Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 9

Fair Haired Child

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 06, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Great episode that has more than an air of Chris Cunningham\'s Rubber Johnny about it.

    While I really enjoyed this episode I can\'t help feeling that a lot of was inspired and taken directly from Chris Cunningham\'s Rubber Johnny. The same name, extremely similar deformed thing in the cellar, night vision style filming and a face being splattered against glass leaving an eyeball in a bloody mess.

    \"Rubber Johnny documents a 16-year-old, inbred mutant\'s solitary existence, locked in a pitch-black basement by his ashamed parents. They are TV addict rednecks who occasionally feed Johnny and yell at him for making noise. Johnny\'s only company in the basement is his little dog. His dog\'s I.Q. far outstrips Johnny\'s, who is a completely insane, bi-polar imbecile.\"

    For those who have not seen Chris Cunningham\'s Rubber Johnny, you can read about it at Wikipedia here: and watch the video here: