Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 03, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Not bad, not bad at all . . . finally some genuine chills from the Masters

    Found this one to be a pleasant surprise, in a series that has been wildly inconsistent. The best part was the exploration of Thompson's psychosis, making it seem as if his activities were normal – which they certainly were, to him anyway. His search for new victims, how he bagged his prey, to his method of prepping and displaying his "family" was shot in a matter-of-fact sense that made it all the creepier. If Landis was going for comedy in that sense, he failed – but spectacularly so, as the normalcy with which he carried out his work certainly served to augment the horror of it all. Wendt, who doesn't seems a s if he's aged at all since his days on a barstool in Boston, pulled it off rather well. Meredith Monroe conveyed a sultry sexuality without taking her clothes off (completely), which would nonetheless have been welcome. . . .! What was unnecessary was the implication of Thompson's republicanism, evidenced by his Christian contemporary music and the opening master shot which lingered over the photo of Dick Cheney. Last time I checked, the propensity for violence exists independent of political affiliation. All in all, a whimsically sinister entry worthy of the name MOH.
  • Ready to join the family?

    Family was one of the two episodes of the second season of Masters of Horror that I was looking forward to see, the other being Right to Die, and I can honestly say that I was pleased with Family. The special effects (the skeleton family members, the acid handiwork, the twist ending) were superb and kudos to George Wendt for his role as the demented Harold Thompson. Meredith Monroe and Matt Keeslar were also great as Celia and David Fuller, the sweet couple with a sad past and a deserving punishment for the man responsible for making it that way.

    Family had everything that I would look for in a horror film: drama, love, desire, murder, and a shocking twist flavored with comeuppance. Kudos to John Landis on another great installment.
  • Another psycho killer.

    Despite of the good acting, 80 % of the episode sucked. The
    " Our neighbour is a psychopath, will try to kill us and eventually succeed" storyline has been done a lot of times recently, even too much. I think that's it's not becoming boring only due to the charismatic actors, specially the wife. But, i loved the end who spices the ep , and a lot of people will probably tell you that they guessed what will happen at the first minute , well i didn't. To sum it up, average episode saved by a good and not expected ending .
  • lame and predictable.

    being an investigative reporter (if she was at all or just an avenging mother), it was easy to figure out that the whole thing was a set-up. The mere fact that the husband "left her" was not believable at all and if you did not see the "set-up" before, then tht should have been a huge tip right there. The husband leaving just did not make sense. John Landis should not be making horror. his horror credits are "An American Werewolf in London " and that is it (twilight zone is not horror). if he is a master opf anything, it is comedy, since that is what he has mainly done.

    Previous reviews of this episode were so predictable that it seems that they were written by the MOH themselves.
  • I haven\'t exactly seen the episode but, I know that Norm is in it, because it was filmed at my school and I got to be an extra! I was literally standing two feet from him in one scene!

    Thats right! it was filmed in Vancouver B.C. at Lord Byng High school and they turned our foyeire into a hospital wing. the only reason that our principal (aka the queen of knob-jobs) allowed them to shoot it there was because they allowed some of our students to be extras... And I got picked. so if you see a tall, handsome fella\' in a green and blue striped rugby shirt, think of me, cause its my acting debute and it will not be my last. I\'m expecting a call from Speilburg to be in his next blockbuster, \"when the Aleins attacked Munich: the untold phenomenon.\" jk.
  • Best Episode of Series

    I think that this episode is the best episode of the series so far. This episode had alot of good things that I liked in it including comedy and a twist ending. I kind of thought that the daughter the couple had was the girl that the main character had but I didn't think that the episode was bad. I liked the comedy in this episode like the part when the guy was putting the skeletons around his house. Also when he was thinking about taking people who he wanted to be in his family and he was imagining himself talking to them. All together I really liked this episode and I hope that the rest of the season is like this.
  • Now this was worth the watch!

    This was ten times better than last weeks episode, made much more sense and had a fantastic twist at the end, even I did not expect.

    It was a strange thing as Harold seemed to have this world made up in his head, and was weird seeing the world as he saw it, just the way he wanted, but then I am not even sure the condition you would have for that!

    I was quite baffled in how he got their daugther it really did not make that much sense but I guess that was not really the whole point. I did like the ending although I would have like to know what they did to him and the freeze frame was fantastic made the end work so well.
  • Great episode. A must see.

    This is and will always be the best episode of 'Masters of Horror' ever! I don't want to give anything away, so all I'm saying is watch it. I only give this episode a 9.8 because there isn't any nudity. It's about a married couple who want to start a new life and a bachelor has a thing for the girl. The beginning was crazy and then the end was spectacular. I'm really looking forward to the next episodes even though I bet they're going to be lame. No matter who you are or what you're doing, watch this now... trust me.
  • Thank you John Landis!

    I was happy when I saw that it was John Landis who did this one- his episode \\\"Deer Woman\\\" last season was gory AND hilarious. Did anyone else catch, by the way, the little subtle tribute to \\\"Deer Woman\\\" with the mounted deer head? Anyway I thought all actors were really great in this one, especially George Wendt- perfect person for the neighbor you would never suspect of malice. Had a very \\\"Tales From the Crypt\\\" ending. Nice twists and turns, THIS shouldve been the premiere! Truly frightening, and even though it was \"gory\", it did a lot more with angles and suggestive photography to \"up\" the creepiness. Bravo!