Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 02, 2005 on Showtime

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  • A pathetic episode.

    Nothing more than a loony left propaganda film. Even fails as a horror flick. Nothing shocking, one of the more boring horror films I've seen. The zombies (Dead soldiers) are laughable. The scare factor of the Wizard of Oz would rate higher. I can't believe that Joe Dante directed this mess. This is the third Masters of Horror episode that I've seen. Not even in the same leaque as episodes 101 & 102

    The writer appears to be an anti-American type when he throws in the WWII dead along with Vietnam & Iraq to prove his 'warped thinking' that somehow we don't need to fight for our freedom and protect our way of life.

    I am being generous for giving this episode a 1.3 rating.
  • Well done satire!

    This episode of "Masters of Horror" represents what could have been an average show, but turns out to be one of the best. This whole series has been disappointing and lame with poor scripts, lots of 2nd and 3rd tier actors and nothing scary. This little satire, Homecoming, showed a bit of originality and a touch of spirit in an otherwise bleak series. Robert Picardo does a standout job as Presidential toddy acting as a PR guy with some of the better lines. Thea Gill does a nice job as the Cleaver in funny skanky way. The joke about the Florida vote was a ripper.
  • Great episode made all the more appealing because it never takes itself seriously. (Can you actually imagine a serious zombie movie successfully pulled off ever again?)

    This episode isn't scary in the least, aside from the overall message: you get your own back in the end. Political satire, yes, but also pokes fun at almost every level of contemporary American society if you watch the subtle clues dropped throughout. Snappy pace; great dialogue, and good performances. For those who rated this episode below a 2, it's obvious they can't see past their own political and social blinkers. (A friend said "omg..this episode would really piss off the right-wing." I replied with, "oh come on, it's so cleverly done that this could appeal to virtually any political demographic whatsoever". I see I was wrong. Guess I shouldn't be surprised).
  • This episode was pure propaganda

    This episode was extremly missleading and just complete propaganda. At the start they make out like this is going to be a zombie movie type thing. But the episode had pritty much nothing to do with zpmbies they were soliders looking for justice. The whole idea for the episode was poor and weak. Normally these episodes frighten you but this didn't it wasn't even horror is was crap. I hope the rest of the series gets more on track becuase this is not worth talking about. I am very anoyed. This show has potential but episodes like this do not help it crediably. So i hope the show improves....
  • We have the best government that money can buy (Mark Twain)

    6.4? What's wrong with you guys? No sense of humor?

    "Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often"

    "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure."

    "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."

    "Never Let a Lie Spoil a Good Story." (Mark Twain)

    ¡No a la guerra!
  • Zombies

    A HUGE improvement as the show suddenly decides to take a more interesting, darker and better wirtten episode. still lacks in ways but does not fail to impress.

    the sex storylines are still weak and irritating but at least this episode did not go into the to much. instead it tries to tell a good story about war and what can happen if the world keeps going on like it is. the episode had it's own comedic valous that were not lost on me.

    the fact of zombies wanting to vote was quite dumb I admit, but hell, at least it's better than some of the previous episodes that were a complete mess. the most memorable moments of the episode were the man shooting his brother when he was little and then the bitca when he knew it was too late and when the zombies were about too kill her, but when they come to him they make him a zombie just like them.

    a very interesting episode, tried to be smart but failed, but at least it tried.
  • Brilliant! Just... brilliant!

    As numerous reviewers have pointed out on before-hand, this episode isn't the least bit scary, but to be frank, not many episodes of this great series are. No, but Homecoming's strength comes from an entirely different genre, namely political satire.

    That being said, it's clear that many people will not like it, based on their political views. I don't agree with many of the things that the episode tries to convey politically, but none the less, I find the episode extremely good.

    The script is no doubt what makes this episode, even if the script was executed in a flawless manner, with highly talented actors. Just imagine the idea of political satire through zombies! It might sound ridiculous, but it's not.

    I don't want to give away the plot, but suffice to say, soldiers return from the other side of the grave, with an intent other than eating brains, which is really a surprise to begin with. The plot develops in a very intelligent manner, and after a few minutes of scepticism, one finds that the episode is truly great. Probably the best episode this series has to offer.
  • Great if you hate George bush but the zombie nature is tainted by this episode

    This is different from dance of the dead's failing where zombies are concerned. Zombies with the ability to talk is a cocept only explored before in George Romero's Day of the dead, and I've got to say its interesting.
    If you want scares and gore then don't watch this but political satire is always fun in my eyes. The US government always stands by the claim that soldiers sent to Iraq died for a good cause, but this episode speaks the truth to me. They died for a lie. Saddam didn't use any weapons and we didn't find any, I think the irony escaped Bush there. But anyway this episode is an escape from the deep splatter of gore of previous episodes but it is very interesting to watch.
  • a very bad episode

    for a zombie movie this one was the worst i ever seen in my entire life this episode is very boring, i losted my time to watch it, this episode was so ridiculous, zombie that come back from the dead, for to go to vote....come on...Joe Dante did a big mistake on this one.... i was exepted better
  • A brave stab at political horror that works very well.

