claustrophic situation where another world looks to harm ours. However, the final scene of the episode seems to go against all that was previously said and seems rushed to give quick closure. another half hour or so might have helpedclose the episode more gratifyingly.
  • Masters of horror's second episode is another sucess.

    Stuart Gordon's episode was a pretty good episode,it was a little weird and a little hard to follow but the story kept me interested until it was over.The last 15 minutes were very exciting and had alot more blood than I expected.This episode showed the series was not going to be PG or lacking blood,gore or nudity.A good episode for Masters of Horror
  • I'm a huge lovecraft fan, but this wasn't as scary as I hoped it would be.

    Now I am a huge Lovecraft fan, and I expected much more from this episode, but after watching I did realize that it wasn't for its own series, but only for an episode of a main series, so I can dismiss some of the problems associated with it.

    (1) The episode was not scary at all to me or the parties that watched the episode with me, but was more true to the Lovecraft myths than anything I have seen lately (besides Dagoon).

    The rat was exactly what I expected, as were the doctors in the Psych Ward. I guess I expected more of a MUSIC of ERIC ZANN feel to the picture (as that story would have brought to the music) type feel to the story. By no means was I hugely dissapointed, but I felt that it did let me down on some more particular levels, but overall was a great introduction to Lovecraftian Lore.

    I would love to see an adaptation of Cthulhu Mythos, but I'll take what I can get now.

    Expect an interesting story, but not something that is overall scary (at least IMO).

    Well woth a download, but not quite worth a purchase based on this episode
  • Another solid episode of the series....!

    This episode is based on a story by the renowned author H.P. Lovecraft and tells the tale of a graduate student, Walter, who rents a room at an old, and somewhat run down, house. Almost immediately after settling in, the young man starts having extremely vivid dreams that grow more and more disturbing with each vision. I have to admit, some of the images Walter sees are definitely not for everyone and are quite alarming ( this reviewer could have done without the image of the naked elderly woman in bed, thank you very much).

    Overall, this is a very solid episode and is an early indication in this series that viewers are in for more than the regular horror series shown in the last decade or so.