Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 01, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A group of people learn the hard way that fur really is murder. Not exactly plot-driven, but if you're a Argento fan you won't be disappointed.

    By all accounts, I’m a fan of Mr. Argento’s work. However, somehow I got caught up in the anticipation of another Masters of Horror episode and forgot the quality of his previous movies. Despite being more than aware of the contents of his past forays into film, I expected this to be substantial and plot-driven.

    The episode started well. The pace was good, and the message was clear from the start - helpless animals would die, and furriers would get their comeuppance. Unfortunately, the plot failed to progress from there. Until the last ten minutes, you learn nothing new about the pelts or the raccoons they came from. Argento offers a vague attempt at an explanation as to why these Raccoons are so special, but it clarifies little and leaves the viewer only slightly less enlightened than they were in the opening few minutes.

    Lack of plot aside, the movie had some truly genuine shock-value moments. Argento’s morbid creativity seems to be at its best, and a couple of those deaths were definitely things I’ve never seen before in a movie, which impressed me. The violence is constant and gratuitous, which seems to be an Argento trademark.

    Meat Loaf is quite good in horror (I was especially fond of his tongue-in-cheek fate in Tales From The Crypt) and works well as Jake Feldman, delivering a strong performance. 'Pelts' wasn’t my favourite offering from Masters of Horror, but at least the conservation message Argento clumsily attempts to force upon us is a valid one:

    Wear a ‘coon coat, and you might just end up dead in an elevator with a partially-flayed rock star.
  • Gory, Gruesome, Great!

    I first saw Pelts in the midnight hour and it delivered what it promised: a true example of horror in one of the most creative forms and from a story by master author F. Paul Wilson, famous for his Repairman Jack novels. The first shot revealing the end left little for the imagination since you knew those two were going to die, but the deliverence of the plot leading up towards that point was perfect. I feel sorry for the raccoons and I see a similarity in Shanna's death to something similar to a raccoon escaping a trap by forcefully amputating its own hand/paw. I felt sorry for Shanna, she truly was troubled by Meat Loaf's character Jake and I personally do not think that she deserved the death even though she did covet the coat made from the pelts and that apparently qualifies on their hit list. Plus, it was interesting (and made sense) to see that she would do a woman over Jake. Overall, this episode was great and Meat Loaf's skinning part was the piece de resistence in this work of Dario Argento. Personally, I think he did better with this than he did with Jenifer, but that's just me.
  • Excellent!! The idea of skinning yourself, AARRGGHH.

    Meatloaf is Meatloaf. The story of skinning yourself is great. Brilliant ideas and cringe worthy moments. The episode starts slowly but soon builds to blood and gore. The idea of someone deliberately setting a bear trap and then putting your face in it was novel and the effects for that were good too. It was also good to see what would happen if someone were to cut their skin off (although this did look like a bullet proof vest), but to see someone fall over when the have not got skin on must hurt. This is one episode you can watch again and again.
  • It lacks a plot.

    This episode had a star, nice sets, some visual effects but somehow they forgot to a story, you can't find it in this episode. If you are to appreciate this episode, you have to lower your expectations, I mean really low. On the plus side, it's got international superstar Meat Loaf as the lead character, the episode has an environmental message, it's not good to wear fur products because animals suffered to make one coat, but there's nothing else in this episode. The only characters worth liking were the poor raccoons slaughtered by the sinister fur coat traders. This episode had a good message to share about the environment, but that message could have used a much better script.
  • Trouble comes for any in contact with pelts made from special racoons.

    Well, if nothing else, this episode had plenty of gore! Interesting, although I wish we had learned a little more about the ruins, etc. MeatLoaf did what he does best- a big, oversexed oaf. I was glad also that they didnt make the stripper much of a sympathetic character, that we all felt for at the end. Extremely ghoulish, and certainly maintained that mood throughout the episode. Very good effects and a lot of "look away" scenes, such as a man pulling his own skin off and another guy cutting his torso open with a pair of scissors. If youre in it for the gore and general creepiness, this was a good episode.
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