    Director Joe Dante decided to adress an issue that is real in this country for his Masters of Horror episode. What bigger issue is there at the current time than the war we are in. People are really dying for a cause that doesn't exist, everyday more people from this country are being killed while our government does nothing about it. That is the real horror brought up in Homecoming. People that have been killed in the war come back from the dead not supporting it in this one hour long episode. It brings up a real crisis in a way that is still entertaining. Everybody should see this.
  • While I liked the sentiment, it did not seem horrifying at all to me. The dead were not out to do anything mindless at all. Thus, the fact that their bodies are decaying doesn\'t actually make them dangerous.

    The closest they get to being dangerous is when the one dead guy attacks the \"Rove\" character. But even that seemed to be carefully handled. The dead guy is provoked, and has nothing to lose.

    So anyway, a brief recount of the story. A political consultant appears on a Larry King-esquire show and says that if he could, it would be great to have all of the dead in this current war (although unnamed, it\'s clear that it\'s our involvement in Iraq) to come back so they could let us know that it was worth it. Then the dead come back, and it becomes clear that they are interested in voting for any candidate that will end the war.

    The story this is based on is called Death and Suffrage, which I\'m interested in reading. It is not a war-related story exactly, but it\'s about gun control. Joe Dante adapted the story to his own purposes. I\'ve seen a fair amount of Dante\'s work. The Howling, Gremlins, Explorers, Innerspace, Matinée, Small Soldiers, as well as handful of his TV episode credits. His work consistently has a certain amount of wildness to it, the stories seem almost too big to effectively handle in the confines of a standard feature film. This one feels more like he didn\'t have enough material.

    I find myself wondering if this film would be more horrifying to someone conservative enough to not recognize that they\'re making fun of them. I also kept thinking of The Simpsons and \"Oh no! The dead have risen and they\'re voting Republican!\" There are other details that should make it more ambiguous; no party is ever named. The only clues that they\'re picking on the current administration is the facts that 1) we\'re in a war, similar to their mentioning, that is of this administration\'s doing. 2) characters are similar to other well known political figures. There\'s Rove, there\'s a Bush character that we see very fleetingly on a TV, and hear him talking in \"his way\" and one of the key characters is very much Ann Coulter. At least the way that I imagine her behaving off camera. I\'m sure I\'m wrong.

    I love living dead movies. I tend to have a great time with even the worst of them, but this one falls short in the horror category. I found that I liked certain sequences, particularly some of the phrases that the Coulter character uses. The fact that those phrases are used as selling points for policy indicates something has been going wrong.

    But I strongly defend Joe Dante for having the conviction to make this movie. It\'s fairly creative, and the message makes a decent point. While it\'s possible to make a pro-war or \"let\'s wipe them out\" sort of movie, I don\'t think that would be effective. The closest we can get to that is something like Independence Day. Stir up patriotism, that\'ll make you willing to go out and kill. But only for your country.

    As I said, there\'s nothing too horrifying in it. If you\'re liberal, you\'ll find some of the Coulter comments to be horrible. If you\'re conservative, you\'ll be dismissive and bored. Probably the weakest point in the series, but it\'s still a pretty high point, but for all the wrong reasons.
  • A simply told tale of returning US servicemen who want to voice an opinion, but what they say is not what is wanted to be heard. in a contemporay setting. with zombies.

    This is, put simply, the finest epidode of any series or genre that I have viewed in years (and I watch a lot from the Us and elsewhere)... and the only one I have ever been inclined to review; Whilst it may not be as scary as other episodes of the series is, it most certainly the most memorable of season 1 (love it or hate it) for its subversion of the formula that exists in most of the others.

    It is satirical in a not particularly subtle manner, and yet its observations down to the emapthy of the average Joe with the common Zombie (i.e. the average dead GI Joe?), to TV evangelists, talk back TV hosts, and also to the expediency of politicians in a very current climate, are all told with econemy and good humour. Yep, its left-wing in its leanings, but it does not pretend to be anything otherwise. If you don't like the "politics", and choose to believe what you believe is true, I can see you might not enjoy it as much as other people do, but even then you would have to ackowledge it is then one of the best structured and scripted pieces of propaganda you could ever come across!

