Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 9

Fair Haired Child

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 06, 2006 on Showtime

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  • good plot, but poor in execution.

    this story could have been a great one, but the adaptation made it look really strange and meaningless. with lori petty, this should have been a good episode, but it wasn't. the effects were excellent, it should have saved the episode, but it didn't. the characters themselves were interesting, they looked like they had depth. the way the story was presented really made it look so bad. the pacing was dull, it looked really uninteresting despite the cool make up effects used, this could have been a good episode, but sadly it wasn't, it wasn't much of a horror episode, it's just weird.
  • Hey! Where's the gore?

    I'm all for minimalism in the gore area which is why I enjoyed Don Coscarelli's work of art "phantasm" but this is pushing it for a horror series if you're gonna have it next to examples such as Jenifer. I'm excusing Homecoming because of its anti bush content but this is a lot less gore even than homecoming.
    Its a great plot, its a brilliant plot but minus the gore and it becomes less of an episode of Masters of Horror but a more commercial show for Prime time.
    Anywho, I really enjoyed this episode only for the plot and the way it was directed and put together. I didn't like the acting, except from Lori Petty, I really liked her portrayl of her character. Its enjoyable to watch but its just not masters of horror.
  • Great episode that has more than an air of Chris Cunningham\'s Rubber Johnny about it.

    While I really enjoyed this episode I can\'t help feeling that a lot of was inspired and taken directly from Chris Cunningham\'s Rubber Johnny. The same name, extremely similar deformed thing in the cellar, night vision style filming and a face being splattered against glass leaving an eyeball in a bloody mess.

    \"Rubber Johnny documents a 16-year-old, inbred mutant\'s solitary existence, locked in a pitch-black basement by his ashamed parents. They are TV addict rednecks who occasionally feed Johnny and yell at him for making noise. Johnny\'s only company in the basement is his little dog. His dog\'s I.Q. far outstrips Johnny\'s, who is a completely insane, bi-polar imbecile.\"

    For those who have not seen Chris Cunningham\'s Rubber Johnny, you can read about it at Wikipedia here: and watch the video here:
  • This episode is about a 13 year old who is taken/abducted by a man and a woman. They take her and throw her in the basement with their son. Their relationship grows as they try to survive through the night.

    I like this episode because it was adventurous and

    interesting. The boy's character in the show is genius b/c

    he makes a deal with the monster to give it his parents

    in change for the girl. She wakes up and doesn't remember

    who he or herself is. He tells her they live there together

    and are very happy. In the end, the pass his parents grave

    on the way out to see the lake.
  • Best episode of the entire series so far, no.. the only GOOD episode of the entire episode so far

    This is the first time I think watching this show that I actually enjoyed the show, usually it's so weighed down with cause and politics that the crap isn't even worthy of being called soap-opera. BUT.. this episode was actually a descent show, though not the best show on TV it was entertaining. The story had a a descent plot that was a story, and not a pile of hot, steaming, smoking donky sh*t. Maybe it's the comparison that makes it seem so good, but I think if there was nothing to compare it to, I would have still found this installment intertaining and worth watching.
  • Good episode, one (slight) problem.

    This episode was pretty good, especially Lori Petty.

    However, I think they departed significantly from the listed objectives of having 2 13 year olds as the principals both Tara and Johnny look closer 20 20 than closer to 12. Otherwise this episode among one of better that this series has had to offer.