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Fear Itself, aka Masters Season 3, Episode Summaries Released by NBC!

Masters of Horror Season 3/Fear Itself...Does this make you more interested?

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    Since I've been posting all the info I can on Fear Itself and it's all been kinda nebulous and hazy for a while, I thought that I'd give the concrete stuff I just got from Dread Central who got it from NBC, namely the plot synopses for all the episodes of Fear Itself. This of course, doesnt change that Mick Garris got out when the writers strike started, but it still could be good if done well...right?????

    So thats: Stuart Gordon, Brad Anderson, Mary Harron, Breck Eisner (from a Garris screenplay), 2 TBA directors (one of whom was for "Skin and Bones" which was rumored to be Carpenter' your guess is as good as mine there.), Darren Lynn Bousman, Ronny Yu, Ernest Dickerson, and John Landis.

    My thoughts, at least, is that the plots of at least that's good. And some are written by the Masters writers. So it's got a lot going for it....other than being on NBC. It premieres in the Summer so I know at least I'll be watching.

    How bout you.

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    There are a couple of episodes there that I'm particularly looking forward to. The episode I most want to see is "New Year's Day", and that's because I like post-apocalyptic fiction.

    I'm also looking forward to "Community", which stars Dr Phlox .
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    Awsome SHow Good That Rewened For a Season 3 as "Fear Itself"
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