    I was pretty amazed that this kind of viewpoint could be so overtly expressed in a popular TV show out of the US in such a contemporary wya, but then it has always been one of the great strengths of the fantasy genre that it can use satire in areas that are considered out of bounds in mainstream TV.. "with great power comes great responsibility" and I take my hat off to all concerned for picking up the ball and running with it to create an unbelievably well crafted,a nd moving, piece of TV (from an excellent short story).

  • I really wanted to like this one.

    There was a good story to be made out of this. Soldiers returning as zombies to fight against the unjust war in which they died. That's a solid idea. But what do these zombies want to do? Vote. Thats right, vote. Come on. This episode was completely devoid of scares, and the satire was so heavy handed it was ridiculous. Satire is only good when it tries to be subtle, and this is the exact opposite of subtle. Sure its great that he tried to make a statement with his movie, but that doesn't make it a good story.
  • Oh please ...

    if I had based my entire opinion of the MoH series on this one episode, I would never in my lifetime watch it again. It was dull, predictable, and nothing more than a left-wing anti-war tv commercial.
    If I want to have someone's political views shoved down my throat I would watch a news show. I don't care for it in my primetime television fare.
  • Slams Bush, Republicans, the Iraq war, rigged elections - and does it WITH ZOMBIES!!!

    Most people in this country have no idea that our elections have been rigged for at least the last 5 years. Don't beleive me? Check out I liked this ep a lot because it wasn't necessarily pro-democrat, yet it did talk about the rigged elections which is something all the corporate news stations have purposely ignored. The Democrats are also to blame for not speaking up about the rigged elections, which is why I think this ep did a good job of not being pro-democrat, but still being anti-republican. The writing was campy, but to me that just added to the over the top style of the episode. Zombie flicks have always been big on social commentary, and this one was no different thankfully. Like Land of the Dead which shows how we all just go about our self absorbed lives (at least the rich do) while the world goes to crap, Homecoming points out the damage those in power can accomplish while the citizens are distracted by politics. All and all a great ep that points out the serious problems this country faces in our Republican/Democrat dominated political system. And the zombies were cool too. Don't be a zombie!!!
  • An episode that mixes zombies with to watch!

    For this reviewer, this episode of the Masters of Horror was one that was anticipated from the moment the preview of it was available. Homecoming is an episode that blends political satire with the classic sight of the dead coming to life. In this story, the undead are soldiers killed in action but these zombies aren't out to eat brains or harm the people. These undead want to participate in the upcoming presidential election as voters and the backroom power brokers don't know quite how to deal with them.

    This was a highly enjoyable episode for this reviewer as it deftly mixes horror with satire in a very colorful manner. One of the better episodes of the series to date and highly recommended!
  • Since when is Micheal Moore a "master of horror"?

    Tactless partisan propaganda that fails to deliver any real horror or humor... or entertainment for that matter. I assume it was supposed to be quite offensive but I think for different reasons than it was, namely that it sucked. This is my least favorite episode thusfar and I thought Chocolate would keep that distinction for the full season.

    This would have worked nicely if CNN or FoxNews decided to do their own Masters of Horror series. Until then though, keep Mr. Dante away from the cameras.
  • Political commentary... with zombies?

    The basic idea of this episode was interesting - the dead soldiers from an unjust war return to take their revenge on those responsible. However, the story could not have been more disappointing to me. It turns out that the "revenge" comes in the form of voting against the president!?! Ok... maybe it could have still worked, but once you add in the political commentary/propaganda, you are left with a real dud.

    Zombies taking revenge by voting could have been an interesting concept if done right (I'd have to see it to believe it, though), but this was not done right. My biggest problem with this episode was the use of the current administration and war. This episode was such a blatant "Bush Bash" that it was disgusting - references to "missing WMDs," campaign managers admitting the war was sold on "horseshit and elbow grease," campaign posters saying "Mission Accomplished," stealing the election by suppressing votes, and on and on. It was like watching a Michael Moore film, except with Moore you more or less know what to expect. I couldn't help but feel that this was a political message first and a horror story second... I just feel like the message got in the way of the story.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not necessarily a fan of Bush or the war, but I am not a fan of political satire either and that is perhaps why I dislike this episode. It seems like this series is attempting to continue to show a wide variety of stories, not being afraid to disappoint some fans while pleasing others. I applaud them for that and accept that this episode was one of those that is disappointing to me.