Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 18, 2005 on Showtime
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Police officer Frank saves a young girl's life only to find out that no good deed goes unpunished, for Jenifer is not a little girl in need of protection.

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  • When a horror can give you a hard-on, what more do you want. Jennifer can eat mine or my neighbours pet any day of the week.

    When a horror can give you a hard-on, what more do you want?

    Jennifer can eat mine or my neighbours pet any day of the week.

    What are the people leaving bad reviews here even thinking? The whole Masters Of Horror series if effing great. Even if some are great & some are not so great,that's to be expected with any tv show series. BUT people leaving Jennifer average scores really need to rethink what they expect from a horror, let alone a horror tv series for horror fans. I mean, what horror fan wouldn't love Jennifer? A body to die for & a face that kills. And the only thing she has a thirst more for killing is sex. Honestly, Jennifer gave me a hard-on in more ways than one.moreless
  • This sucks and not in the same way as Jenifer would...

    Jenifer was not one of my favorite episodes and in fact was the worst episode that I have seen in the entire series. I admire Dario Argento's works but I didn't really like this entry of his. I hated her and that didn't help much for any approval of this episode.

    However, I also did find some good parts of this episode such as the talented acting of Steven Webber as Frank and Carrie Ann Flemming as the (depised yet bodily attractive) Jenifer. Despite all of the good acting, I didn't really like this episode that much though it apparently left a big imprint on others.moreless
  • It's awful.

    Steven Weber in a serious role, I got to see that. Just as soon as he meets Jennifer, the episode quickly goes down the toilet. nothing here happens significantly, there were a bunch of good characters introduced that are underdeveloped, the whole episode is a mess. i'm not sure what the makers of this episode were trying to show, it's so bad, I don't even care. Did they make this episode so people will not like it? It's got a flat storyline, it goes for an hour but it felt like it was 4, I just didn't find this episode that interesting.moreless
  • Holy crap. Literally.

    I'm actually disappointed in Dario Argento's work in this one. His directing skills pop up here and there during the episode. You get the great character intros at the beginning of the film, which are visual storytelling often absent from television. You get a nice use of sound. You get a take on gore that is actually more unsettling than hilarious... There's a strong directorial instinct behind this piece of work, that's undeniable.

    Unfortunately, the story being told is not worth it. Not even close to worth it. After a few episodes of this series it's becoming painfully obvious that, given the opportunity, any given hip, indie director will choose to go freudian on the audience's colective rears and attempt horror through sexual themes. That's not bad per se, some of the greatest horror movies have done it, but sex is horror when it's hidden. Sex becomes scary when it's a forbidden, secret thing. Argento has a blast with his pay-tv creative freedom and decides to hit audiences over the head with gutted girls, phalus cannibalism, breast exposure and several servings of close-up intestines, and every instance of those things misses the mark the moment the camera focuses on it.

    It's scary when the face of Jenifer is hidden, it's scary when her attacks on animals and people are a secret, or when the sex is insinuated through vagina-like cuts and licking sounds. When Argento goes further and tries to shock audiences with gore and sex, all he does is tap into the dead parts of the brain, those that are desentitized already and are unable to react to such things unless a heavy dose of humor or irony is added to them. In the end, too much of the story is too old, and the in-your-face approach doesn't refresh the concepts. The circular structure, the killing lover, the man dragged by his own impulses towards crime... it's all campfire horror story fare, and fake guts shoved into the audience's face don't elevate it at all.

    The site reports the story comes from a comic book short story. I'm actually more interested in that, since the stylized, dark visuals of Swamp Thing creator are bound to present the horror elements so much better than this.

    But make no mistake, some of the bad reviews on this site respond to viewers being overwhelmed by the strong visuals, which might mean the story packs a decent punch for less resilient minds. It has merits that can't be denied by any rational person who hasn't been thrown off by the sex and gore.moreless
  • Oh dear god this is so sick

    Right, Masters of horror has now reached the point of no return, in my eyes its now the sickest show on tv. There aren't even words to describe how sick this episode is. I didn't even think they were allowed to show kids dying on tv, thats why the camera cuts away in dawn of the dead when the zombie kids were shot but god this episode is sick. You're lured into a false sense of security in thinking that Jenifer is just missunderstood and then you see her eating a cat and having sex with Frank (who doesn't stop her, even though he is married) but, I can't even get onto the story I just can't believe how sick this episode is, I'll try.

    The storyline is good and original and there isn't too much or too little build up, I like that. But I think too much sex/nudity can ruin an episode, but if Jenifer had a normal face she would be classed as hot, but god her face!! So grim. This episode is positivly ruthless in its attempt to drive you out of your mind.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Frank pulls his car into the park, the viewer sees that the license plate appears to be from the province of Ontario in Canada. Considering the fact that the series is shot in British Columbia, Canada, the car might have belonged to a cast or crew member who live in Ontario and agreed to the use of his or her car.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • Two scenes were cut from the original cut of Jenifer. One is a more graphic shot of Jenifer performing oral sex on Steven Weber. The other is a more graphic shot of Jenifer biting on the storeowner's son's penis. The first scene runs about four second, the other about seven.

    • This episode is based on comic book written by Bruce Jones and illustrated by Bernie Wrightson.


    • Time Machine

      Pete: She's fucking awesome and she's got a great rack for a Morlock.
      Morlocks were the subterranean cannibalistic inhabitants encountered by the scientist inventor who travelled into time in H.G. Wells' classic 1895 novel The Time Machine.

    • When Jenifer sits down next to the girl and later eats her, it is an allusion to "Frankentstein" when he accidentally drowns the little girl. Even though this is not what Dario Argento had intended, Joe Dante discovered it after screening the movie.